If you're anything like me, you keep a shortlist of your favorite apps on your homescreen for quick access, but apps that fall into the favorite category change fairly often. At that point, you have to reevaluate which apps qualify as homescreen material, remove the ones that do not, and replace them with a more applicable selection. Wouldn't it be nice to have a widget that automates this process for you, keeping your most used applications on the homescreen at all times?

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Thanks to XDA member rm9, that dream has now been realized with SmartWidget. Its purpose is simple: it monitors your app launching activity and keeps the four most-launched apps readily available at all times. It really lives up to the smart part of its name also: if you already have a specific icon on your homescreen, it won't be included in the list. For example, if you use Gmail often, then you probably have a static icon on your homescreen at all times; Smartwidget will recognize this, and ensure that Gmail never shows up in its list.

SmartWidget is a free download from the Android Market, and you can grab it by hitting the widget below; you can also find the XDA support thread here.

Cameron Summerson
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  • jon

    sounds useful. can i ask what wallpaper that is or if it's live?

    • http://rmdroider.wordpress.com rm9

      it's not live, just some default wallpaper from Android stock.

      • matt

        can you give the name of it and/or what device you're using? i'd love to find me a copy of it somewhere

  • max

    Cool! very useful.

  • j

    Sounds useful... for someone who likes a messy homescreen cluttered with apps.

  • Skillit

    Is just four shortcuts or it can be expanded or shrieked to the user's taste ?

  • Jörgen

    There's an app called Top shortcuts that does the same job. It also lets you use larger widgets, like 4x2. If you have a 4x1 widget on your homescreen with the 4 most used apps you can for example add a 4x2 widget on the screen to the right with the next eight most used apps, and then another one further right. Actually you can have more than four apps per row as well! You can filter apps manually.

  • http://rootandroid.net Root Android

    Guys at XDA always bring some useful stuff.

  • Græme

    The 'hide icons that are already on your desktop' bit doesn't work with containers like MultIcon, so it's not of a lot of use to me. Cool app, though!

  • LAmDroid

    same here. Since I already use Circle Launcher Widget for a condense shortcut popup to groups of apps to avoid cluttering my screen, SmartWidget ends up being redundant.

    & would be nice to modify to be able to modify how many icons across.

    that and My dropbox app in ShortWidget causes dropbox to FC upon launch, but otherwise launches fine from Circlelauncher or directly from App drawer.

    could be useful tho. I figure I wanted to have it to balance out frequently used apps for the wk, or for the past few days, or even just apps I could leave off my HomeScreen & just let Smaartiwdget pick it up. Sometimes apps are rarely used, but when that time comes to need it, you're using it all day.

    i.e. Flashlight, Navigation, File Explorer & Backup Apps. etc..