As Sprint's newest dual-core WiMax device, there was the little doubt that Motorola Photon 4G would inevitably be compared to the HTC EVO 3D. The battle nearly started itself in the comments yesterday once our Photon 4G Review Roundup went live, as the EVO 3D loyalists came running to defend their beloved device. Fortunately, Bob Kovacs of Wirefly took it upon himself to find out which device is better by throwing them both in the ring together to face off in the Schmackdown.

Oh, which one wins, you ask? I dare not ruin the surprise for you! Check the video out and feel free to drop your feelings in the comments afterwards.


Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://anon famouz

    Why is it these EVO 3d v.s this and that keep coming out. There r no testing tools even optimized for running test on 3d. Sad to see such well known website passing this false trash.

    • Cameron Summerson

      Most aspects of the EVO 3D have little or nothing to do with the 3D capabilities of the device. The primary function is for photos and videos, but even then, it's optional. There is no need for any test to be "optimized for 3D," as the phone works just fine in 2D.

      • Donatom3

        The bigger problem is that developers have had more time to optimize their apps for the Tegra 2, even though the Qualcomm has a more powerful gpu itself.

        Plus isn't this the same guy who said his photographer wife would love to use the Evo 3D for her pocket camera, and now he's backtracking on that? Wirefly is in the business of selling phones, I'll take reviews from someone who doesn't make money on me buying a new product that just released.

  • jgalan14

    I free with most of it but really the pocket feature? Wth? And the clock? Wow I do like the he point out the camera part but he didn't say nothing about the display

  • Brandon

    Processor - E3D 1.2GHz Photon 1GHz (E3D check)

    Camera - E3D comes with dual cams front/back. Not to mention its 3D capabilities. Photon has one 8mp camera with no 3D capabilities (E3D check). The E3D's predecessor already has an 8mp camera. If the Photon came with a 10/12mp camera then it would be worth debating.

    Kickstand - not worth mentioning because the E3D's predecessor already comes with a kickstand and the Photon's is clearly a knockoff. Be original Motorola.

    UI - E3D/Sense UI 3.0 Photon/Ghostblur (E3D check)

    In pocket detection, really. Is that even worth noting. Ok, you forgot to add that the E3D has “quiet phone on pickup, pocket mode, and flip for speaker” if you want to go there.

    4G speed test - Even score for both units.

    Benchmark scores- Photon check.

    The reviewer mentioned the brightness on the E3D -try turning it up dude.

  • Cos

    Very basic review on hardware. Two important things you might have added:

    1. Call Quality: Photon by a large Margin
    2. Battery Life: Photon by a large Margin

    I think the Evo 3D is a great phone and HTC Sense 3.0 is the best on any Android Device. But I had to trade my Evo 3D for a Photon because of the two items above. I use my phone for business so it was the best move for me

    • JR STEF


      • sal G

        how much louder was the speaker on the photon over the Evo 3d?

    • swazedahustla

      Hmmm considering there are many users on XDA, as well as myself who get well over a days usage out of the EVO 3d, I consider your claim of large margin BS. Lets be honest, no recent android phone's battery life is gonna be steller, but they are all pretty decent. The photon definately is not a large margin over the EVO 3d, or any phone for that matter in the battery dept.

      • cos

        That's great that you get well over days of usage on your Evo 3d. Sure would like to know how, when even the people at the Sprint Stores say it wont last the whole day. I had two 3VOs during the 30 day trial period and battery life was terrible on both.

        I was @ San Diego Comic Con 7am off charger 1:30pm Dead. Wed-Thur
        GPS/Apps/4G/WiFi all were off. 1-2 calls made and mabye 3 text messages

        Took it to the Sprint Store, tested my battery and phone and backup battery and said it was fine. Picked it up fully charged at 8:00pm, was dead by 6am the next morning

        Possibly I had 2 bad phones, but based on other feedback I have read, that is not the case.

        I use the phone for business and not as a Toy. The 3Vo gave me limited battery life and customer complaints on call quality. So for me my comment is accurate, NOT BS, there is a Huge differece based on my experience with both devices.

        Maybe the XDA developers are using custom roms, I dont know, but to say it lasts for days, I have to call BS, at least according to HTCs own specs and my experience.

        I am a huge HTC Fan, I used the Evo 4G for over a year and 1/2 and loved the phone. The sense UI is by far the best interface (especially the 3.0, but the phone 3VO underperfomed significantly for me in both battery life and call quality (I live in Chicago, IL) It did the same for both 3VOs I had used. The first was traded it, becuase it was possesed and going through the menu's on its own.

        Before you call BS, actually compare the two phones like I did, and then make the call. Heck, even watch the review, the Photon consistantly has more signal bars than the 3VO.

      • billyamp

        actually you are dead wrong. I traded my evo 3d for a photon and the battery life is a considerable amount better on the photon, no question about it. The photon is an over all better performing phone and the tegra processor has snapdragon beat. so the margin on battery life IS large, sorry to burst your logical bubble

        • coppertop

          really, i get 1-2 full days on a single charge. And yes, I do use my phone. Not sure how some people are only getting 6 hrs with only 1-2 phone calls. Battery overall is much better than even my rooted and flashed Evo 4G. I havent even rooted this yet because I am so happy with it at the moment that I dont feel the need.

          ps: i leave wifi and autosync on (every hr) and still get great battery life.

