The Droid Bionic, Verizon's most anticipated and delayed phone of 2011 (alongside the SGS2), expected to show up around September 8th, just got a few details we were curious about confirmed in its FCC filing docs, along with a slew of photos. Hilariously, it looks like either FCC has been testing this phone in a warzone or they have a pack of wild puppies around the office, because the device looks like it's just been through battle and gotten a Purple Heart.

image image image image

Additionally, among all the boring test reports, we have quite a few pages from the Droid Bionic's user guide, which not only confirm a 4.3" screen (not 4.5" as was suspected at one point), a dual-core 1GHz processor, and 1080P HD recording, but also highlight the Bionic's LTE and world radios, in addition to 3G.

Update: It's been brought up that the FCC docs don't explicitly mention GSM radios and that the manual which mentions them may have been hacked together in haste from scraps and pieces of previous phones' manuals (like the Droid X or Droid 2/3). I'm not entirely convinced that's the case, as the model number has been updated to reflect XT875, but it certainly puts a ding into the world phone theory. Until we find out for sure, the world radio will remain in limbo.

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Curious fact: the phone can get so hot that it might go into Cool Down mode.

Since neither the Charge nor the Thunderbolt can operate overseas on GSM frequencies, this little fact elevates the Bionic to a whole new level, only confirming its status as Verizon's star phone of the year so far, even after all the delays. We're not sure whether this will mean 2 sim cards - one for GSM and one for LTE - or 1 combo one, but we'll find out soon enough.

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Personally, I think the Bionic is still the most powerful and feature-rich device Verizon will have to offer this year, and even though it's coming out so late, it brings more features to the table than any other Big Red phone on the market.

It has 2 cores and a 4.3" screen like the X2, world radios like the Droid 3, and LTE like the Charge/Thunderbolt. Throw the included inductive charging cover into the mix, and you've got yourself a very-very strong offering. If somehow Motorola manages to offer an unlocked bootloader, we'd be looking at a device of the year.

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Source: FCC (thanks, Nick and anon)

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  • Chelsea

    The simple point at the end of the day is with inductive charging you still have to have something plugged into a power source. Personally, I think the whole thing is a joke.

  • RockingmyEvo3D

    I don't see this better than the current Photon 4g on sprint. Regardless of this battery life won't be the best selling point on this device. People just don't understand what was at the KRUX of all the delays...BLAME LTE MY FRIENDS.

    • Mario

      You continue to rock your Evo 3D on your terrible service and let us Verizon subscribers enjoy potentially new phone

      • RockingmyEvo3D

        Enjoy your OVERPRICED USELESS DEVICES and we all will stand back and continue to laugh. Just cause you pay more doesn't mean you get more. Verizon has exactly the right people like you who are misguided at best. KEEP up the good work verizon will always make a fortune and won't pay there employees properly That's why they are on strike. Grow up in the real world my friend

        • hurricaneAnt

          hahaha you're such a hater bro, what are you like 17 years old? lol this just made my day!! hahahahahaha

    • squiddy20

      You still haven't learned anything in all the months of my telling you off like the little child that you are? You are a Sprint customer who is wholeheartedly biased to the Evo "brand". You have nothing to do with Verizon. Don't comment on anything having to do with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Samsung, LG, etc. And by the way, it's spelled "crux" not "krux". If you're going to attempt to sound smart, try spelling the words right first. It'll make you seem just a liiiitle bit more credible.

      • RockingmyEvo3D

        All these months you have said nothing worth remembering at best you have been the biggest JOKE and biggest TROLL on every site on the Internet. Thank god some of us have a real life UNLIKE YOU OF COURSE. How often do you get out of your mother's basement and get some sunlight?? You poor little boy

  • Bob

    So it has bits and pieces of features of all the other phones that came out on verizon. Wow so really what was the delay all about. From what everyone is saying its not that great of a device.

  • james

    Mooblur? Locked bootloader? No thanks

    • Mario

      Huh? It's called Motorola Applications Platform now and it has gotten better according to some tech reviewers. Bootloader is never really locked some nerd will find a way to bypass that and show us how to.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      "Mooblur" - I lolled.

  • V Bhasin

    I have a Photon, and the wireless radio is great and its really fast. Moto applications platform or whatever isnt that bad; it doesnt slow down the phone at all. Sure the widgets are not as nice as Sense, but get launcher pro, adw, or go launcher and you'll be fine. My question about this is gonna be Battery life? The photon has pretty good battery life but I used a thunderbolt and the battery life on that is horrible

    • Mario

      The Thunderbolt is just another Evo with more ram. No extra thought has gone into the phone. The original Evo had its battery life issues as well.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        The tbolt has a different processor from the EVO. Just cause they match clock speed doesn't mean they are the same. A Celeron isn't the same as Pentium 4 is it?

        • Mario

          I read both have the same snap dragon processor. Besides the ram and cosmetic changes they are the same. In the test they knew both LTE and Wimax are power hungry. Especially Wimax cause you can get better usage out the Charge than Evo 3D.

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Mario, you read wrong.

          Thunderbolt: 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon (MSM8655) - gen2 45nm

          EVO 4G: 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon (QSD8650) - gen1 65nm

          Read more about them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snapdragon_%28system_on_chip%29

  • Mario

    yea they are the same. Visually you can't see a difference in how they operate side by side. I bet all they have done was upgraded some tinsel leads or whatever they are called.

  • adamantiumpimp

    I'm really hoping that this Google buy-out happens with Motorola. Once it happens I think we'll be seeing a ton of awesome, vanilla, unlocked devices.