As a Canadian, I can't use Google Voice in order to send my SMS. However, there are numerous apps that act very similarly, including the new DeskSMS from the developer who brought you ClockworkMod.

DeskSMS transfers SMS to both your e-mail and other IM applications through the use of your Google Account. This allows you to answer SMS on-the-go and with the use of a full keyboard. As someone with big fingers, I can't tell you how annoying it is to try to do a large amount of typing with an on-screen keyboard. This definitely helps.

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The app is in free beta, but presumably won't stay that way forever. Get it while it's hot!

Spotify for Android


American users have long been left out of the Spotify goodness, but the service finally made its way to the States this month. The Android app has landed along with it, allowing you to play and sync your music on the go. Whether you're using it to play your own local files or Spotify's online library, this app wants to make sure that you're never left without your tunes.

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While the app is free, it requires that you have a premium subscription to the Spotify service. If you have a subscription, or a friend you can leech off of, this might be for you.


LauncherPro developer Frederico Carnales' latest music app, Ubermusic, recently made the leap from free beta to a full-fledged app. Ubermusic brings a great amount of features to spruce up what has historically been a pretty mundane-looking genre of apps; these include downloads for artist and album data, and a pretty snappy interface.

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The player is also quite skinnable, leaving you to find something that fits just right. I believe that this is just as important as the music you're playing on it: your style, your music player, right?

Ubermusic will cost you $3.49, and most skins are free.



Like Shazam does for audio, IntoNow works its magic by using your phone's mic to identify exactly what you're watching. Like many other apps, it comes bundled with a number of social features, allowing you to share what you're watching with your followers online.

While this might be a little bit of a tired formula, I'm always interested in how apps manage to pick and recognize things from out of seemingly nowhere. It's one thing to do it with images and audio, but video just seems like a whole new direction. [correction] IntoNow does use audio to identify the shows, but that's still impressive nonetheless.

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It also lets you see friends' progress on certain TV shows, and can notify you whenever they're watching TV. Hell, it might even bring a little bit of socializing back to watching the tube. God knows we could use more of that.


My Atrix has been hacked to hell and back, since I know that it probably won't be receiving timely updates. There are a number of new ROMs that are being developed every day, and I kind of want to try them all. Instead of having to wipe my phone every time I want to change, I have the option of using BootManager to install images of multiple ROMs and switch to them at my leisure.

However, this app is only available for a certain number of rooted phones (Motorola Droid, HTC Incredible, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Vision and the HTC Evo 4G); hopefully they'll add more to the lineup soon.

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BootManager will run you a cool $2.99; if your phone can run it and you to play with different ROMs, I see this one as a no-brainer.