It seems to be a busy Friday afternoon around the Android Police offices, but we've managed to keep an eye on one game that's made its debut on the Android Market.


Star Blitz is a game by Glu Mobile that plays an awful lot like their previous title, Gun Bros. In essence, one on-screen joystick controls the steering of your ship while the other controls a laser. Like Gun Bros, you are faced with a number of waves of enemies, who upon defeat will drop experience and money.

You use this money to customize your ship and repeat the cycle. What makes things interesting is that there seems to be a Facebook component where your friends can act as computer-controlled wingmen; using their ships also gives them bonuses, so it's a win-win situation.

image image image

Graphics look really bright and cartoony, which is something we've come to expect from the company's games. The weapon effects look bright, colorful and destructive all at the same time, which I don't mind one bit. It'll be interesting to mix and match some of these weapons and see what the best combinations are.

The game is free to play and is subsidized by ads and Glu Mobile's micropayments system; this isn't anything new with their games, so hopefully it won't be too intrusive.

Look for a full review in the coming days from Android Police. From what I can tell right now, the game looks to improve on their previous successes with Gun Bros while glossing over some of the things that didn't work as well (lack of multiplayer, anyone?)

Matt Demers
Matt Demers is a Toronto writer that deals primarily in the area of Android, comics and other nerdy pursuits. You can find his work on Twitter and sites across the Internet.

  • Jbonics

    Download me.....

  • b1ll

    Too choppy on my tablet, seems choppier than Bros.

  • xavier7

    how do you actually add wingman on FB?
    I dont see any app added on FB, only the Star Blitz page which I "liked" but that doesn't show me the option to add wingman

    • daeheru

      First you need friends who are playing the game in your FB list. Then once your friends log into Facebook from the game they will automatically be added to your wingman list

  • Austin

    Same here, can't figure out how to add a wingman. I have other friends that have this game, but they are not appearing for me.

  • http://linge-ma.ws Znuff

    God, I hate their dual-joystick stuff. I can't play any game with 2 joysticks! Give me one button to shoot and one to move, that's it.

  • xavier7

    haha! I find it hard too, thats why I bought the gun that spreads. easier to cover the area. forgot the name, might be Swarm or something.

  • Jewellg73

    Game will not run at all on evo 4g lte. Was a fun game. :(

  • Joe

    Game constantly crashes