Motorola XOOM 3G owners, today is your lucky day. Okay, well, maybe not lucky, but still good - the OTA update to Android 3.2 has officially started rolling out. This update brings some subtle, yet nice new features to the Motorola tablet:

+  Screen Scaling Compatibility Mode:
Ability to switch to double pixel mode for selected applications.
When selected, application sub-windows and drop down menus are
also doubled. In addition, pixel doubling settings are saved for each

+  SD Card Support:
New microSD card support allows you to use a file manager to view
all the important files, pictures, music, videos and more stored on
your SD card, as well as write content to your SD card via connection
to a PC or Mac.

+  Adaptive Streaming Support for Movies:
Adjusts the bit rate based on client bandwidth, providing an
improved user experience.

+ Movie Rental Improvements:
• Stability improvements to the overall experience.
•  When viewing with HDMI connection,
the screen will accurately resize.

+ New EAS policy: “Allow Password Recovery”

+ Improvements to Exchange ActiveSync and security


Of course, if you've been checking for updates all day and still haven't seen anything, you can always grab the update and flash it manually.

[via Google+, AC Forums, @dscarfogliero]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Trevor

    Whilis is great for American owners it leaves me screaming, "what about those of us in Canada?!?!?!?" and then my wife is angry as I've now woken her from a sound sleep.

  • Trevor A

    "what about those of us in Canada???

  • http://www.androidpolice.com chin foot

    What about those of us in Mexico???

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Finally got mine late Friday night. Was checking all day.

  • darthque

    Got mine 1 in the morning. Missouri

  • Mike C

    And euro xoom's are still waiting for Android 3.1 (we are still on the buggy 3.01). Motorola has two classes of customers: 1st class (the US), 2nd class (the rest).

    The XOOM will be my last Motorola Android device ... 2nd class does not appeal to me.

    • fabulas

      I think even Americans feel 2nd class with these xoom updates!

      • JayMonster

        Exactly how so? My Zoom is the most up to date Honeycomb Tablet on the market right now.

        Yes, Honeycomb still needs some work, but that is on Google.

        Meanwhile, I have just gotten the latest version of Honeycomb while the Galaxy Tab owners just got a skin, a locked bootloader and a built in excuse of why the Tab will continue to be delayed with future updates since the skin will need to be "optimized" for TouchWiz.

        2nd class? Not the Xoom (at least not in the US)

        • Fabulas

          When you buy the Zoom in January(I think) and were just getting SD card access and still no LTE, you may indeed feel second class. It doesn't matter to me that the zoom has more updates than the Galaxy Tab.

        • JayMonster

          Can't argue with the LTE... Motorola royally screwed that up. Fair enough. But the SD Card issue does not fall on Motorola. Being the "reference device" they were obligated to wait for Google and not implement the hack that some Mfr used.

  • http://andriodpolice ßhay2n

    I carry a Motorola Droid-X (can't wait for BIONIC to come out) and a XOOM only because of how quickly all the updates come to motorola and their devices, all the other ones get them waaaaay after Motorola does, no other device is as updated as the XOOM with honeycomb.
    My update had come through while I was out last night and it was a pleasent surprise, Motorola rocks and so do their devices.

  • Joshua

    Xoom will have the ota update for 4g lte in September.

  • ocdtrekkie

    I'm stuck with a "Retry Download" button that does nothing when pressed, any suggestions?

    • ocdtrekkie

      I ended up using the Camera Connection Kit to manually update.

  • floridapossum

    I have a stupid question...I'm going to be in Florida next week. When I hook in wifi down there, will it update?

  • jason

    As long as Data enabled is checked in Settings, Wireless and networks, Mobile network the Xoom will continue to check. Fyi the OTA check is only done over the Verizon network if its a Verizon tab.