Update: As if we didn't all see it coming (you should see all of the @mentions we received on Twitter regarding VZWsupport's history of ignorance when this post when live), Verizon Support just tweeted that they were actually referring to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, not the Galaxy S II. One of these days, Verizon should probably consider hiring support people that actually know something about the products in which they support, instead of a group of neophytes that know as much about technology as my eighty-six year old grandmother (read: nothing).

2011-07-27 13h06_38

[Thanks, @packruler!]

Here's some news that a lot of you have been waiting to hear: the Verizon branded Samsung Galaxy S II will have 4G LTE -- if the @VZWsupport Twitter account is to be believed, that is. So often we hear of things like this, only to later find out that the representative manning the keyboard at that exact moment dropped the ball, made a mistake, or was flat-out wrong. Hopefully that will not be the case in this instance, because if I've learned one thing about GSII hopefuls, it's that they're very passionate about the inclusion of 4G LTE in this monster device.

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So, VZW, now that you've instilled hope and excitement into your customers, you damn sure better deliver.

[@VZWSupport via Droid-Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • brandon

    Great news everyone! The Galaxy S II will have 4G!

  • Elvis

    Wooot! Any word on if it has 1.2 or 1.4?

  • tehsusenoh
  • Ant Cee

    Now I can Finallllllllly use my upgrade! Sold! (unless they decide to throw in a keyboard)

  • L boogie

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are NOW looking at my next phone, going to start my order ASAP..... Cameron thanx for the 411, just remember do not BING this phone vzw.

  • Adrian Montenegro

    Seems as if the VZW is backtracking and trying to do damage control for that tweet.
    They were only talking about the Galaxy Tab.

  • Sean

    you'd think after mixing up the GSII and the Galaxy Tab once verizon wouldn't make the same mistake...

  • L boogie

    Now this is straight bullshit... Now gonna delay order till the idiots at vzw can get their facts straight.

  • wackadroid

    I dont know why this is surprising. Its a huge corp filled with idiots who know nothing about tabs or galaxys and just show up every day to collect a paycheck with no real interest in what their company actually does. Its like this EVERYWHERE in every industry. Oh well, +1 to the tards'!

  • Rayahl

    Who needs redtube when you have potential news like this?