The Sony S1 and S2 tablets haven't exactly been the best kept secret in Sony's playbook, but we still haven't managed to catch a glimpse of that "heavily modified" version of Honeycomb, either -- until now. Thanks to some screenshots grabbed by CarryPad, we now have a better idea of what this duo of tablets will bring to the table. So lets have a look, shall we?

sony_s1_9 sony_s1_1

A quick look at the homescreen and settings menu. As you can see, the pair are already running Android 3.2, so they'll be up-to-date on launch day. The main Honeycomb launcher looks slightly modified, with quick access to favorites, and some possibly network connections via the WiFi icon up top.

sony_s1_2 sony_s1_5

Here's a look at the app drawer, adorned in white and chocked-full of apps. The first image highlights Chumby, an app that streams photos, social feeds, weather, stocks, and more directly to your device; while the second image displays that Zinio, which was recently optimized for Tegra 2 processors, will come bundled with the devices.

sony_s1_3 sony_s1_4

This is some sort of WiFi checker, although I'm not entirely sure of its purpose. Connection repair or corporate environment setup, possibly?

sony_s1_7 sony_s1_8

Lastly, here is a look at the custom keyboard and music player. I believe this is the first instance of a software keyboard that I've seen with a numerical 10-pack setup as part of the main keyboard, but I can't say that makes it looks any more usable than the stock keyboard. The music player, on the other hand, looks pretty awesome, but I would expect nothing less from Sony.

So, now that you've laid eyes on what is to come out of this duo, are you interested? Drop a line in the comments letting us know what you think.

[CarryPad via RegHardware via Reddit]

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.ericcamil.com Eric

    Price and hardware requirements. I like the look and interface. What I want to see is, how many bones and how fast it runs.

  • SiliconAddict

    Heavy customized = Going to take forever and a day to get Ice Cream Sandwich.

    These overlays are killing turn around time from RTM to deployment.

  • Tony

    Google needs to just tell hardware manufacturer's to just build apps/widgets and stop customizing the core OS. Then they could still bring over the new updates quickly and add value.

    • SiliconAddict

      Then what is the point of having OEM's. Because if you can't customize the OS you wouldn't have the Asus Transformer, because there is a certain amount of under the hood tweaking that needs to go on to allow the transformer to do its thing.
      And at that point Android is no different then Windows Phone 7 or iOS. Its the openness that allow the variety that android has. Its a double edged sword. It has its pros and cons.

  • Jeffrey Gilbert

    I'm still interested. I'm going to get the S1. The IR sensor is my main motivation. I want a bad ass universal remote that's also everything a tablet should be.

  • Jeffrey Gilbert

    PS, I only wish the Tegra 3's were out and were planned for this thing. That would make this my must have of the year.

    • SiliconAddict

      Tegra 3's will be out in October

  • Thoast

    The S1 is sexy! But will probably be to expensive =/

  • http://rootandroid.net Root Android

    The overall stuff looks cool!