Timed with the release of its newest blockbuster movie, Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel Entertainment is also pushing on the mobile front with the introduction of a surprisingly well done action game and, separately, a live wallpaper.

The live wallpaper, which displays the infamous unbreakable shield which deflects bullets left and right, is free in the Market (see the widget towards the bottom).

The game, naturally, features Captain America on a mission to stop Red Skull and mow down all the HYDRA soldiers in his sight along the way. You can expect 24 levels full of 3D graphics, mid-air takedowns, combos, and long-range shield attacks, accompanied by an original soundtrack, script, and comic panels.

The game is on sale for $0.99 through the opening weekend, which should be going up all the way to $4.99 after.

Grab both the game and the free live wallpaper by using the widgets below.

image image image

[Droid Gamers]

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  • mskks64

    downloading, looks awesome!

  • Owl

    Disappointed that the Game doesn't show up/download on my Asus Transformer.

    The live wallpaper looks great on it though.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      According to Dave Loft from the comments over at DG:

      "It says its not compatible with my Transformer so I bought it on my Nexus S. But just to try I copied the APK and transferred it over and it works great on the Transformer and the graphics scale well too, not sure why they are blocking access to my tablet."

      • Owl

        Ahh cool I shall do the same.

      • MpO

        I did this and it also worked on my Asus Transformer.
        It's a relatively simple, side-scrolling game, but good graphics, and appears to be well done, with screen fades and cut scenes, etc.

        If you choose to install the 123 MB additional content, it even asks if you want to store it in Internal memory or on the sdcard.

  • ocdtrekkie

    Oddly, it *only* appears to be compatible with my Xoom, not my Droid 3.

    Purchased. Happy to encourage major developers to come to Android.

  • ellerbestyle

    That is one problem with android. They need to make it be availiable on all newer hardware. The transformer is just as good or better than the zoom.

  • jevfr

    If it's compatible with the xoom, it's compatible with all tablets. Seeing as all the specs are virtually the same across all the tablets.
    I'd love to try it, but I have the A500 and Droid 1.

  • Stefan C. Ionescu

    they also seem to block non-us countries, or at least some of them. i had to use market enabler to being able to buy it for my DHD.

    it works flawless btw.

  • Brandon

    awesome apps!

    EVO 3D