Scottrade, a popular brokerage firm, just introduced the official Android app that lets its customers trade stocks using their mobile devices.

In addition to trading, transaction history, balances, order status, and account management, which is obviously limited to logged in users, all of the app's other features can be used by anyone, even those without a Scottrade account. These include:

  • receiving real-time streaming quotes (I'm impressed that these are real-time even for those not logged in - not bad, if true)
  • detailed research tools, including stock price histories, charts, fundamentals, insider info, market news and commentary, earnings, options, etc.
  • price alerts
  • SmartText for technical analysis, which seems to be some sort of a help system that explains technical terms around the app

The features are detailed very well in the video accompanying Scottrade Mobile's release. Have a look below at that and the screenshots, then proceed to the download links underneath:

image image image image

image image image image

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  • Gloria Mrazek

    is this available for tablets yet?

  • dan

    The app can be installed on a kindle but the streaming fubnction doesnt stream. Its just a static view. There is no trading data no bids no asks nothing