They say that there are two sides to every story, and that certainly holds true for Sprint after they announced their second quarter 2011 results this morning.

Once again, the network has reported that in the course of Q2 2011 it has wrapped up more than 1 million net wireless subscriber additions, increasing their revenue from consumers. The quarter is also Sprint's fourteenth consecutive quarter of improved customer care satisfaction, showing that customers are enjoying the unlimited plans currently being offered.

“Sprint’s second quarter results, including our fourteenth consecutive quarter of improved customer care satisfaction, our best ever postpaid churn, more than 1 million net wireless subscriber additions and wireless service revenue growth, validate that our focus on providing simplicity, value and an unmatched customer experience is working,” said Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO.

Unfortunately, the company is still making a net loss, reporting losses of $847 million for the quarter. Things are looking up though; a deal with LightSquared to bring LTE 4G to the network was announced at the same time which will see Sprint bring in an additional revenue of $9 billion over the course of the agreement. Whether it will be enough to rescue figures for the next few quarters, though, is yet to be seen.

Source: Sprint

John Thompson
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  • Tom

    I hope Sprint can continue to turn things around. While I know they have taken quite a bit of well deserved bashing over the years they seem to be listening to their customer base and trying to improve.

    I have been a Sprint customer ever since Sprint PCS was started. I guess it's been about 16-17 years ago, if not longer. I have not always been happy with things, especially their customer service, but I believe they are much better than the alternatives such as AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.