Ah, the moment that Desire owners have been waiting for... or is it? HTC released its official Gingerbread build for the Desire this morning, but it's not in the form of an OTA (over-the-air); instead, it's a full RUU (ROM upgrade utility). This means that not only is the installation process a bit more complex than an OTA, it will also wipe the device during the upgrade process, forcing you to start from scratch upon first boot.

2011-08-01 10h21_44

Now, that may not sound too bad to some of you, but there's more: the update is limited regionally, as well. It's not available to users in Germany, North America, South America, South Korea, or Japan.

So, if you're in an applicable region and you feel like tackling an RUU installation, then here's the skinny on the upgrade, directly from HTC:

  • All customizations, including operator applications, will be removed.
  • All wallpapers, except the default wallpaper, will be removed and placed online on the HTC Developer website.
  • Several HTC applications will be removed and placed online on the HTC Developer website.
  • The official Facebook application will be removed and is downloadable on the Android Market.

Just like originally stated, quite a few of the apps have been stripped from the build in order to make it fit on the Desire's limited ROM.

All that aside, HTC is recommending this update for "developers only, due to the complicated nature of the update," but we figure the most savvy enthusiasts can handle the task just fine.

To grab the download, head over to HTC's Developer website.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Ben

    Isn't it in fact the case, that only the customers of one(!) branding carrier in Germany are on HTC's list? Rather than the country.

  • Chris

    Heard from Feber.se that sms and mms is broken (or at least not guaranteed).
    Can anyone confirmation?

  • JH

    Not good enough. Now my Desire will get a custom ROM, and my next phone will NOT! be a HTC. They should have gotten rid of Sense and other bloatware, and given us pure Android. My next phone will be from the Nexus line, since it's the only way to get the updates on time AND pure Android.

    • Numpty

      Yeah, what's gotten into you, HTC? Anybody would think you were more interested in your core business of making great phones for the general public, than in pandering to a handful of whiney geeks.

  • Matt

    Desire Z ota UK update now showing on my phone. About time too but don't know if it'll wipe the phone or not till I get back to my WiFi.

  • Phil

    That's exactly what they did. The apps they left out are Sense ones. Try to read a little before commenting.

  • JH

    Did they scrap all of the Sense UI and made a pure android available?

  • Alin

    just installed it, unfortunately no sense 2.1

  • Saad Najaf Khan

    Installed it on my Desire, faster and more responsive. Only static wallpapers, teeter and flashlight removed, supplied in zip package separately. Update took 4 minutes to install. Some new transitions, web browser fast, moving apps 2 sd leaves less data behind, in fact very less. 125 MB left after update, thou i installed twice as many apps than FroYo. Some new icons, UI font slightly decreased to fit more, new application manager, fast boot and tons more under the hood, this is it!

    • Ben

      Thanks! Was waiting for first reports to come in. :)

  • Rob

    @Saad Najaf Khan - That's all I need to hear, I'm in!

  • Chris

    Rooted and running CM7, never been better. Now I just need to partition the memory card to to get more memory.

  • AndroidDude

    I really don't get the whole "faster and more responsive" claims. My HTC Desire (2.2) almost never lags and is generally extremely responsive. Guess I'm spoiled after having used apple crap for 2 years. There isn't much to this upgrade besides the fact its gingerbread. There are few to none visual changes, and no new features that I've heard of. .HTC realized this and thus just made it for "developers" ...

  • george

    it is worht to install it??(it is good??)

  • http://www.visualdesign.ie Darren

    Kodos to HTC for getting this update out, onto a device with limited internal memory. They don't like the forget their customers.
    I've installed the ROM with no difficulty at all. Although i am a developer, anyone could apply it. Its dead simple. I'd advise you to use MyBackUp Pro to back up your data first, then just apply the backup on again after you flash the ROM onto the device.
    Changes aren't that noticeable to be honest, little more memory left after booting, seems to run faster. Very fast boot! Worth the upgrade for me anyway :)
    As reported in some cases, SMS and MMS are not broken in this case, it works perfectly.
    A lot of people criticising HTC for the cut down version, but the don't realise what HTC did to get this update on to the (Limited memory) Desire with keeping most of Sence UI. I guess some people will keep moaning no matter what they get :)

    Best regards,
    Darren, Belfast.

  • http://lavadip.com HRJ

    Can anyone confirm if the magnetic compass works after the update?

    Please try an app like Google Skymap, or SkEye to check the compass.

    • http://lavadip.com HRJ

      After confirming that it woks on XDA forums, I updated and yes, it works fine. In fact, it works better and doesn't require calibration everytime you start the app.