An email just hit our inboxes directly from Samsung, inviting us all to join together in NYC on August 3rd for the official unveiling of a "major software update" for the Galaxy Tab 10.1.


We have known that this update was coming for the past several weeks, but now we can finally lock something a bit more concrete down. According to the above image, onsite Tab 10.1 updates will be open to the public at the event, so I wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing a national rollout begin that very same day.

For those who are unaware, TouchWiz UX will bring a lot of useful features to the device, including a mini-app tray for quick access to frequently used applications and an infinitely useful notification area power widget. The update doesn't stop there, though; it will also usher in mobile printing, a tablet enhanced version of Swype, a device tracking service called FindMyMobile, functional Samsung Hubs, and a few new apps; including Amazon Cloud Player, Amazon Kindle, and Words With Friends.

Fore an in-depth look at the Galaxy Tab 10.1, including TouchWiz UX, have a look at this video:

Cameron Summerson
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  • the dude

    touchwiz stinks, please unveil the uninstall button

  • http://www.ragtop.org Jeff

    Yay, more Samsung junky software. I'll be avoiding this update like the plague on my 10.1.

  • b00sted

    have you used it? I actually love the touchwiz UX.

    • Cameron Summerson

      Since you've used it, I have a question: does it eliminate Google's default applications like email and Gmail in lieu of Samsung's proprietary apps?

      • Jack

        Gmail and email is still there.

        • Cameron Summerson

          Awesome. That was my only reservation, so I'm actually looking forward to this update.

  • Ant Cee

    Maybe a surprise unveil of the US Galaxy?

  • jason

    will it include a fix for the endless reboot problem my google i/o tab has that the samsung developer support is seemingly not going to respond to?

  • https://plus.google.com/108831698929148269327/posts/UEcLpht77JV dasher

    No news on updates for the 10.1v?

  • http://www.brokemanstech.com Juan A

    So I can't go to this? I'm in NYC and don't work that day. I would love to just look around.