The 6th Android Police book giveaway is now over, and we've picked the winners. A copy of Android Application Development For Dummies will be shipped to each of the following readers, selected by For Dummies and Android Police, who answered this question:

Why should we pick you to be one of the 3 winners?


I personally do not feel I am worthy of this, but I talked to a psychic and she channeled her energy through my DroidX with CM7 and tells me that I will soon have a Droid Bionic and the Bionic told her that I deserve to write applications for it. Since I do not subscribe to organized religion, I feel that a psychic prediction about the private philosophy of a future phone is about as close to a religious experience as I will get. I guess I have to believe it is true. She also informed me that the Bionic wants me to know that I am the chosen one. For what, it would not disclose, but it says I need to become an Android programmer to fulfill my destiny. Again, who am I to argue?

I guess it all comes down to whether or not you believe in the power of the Droid Bionic. If you grant me this book, I can fulfill the destiny as laid out by the mysterious and almighty Droid Bionic.

-sent from my iPhone4-

-I don't have an iPhone, really-


Ill play the pity card.

Im a father of 3, my most recent child this yr having a genetic disorder that would require medical monitoring for the rest of her life.

Cant afford to make a middleclass income because there is no way I would ever afford the medical bills to even get her the minimum treatment she needs.

so aside from grinding out a lower class 35K salary, it would be great to make some xtr on the side via app development. Being a mild tech enthusiast, compulsively reading most things android nowadays w FB newsfeeds populating w 80% android, and G+ feeds @ 95%, customizing my OG w apps and tweaks to my specific personal preference, it would be great to develop my own app that i feel is missing from the market. Comfortable w electronics to easily understand almost anything but hardly ever enough time to dive into learning aside from providing for a family of 5, a DUMMIES book would be a great jumpstart to guide my learning.

I have two app i ideas i feel are pretty great that are missing right now, and Im sure once I get comfortable and more familiar w the structure of creating an app, more ideas will come. Im just compulsive that way to always thinking of a better alternative to be more effective.

Book please for this app developing dummy. ;'D

Chris langdon:

I would love to have this book because i am being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. I have always been a hard labor guy. Unfortunately i will be wheel chair bound and stuck at home so this book would help me make money for my wife and kids. I love programming this would be a great chance for me to be successful despite my physical limitations.

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted by For Dummies for your information and shipped a brand new copy of Android Application Development For Dummies.

Everyone else - keep participating to win more great Android development books!

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  • sgtguthrie

    Damn, I could have played the "disabled vet card" but I didn't think it would get me anywhere...lol!

    Congratulations to the winners!