The Logitech Revue, originally highly overpriced at $299.99, was recently reported to be going down in price heavily to a sweet spot of $99.99 that it should have shipped with in the first place in my opinion.

As of today, the price drop is in effect, so you can order the Revue for $99.99 with free 2-day shipping directly from Logitech by following this link.

Update: It's now up for the same price on Amazon and at Best Buy.

On a separate note, I've heard some rumblings lately of rumors that the original Google TV hardware won't be getting the promised Android 3.1 (some of you pointed out 3.2, but the rep said specifically 3.1) update and want to take this chance to debunk it. Logitech's PR firm reassured us today that Honeycomb will indeed be coming to the Revue and provided a "later this summer" timeline. That doesn't leave that much time, so calm down and put down the pitchforks - the update should be near.

[Source: Logitech]

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  • Jason

    Google is ramping up Google TV's section of the data center. I have a feeling they have something bigger than just honeycomb, seeing that a systems administrator when asked about Google TV got really excited.

  • Shane Josi

    I picked mine up for $200 when Best Buy had them on sale a few months back. Its a nice little box, slugish at times, but very handy for quick browsing and youtube. Netflix app is identicle to the PS3 one, but not as smooth. GTVHacker has a version of the 3.1 update, so its gotta be very close. Once it gets that I'm possitve GTV and maybe even the Revue will truly take off, and not be a really exspensive beta program.

  • Felix

    I wanna get this, but am in uk.how can I get one?

    • Stephen

      I'm in uk and have had one since they came out, the integration with sky tv is great. I bought it in the us, all your need is a us postal code and you are good to go when you hook it up. Just get one off the net its for service area not for your oersonal address.
      Hope this helps.

  • Vince

    That's still $99 too expensive. This thing was outdated the moment it was released.

    • Yo yo ma

      Explain how it was outdated in October of 2010 when it launched.

  • Duffin

    I've already got a desktop computer set up with a TV tuner next to my TV. Is it even worth getting a Revue or will it be basically the same has having a computer hooked up to your TV?

  • Ryan

    My Pitchfork will not stand down. It has been far too long for it not to have been updated. It is just about as bad a Samsung and ATT not updating their devices quick enough. They are continually dragging their feet. Give the revue an update! Sheesh.

  • Mostafa

    I live in Canada and I want to buy one of these, since it isn't available in Canada, if I do buy it from the States will some of the features not work for me? And if so, which ones? And what will still work?

  • inder

    I don't know why google didn't put a ARM processor on this google TV.Actually ARM processors which are using in almost every android phones now very much capable for handling all media related work in google tv.Also we can play the games and other softwares from android market .

  • http://electrojelly.wordpress.com Emu

    Pfft. I wouldn't buy it until it's down at $59. Companies need to start living in reality again.