  • kris

    Really a kickstand and pocket mode rounds? And says that the 4g tests was back and forth and shows the photon winning...then he says both have 1 ghz processors when the EVO 3d has a 1.2 ghz.. don't menton any things even remotely accurate or of value for a true vs match...wow ..no offense to the guy in video but that was a horrible smackdown....I did a side by side test myself and the EVO3d is unmatched in quality both inside and out by far!!

    • Al McDowall

      "Really a kickstand and pocket mode rounds?"

      I'm with you on this. May as well have a 'Sense UI' and '3D' round. Or, for that matter, a 'Motorola' and 'HTC' round. When he did actually speak about the 3D on the Evo, he basically said that the Photon doesn't have that feature so it can't be compared!!

      To have this odd bias at the start of the review makes me doubt what is to come.

  • DavidS

    Is there a way that you can get a few photos of the 3D graphic quality of each? It looked like the 3D graphic images during the benchmarks were sharper on the EVO3D than the Photon4G.

    The Photon4G was a phone that I was really interested in, until this video. It looked very plastic, compared to the EVO3D. The EVO3D looked to have a better launcher application and widgets also. I wish it was a better comparison. I am ready to purchase one of these, but this just confused me more.

    I get that the Photon may have had some better benchmark results, but if they come at the cost of image quality during games, I will pass. The kickstand is nice, but I don't see myself using it very often.

    All-in-all, I thought the video was a bit bias towards the Photon4G to help me decide. I can see where the camera, sound and video were impressing the reviewer, just a little too much. What about battery life? 3D gaming quality? Call quality? Which one is more rugged? Which one is harder to scratch? Which one is easier to hold? Do they get hot? Any lag moving around the home screens? Which one is more solid?

    Any way you can do a better comparison video?

  • kris

    @ davids...I own a sprint store and have done extensive testing and using in both..the HTC EVO is far better in build, screen, UI, speed(without lag) by a longshot..plus its has a massive development following and bootloader is already unlocked and rooted and running custom roms and kernals.. pick the EVO its a no brainer. And MOTO blur.on the photon..horrid. change the name its still the same!!

    • Jerry

      I noticed you refered to the EVO , not the E3D. I assume you were referring to the E3D.
      The reason that caught my attention is that I was in a Sprint store yesterday to check out the Photon. I downladed the Speedtest app to it, turned both the Photon and my OE4G to Sprint's 4G service and was surprised by what I found. I ran the tests side by side 4 times. My OE4G had double the download speeds on 4G compared to the Photon. ( upload speeds were even on both )
      I have an upgrade available so I was interested in the Photon, but these speedtest results concern me. ( I couldn't do a similar comparison with the E3D because the display phone was locked so that I couldn't download any apps, including speedtest, to it. )
      Do these results surprise you? Any idea why the Photon's download speeds on 4G would be so much slower than my OE4G?

      • Kris

        I meant the evo 3d sorry...thing is 4g tests cant really be done side by side..because one phone will steal the others bandwidth..but seriously do urself a favor and get the evo3d

      • billyamp

        the photon is a better phone and the ui on the moto photo is not bad at all. I like the photon ui better than the sense. I owned an evo 4g for 10 months before I got the evo 3d and I can honestly say I much prefer the motorola photon ui. do yourself a favor and get the photon. Everybody I know has dumped the evo 3d for the photon it is a better phone hands down. plus if you do any international travel you can use your photon, the evo doesn't have that capability, kinda shitty if you ask me. buy the photon you wont be sorry.

    • Chris

      You should really check out the bench mark tests....I have the evo 3D now but the Photon scores around 25 and 2700 vs the evos 18 to 2000....That's on Quadrant....Check youtube out for other comparisons...Photon looks like it's a better phone...Seriously considering trading my evo 3d in for one...I repeat...Search youtube...type in Motorola Photon vs ....And check out the results for yourself.

      • RockingmyEvo3D

        Silly reason at best.. Quadrant scores mean nothing the evo 3d beats the Photon on smartbench 2011 as well as nenamark2, cf bench and vellamo. All these mentioned benchmarks are designed for today's dualcore phones quadrant is not optimized for dualcore devices.

