Google Music beta, previously available by invitation only from Google, is opening up its doors a bit starting today with the rollout of invite capabilities.

There aren't many yet - I and everyone else I've seen who have gotten invites, received 2 to hand out, so if you're already a member, log into your Music account, check how many you were granted, and start a bidding war among your friends (fall back to a sword duel in case of disputes).

Note: The beta is available in U.S. only, as evident from the screenshot below.

image image

If you're wondering whether you should care about Google Music (which is available free while in beta) at all, considering we now have Amazon Cloud, Spotify, mSpot, and other services, check out these articles:

Source: Google Music (thanks, Omar!)

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  • http://jokerz.web.id JOKERz

    We're sorry. Music Beta is currently only available in the United States

    • Zigmar

      Use US-based proxy for activation (you don't need one to _use_ the service). For example: http://hidemyass.com/

  • xnifex

    No invites showing for me

    • Mike C

      None on my Google Music either.

    • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

      Yep none for me as well, though I'm using a Google Apps account, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

  • Rohit R

    ^^ same here. nothing shows up in the place where it is supposed to.

  • Casey

    Alright who's got an invite for me at:

  • http://www.theandroidsite.com Ben Marvin

    No invites showing for me. I wonder if they're mad cause I already maxed out the song limit.

  • Black

    please invite me ondrej.holan@gmail.com

  • http://www.williamting.com William

    I can't find invites to give out either.

  • http://www.profiles.google.com/esquivelstephanie Stephanie Esquivel

    Please allow me to received my invite. Thk u

  • eXa

    No invites to send but it works perfect in france without proxy (I just used one to subscribe)

  • Jaymoon

    Although I'm not seeing the link to invite anyone, the code is definitely there in the page source and javascript...

    Now, how to enable that before Google does... hmm.

  • SiliconAddict

    None for me. blahblahblah because AP doesn't allow short posts.

  • ally weir

    if anyone has a spare one going i would be very pleased to get an invite



  • RockinEvo

    I see it in mine, Those of you who has the music beta app on their computer open it, click on Go to Music player from the advanced tab, it will bring you to the web based ver. and you will see Invite a friend I currently have 2 remaining

  • http://google.com Aphex

    Can anyone hook me up? I'll trade a G+ invite. Send to Aphex70@gmail.com

  • hmax17

    No invite a friend for me either...Boo

  • http://localtech.gidblog.com Asitha de Silva

    I got my two invites. For those of you who have it, it's on the top left of the screen above "My Library"

  • NICK

    some1 plz send a google music invitation at nick.nikhilwaniceo[at]gmail[dot]com

  • Hero

    Someone please invite me to this, im a huge google fan!

    My Email is Ryanheros@gmail.com

    Thanks guys!

  • Tim

    can anyone send me an invite? calx1980@gmail.com?

  • DBG

    Can i please get a invite my email mane is dbg17891 at gmail.com

  • Alex M

    i'm not in the states, it works fine, android app and all...anyway i got an invite to give away....he he

    • Hero

      Can you PLZZZZZZ invite me iv been waiting forever!!! PLEASE! would make me so freggin happy!!!


      Let me know =D

    • Steve

      Can you send me one please?

      I need to choose between this and Spotify, But i need to actually use Google music first ._.


  • cooperaaaron

    Does not work on my phone, even tho my phone is 2.2 based.... :(

    • Hero

      If you have any invites, do you mind sending me one plz!!!!!

      Been trying to get in the action for a while =D

  • djpeter

    invite me please


    I have Google tv, samsung phone and tablet.

  • TheClyde

    I wish I had more than two! Mine are gone already. :-( I've been using Google Music for over a month. Its currently running my playlist at work right now.

  • smaximepumpkins

    if anyone has an invitation for me, it would be nice smaximepumpkins&&at&&gmail**dut**com thanks

  • Eric

    Please someone send me an invite.. I had the google plus already

  • hadhok

    Could you please send me an invit

  • Mike

    You can post your Gmail here on this invite website:
    and users who have spare invites can invite you

    If you have a Google Music invite, please help the users waiting for one!

  • Jason

    seems to work in Canada for some people

  • http://MyShocker.com Alan

    They gave me 8 woot!

  • Nick

    Invite nicklagrand@gmail.com


  • Ryan

    Anyone have an invite to spare? ryanjpointer@gmail.com

  • jose

    please sen me one! jsotelocohen@gmail.com

  • Amin

    I would love a invite! afak1999@gmail.com

  • mathieu

    I would love a invite to! mathieuco@gmail.com

  • http://www.eblog.co.il elad

    who can send me please invitation to Google Music?