So, how's that for exciting news, TBolt owners? Since HTC clearly missed the Q2 update window that was originally announced, they moved it to the next logical choice... Q3. That's probably the best decision, especially when you consider the fact that we're already well into Q3.

The official word, per an HTC representative:

We are excited to announce that the HTC Thunderbolt will receive the Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update in Q3 2011. Stay tuned for details as we get closer to the update availability…

As you can see, no solid date has been confirmed as of yet -- but at least now you know that Gingerbread should be hitting your device sometime within the next two months.


Cameron Summerson
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  • modplan

    Since the carrier has to order and pay the phone manufacturer to make the update (in most cases) it looks like VZW cares a lot less about this than other carriers, which is ridiculous.

  • jamezelle

    They have been working on this update since April so they are trying. Lte is new tech . they are most likely working on battery life and perfecting the radio software to prevent the reboots mr1 caused. chill and wait or go to xda, root your phone and put gb on it yourself

  • Digitos

    Hopefully this means that the barriers to getting video conferencing on this phone will come down. I'd like to get excited about this news, but honestly I feel like VZW/HTC have made this announcement so many times before, only to pull the rug out from under their customers (who've been more than patient.) We'll see what's what, I guess.

    • Dredd

      This is so true. Verizon is crap and if HTC has anything to do with the poor update for the Thunderbolt they are also crap. Phones that are 2 years old have better updates than the latest one out there. Screw that

  • jgalan14

    I don't think is htc is more like verizon, the evo on sprint for gingerbread back at the end of may, even that damn duel screen Kyocera echo got it, and moving on :P

  • CTDH

    Well, an HTC rep had also said that it would be arriving in Q2 2011. I'll believe it when I see it.

  • http://www.futurecrue.com gman

    i got tired of waiting. cyanogenmod 7.1 rc1.4 on the thunderbolt is way way better than what verizon/htc had on there. way more stable and way more features. now i have 2.3.5.

    • Dredd

      For those of you who say "just root it and get gingerbread now!". Why should we have to hack a phone to get it to work like devices that have been out for 2 years? We shouldn't and we shouldn't have to know how to use a command prompt and jump through hoops to root it in the first place. If rooting a device was easier I'd do it, but I've tried to understand the directions and I couldn't get any of it.

      • Mgamerz

        Rooting my ATRIX is simple as 2 copy paste commands on any windows computer. Unlocking was about 5 steps.

  • Sadman

    If this ever does come out I'm going to wait and see the feedback it has. If it's like the other updates then I'm going to root and HELLO cyanogenmod! We have been on the back burner long enough. It's really bad when dev's have been able to root the phone LONG ago and put a stable system on it that seems to work very well. I was worried about the warranty on the phone but I also deserve a phone that is supposed to work with all the functions promised.

  • Mike Brooks

    I wonder which will happen first? Us getting the (By the time we get it, OUTDATED) 2.3 update or the HTC Vigor Release. I might just root now and then give it to my son to play with when the vigor comes out. Its gonna KILL any other phone on the market........

  • Parker

    About damn time.

  • Mike

    I finally caved and and got brave enough to try and root. I followed the updated guide on how to do so from here in April. Was a mostly painless experience and now I am running GB with Das Bamf 4.9 with Sense 3.0...simply amazing! Though I may unroot and go back to stock to see how the official GB is once it comes out (then root again if I dont like it)

    Also, Skype just released a TBolt supported version with video conferencing...so that wait is now over.

    • http://mgamerzproductions.blogspot.com Mgamerz

      Normal Root (su) (at least to me) is great. Having the ability to install roms is mainly only for the people who want to be power users... its not for most people. I have my BL ulnocked (eventually I'll get cyanogen... once its for my phone), but normal root is great, for adfree, titanium backup... other things...

      • Mike

        I agree...I got carried away once I successfully rooted and went the full monty...lol

        Even changed my boot animation screens and flash page.

        But you're right..just rooting simply to get rid of the crap Verizon bloatware and use TiBackup and other root friendly apps is worth it without getting into flashing ROMs

  • Ross

    Word of wisdom to those of you that are thinking about unrooting to do the update, gingerbread has not been rooted yet so you will be stuck with stock rom and no free wifi hotspot. Wait a day or so after the official update and you can get a rooted version of the official update. It will be the same as the official only it will be routed already. It will likely take a long time after the official update is released before it gets rooted because of the difficulty of rooting gingerbread. You will be screwed.

  • jerry

    I WANT IT NOW!!!!.....LOL