      • Kris

        ... for those talkin about quadrant and benchmarks You obviously have no idea how benchmarks work or how dual core phones especially the evo 3d work..the reason the evo 3d benchmarks are low are that it has a different type(Asnychronous) which means both cores dont run for one task..one core handles the current task while the other maintains the background tasks unless its needed...
        Advantages of Asnychronous CPU:
        Lower power consumption.
        Faster computing speed.
        Disadvantages of Asynchronous CPU:
        Needs to be modified to be compatible with other tools since most tools assume a synchronous CPU.
        More difficult to design and test.
        It is a far superior CPU and once ICS is released they will be even more optimized..no current benchmarks or quadrant tests can accurately handle the new snapdragon cpu..FACT..and maybe sgs2 does beat it..but it isnt a true test and beleive me doesnt make the sgs2 superior thats a FACT..cause its not!! And mobile benchmarks the EVO3d smokes the sgs2 and sam galaxy tab 10.1(vellamo)...be happy you got the 3d youll see its the better choice when Ice cream is released an totally optimized for our phones and Photon dont see the update for over a year later..evo3d is a future proof phone and it will only get better..check out xda..lots of custom roms and kernals there..and tons of support!! or infectedrom.com..an awesome dev's site

      • Jennifer

        I want you to know that i just got the photon and i hate it because it has to be rebooted constantly due to failed calls and texts! There are many forums that suggest i am not the only one. Taking it back tomorrow.

    • AntiFool

      Umm ok. First your owning a Sprint store means squat. It means you are a salesman and a businessman. It doesn't mean you have a remote clue about technology other than talking points. It was pointless to mention and does not validate your *OPINION* nor mean your comparison/testing is more valid than someone else. That aside...

      Photon is rooted. Granted you need the HD Dock to root with, but to your chagrin buy it, root it and return it.

      You posted this on August 2nd, detailed Photon root instructions were posted that same day an hour before your post. It was actually rooted a day or two before that and successful root was announced when it occurred, but the instructions weren't immediately published. Successful bootstrap recovery success posted 3-4 hours after that.

      And if you hate Motoblur, you can remove it and even add a modded version of HTC Sense :) But you own a sprint store, so you know all that already.

      • kris

        Actually I admit my mistake there..it was the white EVO that shipped with froyo...still HTC has a better track record than MOTO with updates..bet EVO sees IC before photon...don't u wonder the reason why the dev section of xda for photon is vacant and EVO 3d is crazy!! And all the best devs..CM7...VIRUS..MIK....LYNN...TREVE...ZONE..ETC are with the EVO...must be they don't either...all I've seen u do is talk about my comments..where is ur helpful critique? That's right none...I have tons of phone knowledge and am known throughout the development community ....my credentials are known...who are u? Go root ur photon and flash the one
        ROM from the one dev over there...good .....luck..all the good devs are. Here.....the photon doesn't have an unlocked bootloader..or recovery or devs working on it..show me a link to either...and u have no ROM dev at all...

  • RockingmyEvo3D

    All of this is subjective which will basically fall into what you want or don't want. The one thing that is not subjective is the fact that the HTC EVO 3D is a BRAND on sprint a FLAGSHIP DEVICE something the Motorola Photon is not. HTC has a well known track record of supporting there devices 100% as EVO 4G owners who recieved (3) OS updates in 1year to there device. Every other manufacturer LAGS SO FAR BEHIND HTC IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. Sprint also is the best carrier in the update game so people who have the EVO 3D will never have to worry about anything from an update standpoint cause HTC/SPRINT will make sure ICE CREAM will appear on the Evo 3d. Otherwise than that the battery life issue is also a joke I get 16 to 23 hrs of battery life on my EVO 3D every day nothing like the previous evo 4g and as far as I can see definately the best as far as any android device. Htc stepped there game up with the 1.2 Asynchronous dualcore processor as well as the task manager and the native move to sd card feature. I am amazed at this device. Motorola can't touch this....But yes I am happy to have it on the dualcore family on sprint WE ARE MAKING OTHER CARRIERS LOOK STUPID RIGHT NOW..

    • GODAWGS34

      Ok as far as the carrier Sprint lacks everything but unlimited data which is the only thing good about them. Next the E3D has garbage signal no matter what u put under the hood processing wise who cares how bout you put an antenna that can pick up a decent signal. The 1.2 means nothing at all the extra .2 is to run that worthless 3d mess. Really I have 3d pics and movies wow were can u send them no where yea great idea. Also if the EVO 3d was so fast why after I download more than 2 apps it crawls like a plain Jane smartphone. The photon if u blind HTC fans open your eyes on the video look at the signal strength 4 bars on photon 2 on 3D weird huh a phone with service. Lastly unlock or lock bootloader who gives a crap they already have a way to unlock the photon that was released Monday night. Normal users don't care about if its unlocked. So I have done research and my brother works at Sprint the consensus is Photon is what the 3d should have been.

      Update: considering the 3d here the truth camera locks up, poor signal for 3 or 4g, over heats with an otterbox, large lag after app download, 3d pics and vids can't do anything with them, speaker is horrible, will not stay connected to bt longer than 2hrs, and battery life LOL my EVO 4g lasts longer. This phone is a gimmick and made for a teenager. Found out the hard way $200 and a wasted upgrade later but tradeoff is radio shack is switching if out for a photon today I know what I'm saying been through 5 3ds in less than a month because of the problems above.

      • kris

        Wow..everything u said was bs. I own a Sprint store and ur full of shit..the evo 3d smokes the photon

        • GODAWGS34

          See Sprints own forum wow and u make it sound like the 3d is the greatest cell phone ever made.

