In an earnings call today, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha dropped the bomb that the Droid Bionic would be hitting the streets sometime in September. No exact launch date was specified, but this falls right in line with the September 1st launch date that has been rumored for the past couple of weeks. This is the first somewhat official date that we've heard come out of either Motorola or Verizon's camp, and with the Samsung Galaxy S II right around the corner, it looks like competition is going to get stiff very soon.

[Droid Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • george

    hmmmm ya think this is because the iphone is in september??? hmmmm

    • Motoxer

      I was going to say the same thing. Moto is waiting to release the Bionic around the same time as the iphone. People will have Bionic in one hand and iphone in the other. Maybe their strategy is to let the specs of the Bionic speak for itself next to the iphone. Plus there wont be anyone waiting in between the release of these two. So the newness of the Bionic won't die off before the iphone drops

  • http://verizon don

    one thing i learned in my 42 years as a retail manager is that you never give your customers a chance to go to the competition. why? because they might like what they see. motorola is blowing it with the bionic not out NOW. my last 6 phones have been moto's because of the build quality. but they,obviously, cant get the bionic right. i'm going with the galaxys2. it's proven and it will beat the bionic to market.

    • ted anthony

      Motorolla just f up big time now im purposely buying the samsung even if the bionic comes out first I have been waiting for this phone since april.

      • sam ferrante

        im getting the Samsung just because Moto thinks and acts like we must wait for them........not.....

    • Dan

      I agree with Don... let a customer slip away and pretty soon, your customers are the competitions customers. At the very least you have to beat the competion to market.. Lexus vs Accura for instance. I have owned nothing but Moto phones (starting with startec) because of the quality of the phones (battery life is kinda lacking). IMO Moto has really screwed this up one..

  • Chris

    This is CRAP already I'm done waiting for this phone. Anything with this many hang ups won't pan out any way. Just look at the thunderbolt....

  • ocdtrekkie

    I thought August 4th was the last rumored date.

    Doesn't matter, the line I want to upgrade next isn't upgradeable till September, and I might go with a GS2. Though all of my Androids to date have been Motorola, so I'd be tempted to get Bionic because of that.

    Though the GS2 is pretty hot.

  • justin

    Ha... bull SHIT... f you motorola... you just lost one more customer, add me to the list of millions already gone... haha hope this phone BUST

  • ORLY?

    No, I think Motorola keeps having issuss and delays production. There cant possibly be a tactical advantage of waiting.

    So what if the Iphone5 will be released? Either people will be dumb enough to buy a behind the curve phone depleting the possible bionic sales or..

    People could have been buying the bionic all along..

    What could be the advantage of waiting?

    This is a big fail on Motorolas part.

  • Art

    If I don't get the S2, I'll wait a little more for the nexus prime. Moto dropped the ball with the bionic. I was eligible the first week of july too.

  • Bob

    Seriously, forget this phone. What an absolute joke. month after month of delays. And a guarantee that it would be released this summer. I suppose early September could be considered summer, but it is MUCH closer to the Fall. Motorola = Fail on this one.

  • Brian

    I have no ill feelings towards Motorola at this point and if the Bionic proves to be an awesome phone, I will get one. I will check out the SGSII as well in the mean time. No need to speculate on why its taking so long to get this phone to market.

    You have some people here crying about all of the delays. There has be one delay from the second quarter until Summer. That's it. Now if Motorola doesn't delliver it in September, then I will have lost faith in them and in the Bionic.

  • http://www.insomniacsbar.com dave meccariello

    honestly, i was very excited about this phone, not i am just concerned that its a lemon that they can get right. i might as well wait to get the galaxy 2, or wait for the nexus prime. the droid is going to be out of date before it hits the street

  • Matt

    I can't wait till it gets here and blows the socks off the Galaxy S2. I mean let's look at the charge. It looks like crap, performs horribly and feels like the cheapest phone on the market. Let's don't forget Samsung drops the ball on updating their phones. Let's take a look at the first Galaxy which is running a older versoin of android then my OG Droid that came out a year before. Get real people MOTO is where its at. The phone industry wouldn't be anywhere without them. Go walk over to Verizon and see who has the only dual core phones, best build quality and only thing their lacking is LTE which is where the Bionic comes in. Enough said...

  • Elvis

    Cemented my sgs2 purchase :o thanks moto!

  • Bill

    lol.. you guys all crack me up .. finally something close to a release and everyone is pissed...everybody acts like they are owed something...not!....Verizon has said for awhile now "this summer"..last i looked summer doesn't end til September 21...I have been waiting awhile also..but i have also been waiting on some concrete evidence not internet rumors...its all good and I'm sure I will be happy I waited

    • Raphael

      I think part of the problem is this phone was announced at CES

      • Cesar

        Right, and didn't they say at CES that the Bionic meant the end of waiting? Ironic, isn't it?

  • Gary

    Why do people who end comments with "enough said" always say way more than enough?

