Well, it's only taken about five months, but Verizon XOOM owners will finally be able to make use of that lovely microSD slot on the side of their tablet. Of course, the OTA update in question does a fair bit more than allow you to up your XOOM's already robust storage. Take a look at this list:


While Verizon (they're the ones publishing the update) doesn't explicitly state that the update, dubbed HTJ85 (has a nice ring to it, right?), brings Android 3.2 to the XOOM, it's clearly implied by the addition of "Screen Scaling Compatibility Mode" - a feature of Android 3.2 that we talked about a while ago.

It's not known exactly when this update will roll out, but VZW's support pages generally don't go up until an update is practically finalized, so you can expect it sometime soon (don't worry, we'll let you know).

Verizon via Droid-life

David Ruddock
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  • ocdtrekkie

    The thing about all the whining about the SD card delay that bugs me is...

    I've used less than half of my Xoom's internal storage, still. It will probably be another year till I'll say "Yup, glad I have an SD card slot!"

    People whine and whine about how long it took, but it really wasn't needed at release anyhow. And it's better than having something like a Galaxy Tab 10.1, which doesn't have the slot at all.

    • http://www.protodepot.com E.J.Su

      I am glad you are satisfied with a half-finished product.

      • ckeegan

        Refresh my memory, what other tablet has Verizon connectivity, and also offers expandable storage and vanilla Honeycomb?

        • http://www.protodepot.com E.J.Su

          It's still a half-finished product no matter what carrier it's on. Not to mention how buggy it started out with.

          Like I said, I am glad people are satisfied with a half-finished product.

    • ckeegan

      Amazing, mine was full the day after I got it back in February.

      • http://www.protodepot.com E.J.Su

        Like I said, good for you.

  • Peter

    You realise everyone is not you right? Some people wanted a tablet with a SD card and they are annoyed when what they are promised isn't delivered. Same with 4g or GED. Some people want speedy updates and bought the Xoom to get them but it turns out the Xoom is only GED in the US and this annoys them. Some people are fine being stuck on 3.0 but others will be pissed off about it. People are very fragmented.

  • Jbonics

    My transformer wants to know what you are going to do about that bogus screen quality though. That's why they really bitch, and that and the thing is too heavy to hold.

  • Bruce

    Woke up to this, this morning. In my coffeeless haze. So now my SD slot works? (OK caffeine starting to kick in) How big of a card will it recognize? It does seem to be operating smoother though.