        • GODAWGS34

          By the way so if u think I'm full of it I guess u are the cell phone king. But instead of working for a cell company or review site u are a store manager at some rinky dink electronics store in nobodycaresurastoreownerville. Ok u own a authorized retailer wow I'm honored to comment after a royal doushe. I guess ur mom took the parental block off the old pc. Well maybe if ur lucky she will let u preach ur 3d mess at ur lemonade stand on the sidewalk after the take ur house, cause if u shovel that crap to ur customers wow ur gonna be broke fast. I could be wrong but a person pretending to be a sprint rep is illegal and i know ole Dan hesse wouldn't want a "representative" of sprint picking a favorite, ur suppose to be unbiased. But u already knew that right.

        • Kris

          First of all ur a douche..who is pretending to be a sprint rep? Ur a dumbass, i obviously have use to test and run every sprint device available and EVO3D is the best!! Sprint reps cant pick a favorite? get outta here..ur so stupid..everyone has a right to there own opinion even a sprint rep.. hows that development coming for the photon? crap exactlly..cause all the good devs know which phone is best...and for those talkin about quadrant and benchmarks You obviously have no idea how benchmarks work or how dual core phones especially the evo 3d work..the reason the evo 3d benchmarks are low are that it has a different type(Asnychronous) which means both cores dont run for one task..one core handles the current task while the other maintains the background tasks unless its needed...

          Advantages of Asnychronous CPU:
          Lower power consumption.
          Faster computing speed.

          Disadvantages of Asynchronous CPU:
          Needs to be modified to be compatible with other tools since most tools assume a synchronous CPU.
          More difficult to design and test.

          It is a far superior CPU and once ICS is released they will be even more optimized..no current benchmarks or quadrant tests can accurately handle the new snapdragon cpu..FACT..and maybe sgs2 does beat it..but it isnt a true test and beleive me doesnt make the sgs2 superior thats a FACT..cause its not!! And mobile benchmarks the EVO3d smokes the sgs2 and sam galaxy tab 10.1(vellamo)..man this forum is full of people who open there mouths with no true knowledge!!

        • Brandon

          @kris, check out my e3d with the super battery.


      • RockingmyEvo3D

        I can't help but laugh at your being so uninformed it's a total joke at best. Photon will never be sprints flagship device good phone but better never

      • kris

        And you talk about the photon having an unlocked bootloader..false!! They have found a root method..not bootloader unlock..and to get root u need the following: webtop dock, usb mouse, usb keyboard, usb cable..sounds like an expensive root..LOL..and photon owners will see ice cream in 6 years LOL

        • Brandon

          And that'll be ice cream with freezer burn all over it, because that shit will be mad old by then.

      • T.A.

        i have had the evo 3d for a month now and i can honestly say it is BY FAR the best phone i have ever owned. i didnt think i would like the 3d part but its such a cool add on for movies if you want to watch one in 3d. and the signal well my buddy got a photon the day it launched. in my area both phones most of the time have the same bars. sometimes i will have 5 bars he will have 3. just take a look at phonedogs dogfight part 2 the evo 3d has more bars thru that whole video? bars dont mean a whole lot. and my old phone a moto renegade flip phone which was the best signal phone on sprint. compared to my 3d, same signal most of the time. sometimes my 3d has 1 or 2 more sometimes not. its a wash. and my battery gets me more then 24 hrs even when i'm hammering on it. sure it could be better, but its not bad.

  • RockingmyEvo3D


    • Brandon

      You couldn't have said it any better.

  • RockingmyEvo3D

    Many people know the EVO 3D is better than the Photon 4g

  • Jbonics

    I would take the 3D all day. The review was weak, cut to the chase. Photon has a decent quadrant score. The didn't beat the old Model-T droid 2 though.

  • Hank

    Is it me or are all of the people who claim the battery life sucks on the Evo's "business" users who don't seem to have the wherewithal to turn off some of the constant data refreshes that kill the battery. If you're not smart to tell your phone to only phone home for updates when you want it to, go get an iphone.

    • cos

      Apparently it's you or possiblity the people at the Sprint Store not sure. LOL
      1. Reduced the screen shut of time form
      1 min to 30 secs
      2. Reduced the Brightness
      3. Need email in real time, so that didn't
      change that feature
      4. Automatic updates turned off
      5. Blutooth has to stay on for work
      6. GPS / WiFi turned off
      7. Disabled animations and dont use
      live walpapers
      8. Shut down any apps that I dont need
      with the task manager
      While I am sure there are other ways increase battery life, the bottom line is that I didnt need to do any of this on the Photon to make my phone last through the day. Its easy to say people are ignorant, but the fact is the battery life is still not good.

      • cos

        Sorry forgot to include the fact that 4G is always disabled by default for me, unless I need it to web brouse and that is only temporary.

        • coppertop

          hmmm, i leave wifi and gps on, autosync, auto brightness, all animations AND i use a live wallpaper. My E3D lasts almost 2 full days with normal use and not even touching the taskmanager.