  • Todd

    yep moto dropped the ball on this for sure and now that we know that samsung function will have LTE thats all that was holding me back - not anymore !

  • bill

    Yea, I go with the Samsung or the IPhone 5, not much more of a wait. I think the Bionic will outdate too fast. August 4, I would have given it a chance, but there are too many better phones coming.

  • nate

    I have been upgrade ready sence last september waiting for a motorola 4g phone not knowing what it was going to be and when I found out about the bionic I was glad I waited but as time had gone on and everybodys phone is getting bigger and better while I hold out I'm now asking why I should be loyal to you if you guys can't be loyal to us......f u motorola

  • epred

    Lol nothing but time might come hopefully with ice cream sandwich I hope I hope 4.5 scteen CEO think bout it . Makes a nice iPhone killer 1 gig ram

  • epred

    If your gonna get in the game GET in the game go hard!

  • Steve

    Id love to see Apple get out the Iphone 5 before the Bionic now, what a turn of events that would be.. I've waited, and waited, and waited some more and no longer want to wait for this phone. Come on Apple, push the Iphone 5 early and take complete dominance of the Bionic

  • Tama

    Wow, look at it this way, if it was released earlier the phone would be bugged up and everyone would be pissed. I actually commend Moto for keeping us waiting because that simply means that they are going to make it that much better.

    I've been waiting for awhile now like everyone else, but another month won't kill us. It's just a phone, a really nice phone. So yeah Moto is making you guys mad, but at least they're trying to fix it so we have nothing to complain about. I will be buying one.

  • Keith

    I was eligible for an upgrade on July 7th and have been waiting for this phone. If the official specs aren't up to par with Samsung I will be jumping ship.

  • Conner

    Ha! Wow, Why dont they just pick a damn release date and stick with it. This is really starting to piss me off, I was going to get the Iphone 4 and then I was talked out of it to get this phone. I sware pick a date and release it, dont keep dragging your customers all over the place, its not good business nor is it a good way to treat your buyers. I'm about ready to say screw it and get something else!

  • eraudog

    Ok, I must admit I am a little annoyed with Motorola and Big Red for making me wait all this time, holding the carrot in front of my face and keeping me in the dark.

    But lets face it, Motorola is the only company that makes a true iPhone killer, and it's been that way since the D1. They've got proven durability and reliability not to mention much easier to maintain (unlike the iPhone which you have to pay someone just to change the battery /eyeroll).

    So all of you that cannot wait any longer I say to you, go ahead And get your GS2 or your iPuke and I'll see you when you finish the race...... after I already have the trophy!

  • Voice of reason

    When will people stop visiting all these Android forums that create propaganda and anxiety. Noone is dangling the Carrot except these websites that post false document and portions of someones computer screen and pass it off as some sort of employee or organizational leak. Do yourself a favor and only pay attention to what you hear from the manufacturer or carrier and you will find yourself much better informed and less frustrated.

  • Jo Mamma

    What are all of you cry babies going to do if the SG2 doesn't have 4G LTE? I know, you're going to beg your mom and dad to buy you a droid Bionic.

  • karl hulseberg

    At this point I am not sure I will wait.... what's the next delay going to be... I have been a motorala customer for the last 18 years... I have had the devour for the last 2 ... worked ok but the social networking (blur) never got supported... I am tired of waiting... I think I'm going with a different manufacturer...

  • Former Moto Developer

    I used to work in Mobility as a developer for 6 years before moving to another company.

    Although I have no inside information, my experience is that releases are held back either to deal with critical showstopper bugs, or they're taking a risk and adding bleeding edge software updates up to the last minute as they did with the original Droid (they upgraded to 2.0 when the software had already been submitted to for Phase 1 testing at VZW, which was unheard of at the time).

    Keep in mind that once a software load is approved, it takes a number of teams to approve all facets of the software getting to its customer (VZW), and VZW also has to sign off on it.

    I also know they're not dumb enough to want compete with the iPhone. Fast time to market has always been a priority at Moto when I was there, and before I left, Jha wanted to speed up even more, so this delay to me appears to be more quality-oriented, with the intent of getting this one right.

    I've waited this long myself for this, I'm planning to wait it out one more month to get the phone, though to be honest, were it not for the reviews on Droid 3, I would have picked that up instead.

  • abe

    yea im pretty bummed out at the moment cuz, ive been waiting for this phone to release, but im still waiting for it...because this is the best phone over iphone and samsung srry to say but bionic is going to rule the air on the best network in the us and the iphone iblow5 can suck it!

  • http://n/a able

    F Moto! waited months for bionic, MOTO can't deliver.. gave up, got a thunderbolt... happy with it..

  • jr

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! You have droidx. You have droidx 2, 3, now droidx 4. Same same dual core. Same same phone, just another name........why is it $299 again?

  • tee

    I've waited since 10/10/2010
    I have the original Droid since the first day it came out. I'm very disappointed with the different launch dates for the bionic. You are not trying to retain customers. Its Sad, youshould be ashamed