About a week ago, a seemingly official build of Gingerbread for the T-Mobile G2 found its way to T-Mo's support forums, suggesting an update was fast approaching. That suggestion was dead-on, as the official over-the-air update process started today, according to the Pinkest Carrier's G2 update page.

The update brings many welcome fixes and enhancements:

  • New features:
    • Android  2.3.3 (Gingerbread)
    • Tell HTC
    • Google  Books added
    • Notification bar color scheme is changed to black
    • New  battery indicator, phone, and web icons
    • Color-coded network icon and signal indicator added. Green when connected to Google  servers. Grey when not connected.
    • Pressing the power key while on a call disables the proximity sensor
  • Fixed or improved  issues:
    • Wi-Fi calling improvements
    • New SMS and email notification improvements
    • Improvements to sending MMS from the Gallery

You'll automatically be prompted to install the update when it's available on your device, but for those who just can't bear to wait, head into the menu, tap Settings >  About Phone > System Updates to check for it manually.

[T-Mobile via TMoNews]

Cameron Summerson
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  • ?

    I think you mean just can't bear to wait. You forgot the ' and the t. The error is in the bottom paragraph.

    • Cameron Summerson

      Fixed. ;)


  • Iulian

    Nothing for the UK version(Desire Z) yet...

  • jeremy

    Is this going to break netflix?

  • McT

    Bigger question: how will this update affect the ability to gain/maintain root? (I'm holding until I hear further. I don't want update and find out I can no longer root or down-grade back to froyo to retroactively gain root)

    • Cameron Summerson

      The leaked version from last week killed root, with no practical way of getting it back; I assume that this will be the same.

  • http://facebook.com/christmaxxpoppin joseph brown

    We already get netflix go search on the market

  • saad

    No update yet. G2 canada.

  • twiddly2

    The 2.3 update seriously screwed up some things. The .com (www.) key on the keyboard no longer works and now tabs instead. And worse of all is the new Market update, which happened concurrently, now only displays 3 apps under My Apps. Out of nearly 70! I have no way of knowing what needs updating. Not all my apps are on auto-update. I uninstall updates to Market, but less than a minute later, it forces the update automatically again. Useless.

  • http://www.toplingo.com Jason Berry

    I have none of the problems that twiddly2 has experienced. The update went smoothly. A couple of widget issues on the desktop, but trashing and resetting worked flawlessly. Solid update. Swype updates to 2.7. Lots of new options under Settings ("dock" is interesting). Unfortunately, I had to reset credentials on a few products.

  • Earnest

    Once I down loaded the update it screwed up my music files. So how can I fix this?

  • twiddly2

    More snafus from the Gingergread update - re my pics. Gallery reverts to showing the status of photos and albums just before the update; reboot required to reset the SD card, and load new albums and photos, but after a while, it reverts again. I have 936 pics taken with the camera so far, but it will always show 899, with the last pic taken on I-95 during a traffic jam! Also, User Defined Keys is messed up. No. 1 doesn't work, No. 2 thinks it's No. 1 and No. 3 thinks it's No. 2. The issue with the .com(www) key persists. Regarding the Market update and all but 3 apps showing - downloaded and installed AppBrain Market as an alternative.

  • Dennis

    I have same problem. My music files do not show up any more on my music app. I re-formatted my memory card and downloaded my music files again. That didn't help. I can connect my phone to other computers and play the music stored on my memory card. The problem is that the music app cannot access the memory card files. Is this the same problem your having and did you find a solution?