    • RockingmyEvo3D

      Bottomline if people are former evo 4g owners then by now they have to understand how to control there device. These devices are computers the better conditioned your battery is the longer it will last. Who leaves there radios on all day anyway if your not using them. even with 4g and 3g on all day you can get 12hrs of usage from the battery. So it stands to reason with a little prudance you will easily get 16 plus hrs so easily. User ERROR is what plaques people and bottomline if you dont how to manage your battery then DON'T BUY THE DEVICE and recieve SMARTPHONE TRAINING on battery management

      • cos

        Bottom line is that the evo 3d Battery does not last as long. What I found really annoying, besides your comments, was the fact even when I turned the phone off (i.e. on a plane for four hours phone had 1/2 battery life) Turn it back on and it had no battery life.
        Like I said, the phone might have been defective. But two differnt devices same issue.
        LOL, I use my phone anytime from 7am-12am I will get calls, work emails etc. I put it in the charger when I go to bed
        There is no reason to turn the radio off if you battery lasts through the day/night becuase I charge it at night.
        My point is that I was barely making it through 1/2 a normal work day with the 3VO. I did not have the same problem with my EVO 4G, I could at least make it through the day.

        Its not USER ERROR when you need to have the radio on.

        • kris

          That is why there is development....sbc kernals, undervolting, etc..I do some Android dev in my spare time and I'm a power user...I get thru minimum 14 hours a day with my EVO3d..good enuff for me considering I have chargers in car, at work or something with a usb port always available...

        • Brandon

          Just buy a super battery. Lasts two days on charge.

        • Brandon

          Lasts two days on one charge

        • Kris

          exactly brandon, some people would just rather complain about the battery than do something about it..they have like a 4000 or 5000 mah battery for evo3d, prob lasts a week..lol

        • Brandon

          Yeah, I bought the 4000 mah battery for mine.

        • cos

          My point is that you shouldn't have to take these extra steps, companies should make more of effort when the develop phones.

          -Yes I can buy a new battery and make the phone a brick

          It still doesn't solve the additonal issue with call quality

          At the end of the day, I am happy with the photon for the reasons I stated.


          This sums up pretty much my feeling on the phone issue.

          The Evo 3D is a great phone, just not for me.

        • johnny3d

          I have owned a photon and an evo 3d. I owned a photon first, it was a piece of crap. I thought the first one might have been a "lemon" so I returned it and got a brand new replacement. Turns out the Photon i just junk. within the first two days of having it I had to hard reset it at least four times. switching from screen to screen the photon lags badly and is very jumpy. The battery is garbage nomatter what anyone says. The sense UI is a billion times better than motoblur or whatever they are calling it thses days. HTC knows how to build a phone, Motorola does not. Also, the 1.2gHz snapdragon outperforms the 1gHz tegra2. The phton was slow and not to mention even after the software update still had major problems. posting comments and or photos on facebook was stupid and complicated on the photon. HTC Evo 3d all the way, no doubt!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fmafioso

    Pros of the 3vo a little faster way better ui thats where it stops the photon has gsm better camera battery life reception display kickstand speaker memory call quality etc after 3 3vos I was done heating up issues poor call quality battery life ha! Speaker a joke internet issues I wanted bad to keep the 3co all said and done if u want the most solid phone of the two get the photon IM completely satisfied

    • kris

      Better display?? Ya right..photons pentile display is horrible!! I think u just make up shit to try and justify ur dumb decision...no MOTO is better than HTC period. And definately not the 3d

  • Tim

    Had a EVO 3D and got headaches. Just swapped out for the Motorola Photon 4G and LOVE it. Had a EVO and missed the kickstand. I am one the used it all the time. HTC you failed on this updated phone. Should of taken the EVO and fixed the few small issues, battery life, and the poor video camcorder. As for the camera can't you make it as good as a $50 camera???

    • Kris

      They make tons of kickstand cases..if it gives ya headaches dont use it..its not a mandatory option...i see it already..Photon owner complaing "wheres our Ice Cream update" and ill be here to laugh!!

      • Brandon

        Haha! Got em... So true

  • Fmafioso

    If the 3d sense would hAve been put on the photon now you got what the evo2 should have been Motorola may not be as fast as htc but they do update there phones ask the atrix and droid x htcfailed

    • slmd2g

      Tegra2? Seriously? No thanks, I'll keep my Evo3D.

    • kris

      They may update the phone software but not android versions..I guarantee that the EVO gets ice cream way before the photon. By many many months

      • AntiFool

        hey asstard, my DroidX got Froyo long before my wife got it on her Evo. You really are a clueless tool. I am sure you will say it was Verizon vs Sprint on that one and not Moto vs HTC. People like you are too biased to give any sort of advice and should toss in the towel.

