There are a number of security applications available for Android, such as WaveSecure and Lookout, which lock down your phone if it is lost or stolen, but few come close to being as secure and robust as Theft Aware 2.0.

We took a look at the application at the end of last year, and were thoroughly impressed by its ability to take advantage of rooted devices, installing itself into the system partition of your phone so that it isn't affected by even a full system wipe. It's also completely invisible on rooted devices, not only in the app launcher, but also in the app manager, to protect itself from being uninstalled.

theft aware android deal

Previously available for €10 after the trial period, you can now pick up a single Theft Aware license for just €2.99, which is 70% off the previous price. If you have more than one device that you want to protect, then you can buy an unlimited license for €4.49 during the promotion, down from €14.98.

This is a limited time offer, but no end date is given so if you want to be sure of getting in on the cheaper price then get yourself over to the Theft Aware website and purchase a copy for your phone.

Thanks, @aatifsumar

John Thompson
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  • Epsilon

    Sounds amazing on rooted devices, but overpriced on non-rooted devices as Lookout does the same thing?

  • http://goo-inside.me DrMacinyasha

    So does this still use strictly SMS, or C2DM? Google Voice makes most SMS-dependent apps useless.

    • MrBlack

      They're working on a web interface for controlling the device. Until then, you can send SMS via Google Voice to get more or less the same effect.

      • http://goo-inside.me DrMacinyasha

        That's the thing: With the Google Voice integration, all texts, whether addressed to my Sprint or GV number, will come in via Google Voice. Yes, I could set it up so that I get texts sent to my phone as well, but then I either get two notifications, or lose access to voicemail on my phone without using the browser (which is a PITA).

  • brandon

    I can't attest to the standard MMS vs Google Voice MMS features as I haven't tried it extensively but I just purchased this app and got it all set up. I have to say it's really pretty awesome how well it integrates and hides itself (like the review made it out, it's almost scary). Definitely an awesome set of features though. I'm curious to see as mentioned in the earlier review post comments about any way to integrate this with Tasker for some truly advanced functionality.

    Beyond this the Developer appears to be active on the project which is always good. Also they're even active in the comments from the last review here at AndroidPolice. Definitely happy to support that sort of work. :)

    • paf

      Agree. However, not almost scary but actually quite scary. Apps this integrated are personally somewhat of a big no-no. Having a rooted phone has its downsides, and god knows what's happening "under the hood" and what's being sent to Theft Aware's servers. Hands down to the apps extremely nice features, but nah. Ironically, I feel more secure not having it installed.

  • Ishinder

    What does unbound mean?
    Does it mean i can install it on my phone and when i upgrade i can move it from the present phone to my future phone(one active license).
    I can install it on multiple devices at the same time (unlimited License)

    I think it is the former if so please edit the post to reflect so.

  • http://www.theftaware.com Reinhard

    Hi i am the developer of TA. First of all Theft Aware not only hides/works on rooted phones but also on nonrooted ones. TA does NOT send any data to our servers, its all pure SMS! On our blog you also can find a list of needed permissions explained. It works fine with google voice. Unbound license means you can transfer license from one phone to another (its not simultaneous use). Great to see your comments. Sorry for being short, writing from phone :-) Stay tuned & best regards Reinhard.

  • http://www.theftaware.com Reinhard

    Ps: epsilon, TA offers much more sophisticated features than lookout at 4.99 lifetime license... lookout premium is at... i think 30usd a year ;-) overpriced? Would love to discuss.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/abhiroop-basu/ Abhiroop Basu

      I know I just bought a licence for Lookout and am having buyers remorse since TA seems so much better! I may just bite the bullet and purchase TA!