Heads-up, Revue owners! We've got a nice little surprise for you all this morning. A member of the GTVHacker forums has posted about a leaked beta of Android 3.1 for the Google TV device, and the good news is that you can download it right now!

The update looks like is an official one (signed and hosted by Google/Logitech), as you don't need to be rooted to flash this on to your device; you can apply it like you would any other operating system update with no root necessary. However, as this is a beta version it will have some bugs lurking around in it and more importantly you cannot roll back to a previous version once you have updated the software, so do this at your own risk!

Update: Channel Android goes hands-on:


The developer has also posted a list of what works well with this latest update and what doesn't work so well. Most noticeably, he comments that there are now live wallpapers available in this build, the Android Market is present, and the system as a whole performs smoother than before.

However, the Atom CPU inside the Revue seems to be incompatible with the vast majority of applications currently on the Market, so you may not be able to give it much of a workout once upgraded. Also, Google Apps doesn't currently work, nor does Netflix. Finally, if you're keen to use the Revue as an actual TV device then you may want to hold off until the final launch, as it is also reported that there are sound problems present, such as the volume muting during channel changes.

The Bad

-Sound problems while watching TV including sound turning off during channel changes and playing/pausing (Remedied by changing the channel or pressing the play/pause button a few times)
-Some apps display content vertically
-No root so far (also this means that we are still stuck with content provider blocks for non rooted devices)
-Once you upgrade to this build there is currently no going back to 2.1
-Atom cpu is incompatible ith 99.9% of the stuff on the market
-GAPPS does not work, or at least we haven't been able to get it to.

The Good

-System seems to preform smoother
-New UI is clean and compliments features very well
-TV/Movie listings now display what look like DVD covers when available
-Live Wallpapers

Logitech Media Player is awesome. It reads pretty much all video formats that I have (.mkv, mp4, m4v, avi, wmv, mpg, etc) I am very pleased with this. It also seems to have better indexing.

If you do wish to apply the update to your Revue, then you can download the image from here and copy it to a USB drive to connect to your device (rename to update.zip first).

Update: Here is the same file hosted on Google's own servers, which means this update is very much official (but still very beta, of course).

Has this latest update tempted you to buy a Revue all over again? Don't forget that the price has now dropped to $99, making it much more affordable. If you are updating, then be sure to let us know how you get on and if you encounter any problems!

Source: GTVHacker forums via AndroidCentral forums

John Thompson
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Finally a reason to dust off the good old Revue, which hasn't been getting any action lately due to being quite useless.

  • Victor

    Can someone post photos of the new UI?

  • Elvis

    I was wondering if the revue can stream off a network? Or does it have to be local?

    • Victor

      It streams local and network. The issue is that it uses DLNA and is incredibly unreliable. Videos stop playing 60% of the time for me.

  • mskks64

    ugh why not the sony version, IK it's more expensive but better remote and blueray player

  • Stephen

    I have encountered some problems (which I also mentioned on some other sites).

    After updating, going through AND completing setup, I powered of my Revue. Now, it hangs at the splash screen at boot-up. Holding down the connect button and attempting to get back into the recovery menu doesn't seem to work either.

  • GoogleGuy

    Soooo, STILL no Google agreement with the networks, no netflix and now even LESS apps?

    Way to eff up an already lacking concept. Google TV = FAIL.

    I so wanted Google tv succeed but it just seems like Google isn't interested in giving people what they paid for.

  • GoogleGuy

    Part 2.....

    Mind you I do realize that this isn't an official release so obviously my opinions can change after an official release, Netflix return, Working apps, and finally Network streaming. Hell give me Netflix and Hulu and I'm fine although I oppose marketing it as able to view the whole internet when I can't even view network streams that anyone else with a browser can stream.

  • Tony

    Sound problems. I've noticed that changing channels or pause and play don't work to get the sound back but instead of rebooting and waiting I can remove the optical cable and plug it back in to get the sound back. Too bad we can't go back this beta isn't even close. Nice UI but buggy like an alpha.

  • Ike

    Hell... Crap... Shit... Why I couldn't have wait for the official update and flashed that damn beta? DON"T flash it!!!... None of the apps on Android Market are compatible, so Market icon is just useless. You can though download apps from other sources, enable the option in system settings and install those apps. But How? How? How and why that happened? Now there is no way to run Netflix? Seriously! NO WAY! I tried everything. No chance. OMG! For the first time I have to admit - I hate Android for enabling easy ways to be fucked up!

    • Victor

      ...nobody told you to update. In fact, everyone warned not to

  • steveo

    has anyone tried using a usb flash to put a netfix non device specific apk (green version) . like the ones posted on xda developers.
    it worked on my archos 101.

  • Jose

    Hi! Can you tell me if bs player apk or mx Player works here ? the original mediaplayer isn't good enough. Not play DTS Sound on a movie!