        • kris

          Your the asstard considering the EVO shipped with froyo..LOL

        • kris

          Actually I admit my mistake there..it was the white EVO that shipped with froyo...still HTC has a better track record than MOTO with updates..bet EVO sees IC before photon...don't u wonder the reason why the dev section of xda for photon is vacant and EVO 3d is crazy!! And all the best devs..CM7...VIRUS..MIK....LYNN...TREVE...ZONE..ETC are with the EVO...must be they don't either...all I've seen u do is talk about my comments..where is ur helpful critique? That's right none...I have tons of phone knowledge and am known throughout the development community ....my credentials are known...who are u? Go root ur photon and flash the one ROM from the one dev over there...good luck..all the good devs are. Here

  • Fmafioso

    I mean come on people buying extra Batterys having 3d but cut off cause of headaches no otterbox cause it makes its overheat my brother thunderbolt has issues same as the ego without the 3d you have a poor knockoff of the sensation im saying the evo started this stuff htc should have made a phone to followup sprints evo properly everyone with evos I l know with evos dont wanna

    • Brandon

      @fmafioso, *Reading is fundamental*

      • Fmafioso

        So is respect patna

      • Fmafioso

        I know it sucks that tmobile customers got the better phone of the two hahaha

  • Fmafioso

    Upgrade with this phone cause watch in December the real evo followUPS gonna be released htc you failed us its an OK phone loved sense 3.0 after tht really aint much to brag a bout tmobile got the better phone and everyoneknow it

  • http://twitter.com/kstagg kstagg

    EVO3D is a good phone, but I traded in mine within the 30-day window to get the Photon.
    Sorry - but didn't have much use for the 3D, but EVO loyalty led me to upgrade to the EVO3D. I'm extremely happy that I switched out.
    The Photon:
    - Just as good a battery as EVO3D (all day no problem)
    - Better camera
    - Double the RAM at 16GB (plus I added the 8GB card from my EVO making it 24GB RAM of storage on my phone)
    - Better viewing angles on the display
    - Better display of screen. Period.
    - Don't like Motorola UI? Install ADW EX. Problem solved.
    - Gorilla glass display
    - kickstand built onto the Photon. Cause you know - HTC screwed EVO owners on the hTC kickstand case promise.

    Seriously - what is there not to like about the Photon?

    • Fmafioso

      Now thats as real as ot gets

    • Fmafioso

      I meant (it) sorry

    • kris

      Better screen..no..pentile display sucks
      EVO has gorilla glass
      Adw ex over sense..no
      And u obviously don't even know what RAM is ..lol

      • AntiFool

        Wow! You are really going to pick on his use of the word RAM. That's really all you can come up with. I recall you calling someone else a douche earlier. Who's the douche now?

        Sure, each phone has 1GB RAM but you clearly knew what the OP was referring to when he said RAM but chose to make an asinine comment regarding it. You sir are now being a douchebag yourself.

        Obviously, you must be an HTC employee posing as the owner of a sprint store. Why don't you share the name of the store you own, so the rest of the HTC fanbois in the area can buy from you?

        You would better serve yourself and the community if you differentiated fact from opinion and stop trying to come of as if you have a clue. The more I read from you the more clueless you become.

  • Beaux

    I just traded my HTC Evo for a Motorola Photon... and I work in the technology field and I am a super user when it comes to phones. I am holding a Moto Photon right now and I am going to turn it in for an E3D tomorrow. Outside of the Outlook sync and sound this phone is disappointing. The HTC EVO 4G was an awesome phone and they constantly improved the phone throughout the year. Switching to a Photon the presentation simply sucks: Images are distorted when magnified, Pictures on the caller screen are small, the Widgets are HORRIBLE, the 8 meg camera has horrible focus and questionable focus, syncing music is a process, creating ringtones isn’t as seamless as HTC, Bluetooth connection seems to be weak (often have to keep phone and earpiece on the same side or static). I enjoyed the comments on here but I think I am going to roll with Kris on this one. Besides the battery issue with the HTC Evo 4G/E3D can be resolved with an extended battery.

    The Photon looks and feels great but the UI definitely… definitely… definitely… needs work. The only thing pointless about the E3D is the 3D.

    • Fmafioso

      Don't know which photon u got Neo but I beg to differ that Evo 3d may not even be betterr than the first one butyou like what u like IM good with my photon htc could gave down better with the follow up to that phone I mean the thunderbolt and sensation faster tbolt with more mem. And better build and speaker quality

    • Fmafioso

      Keep ya Evo till the hero 4g come out if you love htc products you wont be anymoreimpressed with this phone than the photon

      • Brandon

        There you go speaking tard language again.

  • Kumani

    I just recently switched from an EVO 3d to a Motorola Photon 4g. My reason was the speaker quality. Unless I had my bluetooth connnected at all times, I could not hear the phone ringing or hear any music unless I was in a secluded area. An EVO 4g with a blown speaker even blows its predecessor out of the water in sound quality and volume. I opened both phones myself and found that they significantly reduced the air pocket reserve for the speaker in the EVO 3d to mount the larger camera. It is a hardware issue. No update will fix that. Ultimately, its a phone. Everything else comes second to that feature for me. That's why I switched.

    • kris

      Dsp manager makes the EVO 3d speaker extremely loud...should have done some research I can turn mine up so loud it distorts so volume is not a prob any more...now ur stuck with MOTOjunk

      • Shiggity

        I just installed and ganked up the volume and it's awesome on Evo 3D. Thanks Kris! :)

      • Brandon

        Kris, how do I do that bro. Do I need to root my phone.

