leaked roadmap
Last Updated: August 27th, 2011

Get ready, Verizon customers. IGN just leaked Verizon's alleged 2011 roadmap, and, unsurprisingly, it features Android quite heavily. While there aren't too many details on any of the devices outside of what we already know, it will give you a good general idea of what to expect from Verizon this year:

  • Samsung Stratosphere: Previously rumored as Verizon's version of the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Stratosphere is listed as a "4G Smartphone w/Android 2.3." While it isn't exactly confirmation, there is a chance that this rumor was spot-on. Prepare for its release on September 8.
  • Droid Bionic: Months after its original unveiling, the Droid Bionic is finally going to be available to purchase. And, just like previously reported, it will be launched on September 8.
  • Motorola Xoom: The third Android release for Verizon on September 8. Now, you may be thinking - hasn't the Xoom already launched? Well, its upgrade to 4G compatibility is finally going to arrive. Older Xooms will have to go through the upgrade process, while all Xoom tablets purchased after this date will already be 4G compatible.
  • Samsung Illusion: Not much is known about this Samsung device, except that it will run Android 2.3 and will not be 4G capable. Look for more info once we near its September 29 release date.
  • HTC Bliss: Another September 29 Android release will be the female-friendly HTC Bliss, running Android 2.3. Based on the target audience, it probably won't blow anyone away in the specs department, but only time will tell.
  • HTC Vigor: Here's where things get really interesting. The Vigor, set for release on October 5, is listed as "Replacing the Thunderbolt." No word on how exactly it will do so (though dual cores are a safe bet), but we'll probably be hearing a lot more about this device as it nears release.
  • LG Revolution 2: The LG Revolution isn't exactly an old device, but in just 2 and a half months (on October 20) it is set to a see an update. Again, not much detail here.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab P8: Set for release sometime in November, this 4G LTE tablet seems awfully familiar; after all, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is already on Verizon. Possibly the Galaxy Tab 8.9?

The first round of these devices is fast approaching, so expect a lot more details straight from Verizon in the coming weeks, depending on the authenticity of this document, of course.

leaked roadmap

Source: IGN

  • nil21
    • tehsusenoh

      Can't wait to see how it turns out. Should be interesting.

  • tehsusenoh

    Hmmm... What's blurred out?

  • LAmDroid

    Im hating myself right for getting the D3. I thought I just had to settle w it since there would be no real contender for a Slider on vzw I completely overlooked the Stratosphere.

    The Stratos doesnt look half bad, similar in shape to the Captivate (which I very much liked as a nonSlider), also 5row keypad, L.T.E~!!!! SAMOLED+ vs MotoPentile. UGH~!! I would've waited.

    Pentile resolution doesnt really bother me, but everytime the screen flips or changes app screens, there's a huge background green splash & it's really starting to bother me. Many of the important BLUR apps are HORRID, & Im not just chiming along w "I HATE BLUR:, Ive never even used blur before having come from an OGD. Basic stock android apps like email, Gallery etc are absolutely horrible in function. Im really disappointed in all the blog reviews & User feedbacks that didnt quite have a deep experience w it yet touting "Blur's actually pretty good, just lay over a custom launcher".

    And all this speculation thinking that the Stratos was a SGS2 w LTE & dualcore tore me away from paying attention to that upcoming device b/c I was stubborn to Sliders & it was solidly established that D3 wont be LTE.

    i know, Im blaming the world and hating myself right now. Im also blaming my friend for constantly braggin abt his LTE, haha. Im trying to figure out if there's a way to still get the stratos & returning and/or selling my D3s as NEW (after getting them replaced w new units by vzw) whether inside or outside my 14day Trial Period.

  • Mike

    Document is fake of course. It was done on Microsoft excel. Anyone could reproduce the same image.

  • David

    Even if the supposed leak is a fake, what a great way to stir things up giving Samsung and Verizon a sure fire indicator how popular the GS2 will be when it hits the showroom floors. Hopefully it works as I'm patiently/impatiently awaiting it's release.

  • 2bz2p

    The virtue of waiting is almost over. SGS2 is worth of waiting.