Last Updated: July 31st, 2011

Did Asphalt 5 and Asphalt 6 not quite cut it for you when it comes to racing games on Android? Can I not tempt you with N.O.V.A. 2 either? Fear not! Gameloft is back with a new title, GT Racing: Academy Free+, which is available to download right now on the Android Market.

Although the title is free, you will probably have coughed up some money by the time you've finished playing. In-app purchases include XP multipliers and credit packs to buy new cars, of which there are 111. It's probably safe to assume that the in-game models are somewhat cheaper than their real life counterparts, though, so there is a realistic chance that you'll be driving a Ferrari by the time you're done.

gt racing

As well as packing cars from 26 manufacturers, the game also includes a number of tracks to test your skills on and race to progress through the career mode.

GT Racing also has local and online multiplayer modes, which bumps up the re-play value massively on a game such as this. You can play an online game against 5 other players and compete for places on the game's leaderboards.

If you're tempted to try the game out for yourself, you can grab it off the Market for free, but check the description to make sure that your phone is compatible first; I couldn't try it out myself as the HTC Sensation and Xperia Play are both incompatible right now.

John Thompson
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  • Jaymoon

    Evo 3D not supported... yet the Evo 4G is.

    Does Gameloft purposely NOT want people to play their game?!

    How can all of these top of the line phones, that are more than capable of playing this, not be supported?

  • thierry

    Xperia Neo is supported, but not the Play! I'm glad I own a Neo ;)

  • mskks64

    lol it's compatible with my phone, but why not the xperia play? the phone designed for gaming?! a little dumb on their part

  • el-em

    Not showing up in the Market in the UK :(

  • Genisis

    Compatible for my D2.....

  • Simon

    Extremely Buggy! (on Galaxy S2, Optus australia firmware)
    While in the game, adjust the media volume, then after you leave the app to home, you won't be able to adjust ringer volume. The Android system is then stuck with the media volume.
    Kill the GT-racing game from task manager, and then you'll have ringer volume control back!

    Also the game just dies (without giving a force close warning!)

  • BrownHornet72

    "Oh we're sorry, your dual core LTE device isnt compatible with our games...hey how come no one isnt buying our games??!! Even when we GIVE them away, no one installs them!!" What a bunch of momo's

  • shantanu

    My xperia pro doesn't support this game, is there any alternate way to get this game in xperia pro

  • RandyZ

    I've had this game, and liked it, but was frustrated by iaps and the graphics, like several gameloft titles, are very subpar. I like gameloft, but they need to look into better graphics, because they are better on some browser games lol. Also forget drifting, for all you aspiring drift racers. It's impossible to control even on the few tracks you are even able to.