        • kris

          I don't think u have to be rooted when using Dsp on gingerbread...just install the .apk file about halfway down this link page..then when its done downloading on phone just install it..or if ur doing by pc dl that apk put on sdcard..use Linda file manager ( free in market)and find file and install...then after u have it ..go into phone speaker..choose custom and ajust levels...it works well..good luck

        • kris
      • Fmafioso

        Dude grow up or throwup your phone is weak if you gotta buy a battery just get the thunderbolt its a better phone in everyway hows that hdmi cord coming along have you installed the equalizer yet cause of the poor speakers dont it sucks to have to buy a phone then all kinds of sh.. ro make

        • kris

          Thunderbolt is better than the 3d??lmao...u don't know shit...everyone put the thunderbolt on the big disappointment lists of 2011..and my hdmi cord works fine..and u talk about buying shit..I got a free app to fix volume..photon needs 300 dollars worth of shit just to get root..lmao!! Photon sucks bottom line..UI sucks..pentile screen sucks..motoblur is horrid..locked down bootloader...gets updates 9 years after HTC...shall I keep going??? All android devs pick the EVO3d over the photon..there's a reason for that...I'm rocking my super fast beast 2.05 ghz dual core that makes ur slow ass photon look like MOTO razor..lol

        • Brandon

          Retard language

        • Brandon

          Do you take meds, because you write like a Sociopath. It's called "Free Association" and you certainly fit the profile bro. You may want to check yourself into a hospital -like asap.

        • AntiFool

          Kris can't add either. More evidence he doesn't really own a sprint store. Most likely his mom or dad own the sprint store and Kris stops in after school to beg for money to stop at the corner store and buy a snack.

          Brandon, is probably his next door neighbor but also the wimpy kid kissing the overweight bully's ass so he doesn't get beat up. His nose is so far up Kris' ass that the brown is spreading all over his face. I suspect that he's also been bullied a bit too much because he can't help but pick on people who do not have English as a first language.

          I'll bet the principle of their elementary school is hoping that their parents ship them off to boarding school this year instead.

      • [email protected]

        In the end all the volume changes and extra batteries and cords not available poor camera weak ass speaker quality terrible call quality ain't worth it the thunderbolts better not worth leaving the original some guy. On hear says he runs a business or something. How? When you cant understand whats being said weak reception no gsm?speakerphone?overheats?battery life? All in all not ecen worth leaving the og evo heck of an upgrade right? But hey atleast you got the green hornet and thats says a bunch photons better for what a real businessmen needs i forgot about the dock we can use wow hope the lgs better than what the die hards got tricked into by sprint well done htc love my photon all i had to do is by a protective case damn i forgot yhe bottoms already rubberized im good with my photon dont miss that htc foolsgold one bit. Peaccccccccccccccce good luck brandon next your gonna buy a fan to keep it from overheating lol and im the retard? Howz the ride on that little yellow htc foolsgold schoolbus with the spot for the wheelchair big business baby childsplay is for playgrounds peace no need to reply let your evo cool off a bit. Lol

        • kris

          I can't understand a word u say...if ur a buisness man see if ur company will buy u rosetta stone cause u need it...I know the true reason u like the photon..cause its wider when u insert it...idiots these days..smh

        • Brandon

          I recommend that you use grammar check the next time you write a post. You sound brilliant!

  • Brandon

    Kool thx man! Appreciate it

  • Medo

    I have EVO4G and EVO3D, EVO3D is always 2 bars les signal and with error message error code 104, most of the time, both phone is on same spot have pictures of them if you do not believe. And I was thinking get Photon but after all your review I'm confused, but I know EVO3D is not good.

  • Murky Murk

    Are you guys some MEN? Cuz u cry like some bitches. I'm tryna figure out which phone to get and every other comment is just of two fags arguing, "i got a sprint store!" "check ur spelling" bitch bitch, pull ya skirts down already.

    All I wanna fuckin know is which shit is gonna be faster when I have like a million text messages on my phone, and I see the evo has a 3500mah extended battery, does the photon?

    • kris

      Your moms faster go get her...its cheap and screen size is huge..and she already broke so no rooting necessary...and she been tested heavily..enjoy douche

      • Murky Murk

        well my mom is deceased so shut the fuck up faggot.

        can I get answer from someone less bitchmade. thanx.

        • Brandon

          this is good to hear!

  • AntiFool

    Watch it Murky, Brandon will be along to kiss Kris ass some more and make another crude mother comment towards you any minute now.

  • http://www.andLinux.org DavidS

    I purchased the 3VO, and I would like to thank the comments here for helping me decide to keep the 3VO. Here are the reasons for my decision:

    1) The dual core Snapdragon is an asynchronous processor with many power saving enhancements. The one enhancement that interests me is that the cores can run at different speeds and voltages. Unfortunately, the current version of Android does not support this enhancement of the processor. Once it does, the battery like should increase quite a bit.

    2) Many of the Snapdragon's performance enhancements are also not supported in the current version of Android. Since I have this phone for at least a year, future enhancements have to be part of my deciding factors.

    3) I really like HTC. Their support for the EVO4G was fantastic. Now that Motorola and Sprint are trying to renew their relationship, I expect Motorola's support for Sprint devices to be better than other networks. But, since I have a longer track record with HTC, I trust more their continued improvements to the 3VO. I am going to wait-and-see how well Motorola improves the Photon4G.

