We've seen some great deals on XOOM as of late, with Staples offering the tablet for just $450 brand new earlier this month, and a refurbished model going for a mere $399.99 a few days later.

If, despite those deals, you still haven't pulled the trigger on the XOOM, this latest offer may just tempt you even further. Daily Steals is offering the tablet brand new with Wi-Fi and 32GB of storage for just $429.99 plus $5 shipping until the end of the day.

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Although the price may not be as low as the refurbished one from a few weeks ago, it certainly is a rock bottom price for a new tablet which is still very capable with a dual core 1GHz processor and 1GB RAM.

If you want to get a XOOM at this price for yourself, you may want to be quick about it; the deal has 17 hours remaining at the time of writing!

Source: dailysteals.com

John Thompson
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  • Donato

    It may be worth noting that this could be a refurbished unit. Deal a day has done that before even when they say something is new.