We normally tend not to report FCC filings and approvals, but this was just too juicy to pass up. Our friends at Wireless Goodness are reporting that the FCC have approved a phone called the SPH-D710 submitted by Samsung.


The CDMA/EvDO and WiMAX version of the device obtained FCC approval indicating that it is headed for Sprint. Furthermore, the camera and speaker placement in the FCC filing document mirrors the placement of the same in the images of the Sprint branded Galaxy S2 leaked by This is my next earlier this month.


Just yesterday we reported that BGR managed to get their hands on images of what looked to be AT&T's variant of the Galaxy S2 featuring a QWERTY keyboard. Additionally, earlier last week Samsung's President of Mobile Business indicated that the Galaxy S2 would be launching in the US "sometime in August". With the FCC approving the SPH-D710 an August release on Sprint suddenly looks like a possibility.

Source: Wireless Goodness

Abhiroop Basu
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  • nick

    no keyboard no keyboard no keyboard no keyboard

  • Tc593

    If the sprint version doesn't have a keyboard, I'm dropping AT&T and moving over!

  • Paul

    AT&T will have both variants, with and without the keyboard.

    • Hermeticist

      Better make sure at&t will let you keep your unlimited data plan if you have one. I'm moving over to cheaper sprint for the gs2.

  • Simon Belmont

    This should make my friend happy. He ended up waiting on pulling the trigger with the Sprint HTC EVO 3D so he could compare it to this handset.

    I wonder if Samsung has mitigated the burn in on AMOLED screens. I helped a friend with her Verizon Samsung Fascinate yesterday and she had apparent burn in on it after only 8-9 months of ownership.

  • http://www.dominikstriplin.com Dominik

    I've had the Epic and currently have the Nexus S however this Galaxy II looks promising.

    I love option to use the Photon as a desktop which is the only thing that is keeping me from going forward with yet another replacement device.

    Choices are a good thing.

  • aDN.Engineer

    Keep the SII variants coming Samsung. We're also hoping there'll be a WiMAX QWERTY forthcoming. There's demand for duocore sliders so let's hope we'll see more as Q3/Q4 approaches.