    4) Almost every issue I have found for the 3VO seems to be software related. Since I have owned HTC phones for years, I believe these issue will be cleared up in future updates.

    5) I have a couple of friends who have Droid phones. One has the original Droid. When I spoke with him, he went over the issues he has had with the phone. Many were caused by system updates. His wife has had to return hers twice. Although he would buy another Motorola phone, his wife has forbidden him. *whip cracks* HA! My other friend has a Droid Charge and loves it. I chalked that up as a win for Motorola, but later found out that it was made by Samsung.

    6) 3D Gaming look better on the 3VO than the Photon. I don't think the GPU on the Tegra processor is as advanced as the Snapdragon's Adreno220. I have a Dell Streak 7" with a Tegra processor and can confirm that this is also the case with the Tablet.

    7) I liked the feel of the Photon4G much better than the 3VO. I do have a Body Glove case on the 3VO which gives it a much better feel though. Since I always have a case on my phone, I couldn't find a case for the Photon4G that I liked.

    8) The 3VO felt smoother while I was using it. I'm going to chalk this up to SenseUI, because the Photon4G should be a much faster phone right now.

    9) I really like SenseUI. It may have more "eye candy" than I will ever use, but I like its tight integration with social networking and HTC's new Hub. I've used Sense on my EVO4G and loved it. I didn't play with MotoBlur much, so I can't say if it is good or bad. So, this isn't a dig on Motorola's launcher enhancements at all. I am just used to Sense and have a "familiar feeling" when using it.

    10) 3D is very gimmicky. Yet, I do like taking 3D pictures. It's also very fun to put a 3D picture on the screen and put the phone in front of a drunk friend. I did this to a friend who was "one eyed" and it messed with his balance. *thunk*

    Now, just because this was my decision, doesn't mean that I am in any way saying that the 3VO is a better phone than the Photon. It is just a better phone for me. There are still some doubts that I have and I may regret this decision. Here is why:

    1) The Photon has a much better camera than the 3VO. I doubt this is going to get fixed in a future software update.

    2) The Photon felt better (and lighter) then the 3VO without a case.

    3) The screen on the Photon had much, better color depth than the 3VO. But, I found the 3VO's screen to be sharper than the Photon. I read that PenTile screens "trick" the eyes and may not work for everyone. If that is the case, then I just may be one of those people.

    4) I didn't have a chance to see if the Photon gets hot when you game on it. My 3VO does get a little hot. My Dell Streak 7 has the same processor as the Photon and it doesn't get hot. I don't know this for a fact, but I do think the Photon will run cooler then the 3VO. The EVO may get cooler with a software update.

    5) There are some bugs in the SenseUI software. I have had graphical glitches on the phone or when trying to use the camera. Also, I have shortcuts on the screen that aren't displaying their icons after reboot. I expect an update will correct those though.

    Anyway, I know many people will make their decision on which phone is better right this second. I am going to base mine on which phone will be better for the next year. In order to do that, I've had to put some faith behind the company that makes the phones. And, with that, which one I was more experienced with.

    So, both are good phones. Not one seemed to blow the other away. But, I do believe that HTC is a better company... and that was the deciding factor.

  • Maclynn

    I am on my second photon. I really like the phone and think it is better than the 3d. BUT, it has issues that I can't ignore. It is an awesome phone while in the sprint network. But I work in a rural area that is roaming. And while im here the phone doesn't want to connect half the time. It absolutely refuses to download a mms message and it shuts itself off and wont come back on until I take out the battery. This is my second photon and it is doing the same thing so tomorow im taking this one back and getting the evo3d. Shame, cause I really liked this phone. But I need one that will work.



  • E3DLover in SLC

    After reading all of this crap, here is my response, for those of you really looking for assistance in making a purchasing decision: I work for a licensed reseller for Sprint, ATT, & VZW... There isn't a "one size fits all solution" - go to a third party store that carries multiple carrier's. If they are any good they will ask you a lot of questions, pull up coverage maps of the places you frequent most (voice, 3G, & 4G), see if you travel a lot (especially internationally), find out what your usage habits are, ask if you prefer ease of use (iPhone) or customizing (android), do you make decisions based on price or performance, let you experience various handsets, and discuss pros & cons of various handsets, explain where the industry is headed (12 - 18 months away from more web access on wireless handheld devices than PC's/laptops & with rollout of LTE, speeds will increase). Ultimately they'll want what's in your best interest & because there isn't "a" perfect solution, or network, they'll help you make a decision that works for you. As far as Photon vs E3D, after research, using both devices in different environments, using different features & applications, I personally chose the E3D. It was the best fit for my lifestyle & how I use my phone (after 3 months I haven't had any of the problems others have mentioned here), HTC supports their devices better than any other company I have seen, there is a huge online development community for the EVO Family, & HTC works with the developers rather then trying to block them at every turn. But that is what worked for me... Come into my store & I'll put all that aside & help you find what works best for you. FOR REAL, BASHING WON'T HELP ANYONE MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS.