If you were not in one of the lucky cities to get 4G coverage from Verizon's extensive LTE rollout earlier this month, fear not as more cities are being added to the list as we speak. In fact the rollout and expansion have become so extensive we had to hunt through two pages of Verizon's press-releases to compile the list of new and expanded markets.

The cities that Verizon will be rolling out 4G LTE to on August 18 include the following:

  • Provo/Orem, Utah
  • Capital Region, New York
  • Syracuse New York
  • Ithaca, New York
  • Greater Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Salinas and Monterey, California
  • Bakersfield, California
  • Omaha and Council Bluffs, Nebraska
  • Johnstown and Altoona, Pennsylvania
  • Ft. Collins, Colorado
  • Frederick, Maryland
  • Tucson, Arizona

Similarly, Verizon will be further expanding existing 4G LTE networks into the following markets on August 18:

  • Metrowest, Massachusetts
  • Nyack, West Nyack, Orangeburg, Pearl River And Spring Valley, New York
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Salt Lake City, Utah

It is likely that more cities will be blessed with Verizon's 4G coverage very soon, so keep an eye out!

Source: Verizon via Engadget

Abhiroop Basu
Abhiroop Basu is an opinionated tech and digital media blogger. As a doe-eyed twenty-something he started his first blog TechComet to comment on anything tech-related that caught his omniscient eye. Since then he has blogged for Android Police, Make Tech Easier, and This Green Machine. In the real world, Abhiroop Basu is a resident of Singapore and the Editor of The Digit, a subsidiary of The Potato Productions Group.

  • Elvis

    4 days after sgs2? Well played!

  • Leo

    Buffalo, NY!!!!PLEASE!!!

    • Steven

      little valley, ny. Would be nice too.......!

  • Jaz

    I am so glad sprint announced lte. Verizon is just killing it with 4g. Its about time!

  • Bees

    Love seeing my city up there :)

  • wes

    They flipped the switch in Bakersfield on Fri, August 5th. 4g rocks!