Enthusiast blog SprintFeed has uncovered a screenshot of Sprint's end-of-life (EOL) listings which indicates the handsets that Sprint will cease ordering in the coming weeks and months to free up space for its newer catalogue of devices.


The Android devices that will be getting the axe in July include the Motorola i1, followed by the white HTC EVO 4G in September, and the Samsung Transform, black HTC EVO 4G, and Samsung Epic 4G in October.

According to SprintFeed if your insured handset is damaged and Sprint is out of stock, you will be provided with a "comparable" replacement. In some cases this can actually be an upgrade!

Source: SprintFeed

Abhiroop Basu
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  • Tommy

    EOL doesn't mean that Asurion won't have anymore after that. They will have plenty for quite some time to replace your broken device.

  • Joe

    Surprised the Evo is being discontinued so soon...it's still a better phone than 3/4 of the junk in the Sprint Stores.

  • venky

    Whaddaya mean EVO is facing the axe?? What were the folks at sprint smoking?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/abhiroop-basu Abhiroop Basu

      Still a few months away!

    • Eric

      That's the original EVO....the EVO 3D will stay I'm sure...

  • Jose

    Wow. The HTC Evo still should stay. I say it has another year of life.

  • Matt

    I should get a new EVO before they go then if it breaks they'll have to give me an EVO 3d.

  • http://www.brokemanstech.com Juan A

    Though this is sad since I do love my Epic, it was only a matter of time. The Evo 3D is already out and another phone similar to the sensation is said to be on its way.

    As for the Epic, the Epic 2 and well as the Within are also on the way leaving no need for the original Epic to stick around.

  • Angelo2975

    that's what i was waiting for!!!! insurance claim here i come!!!!! EVO 4g owner!!!!!

    • SiliconAddict

      *chuckles* you go ahead and do that. I want to have a camera at your door when you open the box and a normal EVO 4G is in it. Its called a referb unit dude. And no doubt they will have plenty from trade ins, and repairs.

  • tuscoe

    Hey people it is because there is another EVO coming out to replace the original EVO and it is pretty sick too.

    • SiliconAddict

      Yah its called the 3D and came out a few months ago. Geesh.



  • shotgun

    BS. EVO is the best out there.
    3D, replaces nothing. The best
    All of has ever had is what you have in your hand right now. Quit screwing with it.

    • SiliconAddict

      Dude when Sept rolls around the EVO 4G will be 15 months old. Will not be dual core, will probably have a lower res screen that what is upcoming, and frankly need more built in storage. SD cards are all well and good, but speed crown still goes to internal storage.

  • shotgun

    Thanks for letting me say this.

  • ShellDoWell

    Too bad this is happening before some of us even get to experience the "4G" that's in the name of the phone!

  • pedrodog69

    I'm on my third EVO4G due to charging jack breaking, the second was brand new, the third, a refurbished. Maybe the 3D will last a lil longer and hopefully gain full root when this EVO breaks!

  • RockinEvo

    Hell yea lol lol

  • http://Androidpolice Pnutt

    This sucks! I love my Epic and isn't Verizon trying to get one soon? And I agree that the Evo 4g is a great phone and should still have life in it, didn't Verizon just copy that phone recently and call it the Thunderbolt? I bet this has to do with the pending announcement that Sprint is switching to LTE in the fall and WiMax phones won't work on the new now network.

  • Daniel

    You can take my EVO when you pry it from my cold dead hands

  • scandal21

    That Sux still waiting to get 4G in my area love my EVO