Last Updated: June 5th, 2012

Today's Sprint Playbook just landed in our inbox, and one thing stands out: the Kyocera Echo will be receiving an update to Android 2.3. The update will be over the air (OTA), and will be rolled out across a four-day period beginning August 1 at a rate of 10%, 25%, 25%, 100%.


The details of the update (as shown in the screencap above):

  • Eco Mode
  • EAS enhancements
  • Swype 3.0
  • Miscellaneous security patches
  • Gingerbread Android OS software update
    • Including improved power management
    • Improved text input
    • Minor performance improvements
    • Manage Applications Control
    • Download Manager

[Thanks, Captain Anonymous!]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Guticb

    How can a fucking 2-screen phone with a shit-ton of optimisations for those 2 screens get Gingerbread faster than the US Galaxy S phones, which are EXTREMELY similar to the Nexus S?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Yeah, that is a bit sad, isn't it? =\

    • Relgoshan

      Because Kyocera believes in customer service? Or because they want to grow the platform?

      They have SDK, emulator, system drivers, documentation and code examples. They don't have giant bugs that fuck up your market apps (FUCK YOU EVO DEVICES).

      And now they ship an update that hits battery life, text input and security. Too bad though, I kinda hoped for a simultasked version of Document Viewer.

  • reqiuem77

    Wont ever buy a Samsung device that doesn't say "made by Google" -sch-i500-

  • Vonlaserface

    I'm quite sure the 10-15 people happily using an Echo are glad to see this.

    I realize the devices have nothing to do with one another but what a slap in the face to every Epic 4G owner out there. It's looking more and more like they won't see an official Gingerbread update before it goes EoL.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    I love how Sprint says 10%, 25%, 25%, 100%, which is technically incorrect.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      The math is strong with this one.

      • Relgoshan

        1) Random 10% of connected devices, check for rollout issues
        2) Additional 25% of devices
        3) Additional 25% of devices
        4) Any connected device will receive this update immediately (remaining 40% + all new activations)

        I assume you did not know that rollouts are not accumulative.

  • Jam

    (One of those 15 Echo Owners)
    I'm happy to see this actually. d[^_^]b
    I'm intrigued on this ECO mode.
    Mmm....Heavy Gingerbready goodness is delectably sweeet...
    Here's hoping rooting will be the same...

  • bc

    i went to update and my phone is frozen on the "kyocera" screen. its been like this for over an hour.

  • steve

    @ bc mine did the same thing and no matter what i try it stays on the kyocera screen. any help???

    • forrest

      my friends is having the same exact problem

  • saywut

    i have da same problem