Verizon Samsung Fascinate has finally joined the official ranks of the ever-growing CyanogenMod custom ROM empire, following its brothers Captivate, Vibrant, Nexus S 4G, the original Galaxy S, and Nexus S.

Update 7/28/11: After some delays, nightly builds are finally up! Proceed here to download.


The code for the Fascinate CM turned out to be more involved than the other Samsung devices (though clearly not as complicated as the Epic 4G, CM for which is still not available) and took a whole 2 months longer to get merged with the official CyanogenMod mainline.

According to the Fascinate maintainer j t, nightlies should be arriving very shortly - just keep an eye out for the device codenamed "fascinatemtd" over at the CM mirror network:


Definition: A "nightly" is a bleeding edge release that is built on a daily basis, usually at night after a full day's worth of new code has been committed.

It could oftentimes be unstable and not properly tested, lacking any changelogs, but eventually evolving into alphas, betas, release candidates, and finally stable releases.

More techie folks may be interested in the relevant source commits here (android_vendor_cyanogen git) and here (android_device_samsung_fascinatemtd git):

image image

The 4th member of the U.S. Galaxy S family, Samsung Epic 4G, is the only device still not officially supported by CyanogenMod. Let's hope it won't be playing catch-up for too much longer.

Sources: @_jt1134_, CM GitHub [1] [2]

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  • Abhinav

    Nice ! Thumbs up

  • elijahblake

    JT is a bada$$ MoFo

  • AC

    Fingers crossed for the Showcase, the Fascinate and Mesmerize are the most similar to it! The CM7 test build we run our our Showcases is very good, but not 100% daily-driver-usable.

  • http://www.mrchnd.com Chris

    This is awesome, now how bouts' the Charge?

  • DevilDogVIKING

    what's so different about the epic? Why is it taking so long?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      My guess would be the keyboard and Samsung's shitty code (based on the comments I've seen around the issue).

  • https://plus.google.com/117702410245683101961/posts Lucian Armasu

    I'd like to see CM work on Samsung Galaxy Ace, too. It's an awesome mid-range phone.


  • Rowdy Rootin tootin Randy

    Is there one for Samsung Mesmerize? noobin it up

  • Elvis

    Awesome! Looking forward to hooking some people up ;)

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    The broken download from yesterday is now fixed - download away, guys.