Last Updated: August 4th, 2011

In the 6th weekly giveaway of Android books, Android Police has partnered with yet another great publishing company that I'm sure everyone has heard of before - For Dummies. Don't worry, O'Reilly and informIT fans, we'll continue giving out their books as well, switching between all 3 companies as we go along.

Android Application Development For Dummies

Today, we're giving away Android Application Development For Dummies, published in December 2010, and, as usual, we're asking for nothing but a minute of your time in return.

As you may have picked up from the title, this book is geared at those just looking to get into Android development. Starting from the basics, you will learn how to set up and use the Android SDK and the Eclipse IDE, and start blasting through the Android paradigms and coding examples. You will quickly figure out how to interact with databases, program for multiple screens, debug, and publish your applications, and a whole lot more.

Here's the official description:

The fun and friendly guide to creating applications on the Android platform

The popularity of the Android market is soaring with no sign of slowing down. The open nature of the Android OS offers programmers the freedom to access the platform's capabilities and this straightforward guide walks you through the steps for creating amazing Android applications. Android programming expert Donn Felker explains how to download the SDK, get Eclipse up and running, code Android applications, and submit your finished products to the Android Market. Featuring two sample programs, this introductory book explores everything from the simple basics to more advanced aspects of the Android platform.

  • Takes you soup through nuts of developing applications for the Android platform
  • Begins with downloading the SDK, then explains how to code Android applications and submit projects to the Android Market
  • Written by Android guru Donn Felker, who breaks every aspect of developing applications for the Android platform into easily digestible pieces

No matter your level of programming experience, Android Application Development For Dummies is an ideal guide for getting started with developing applications for the Android platform.

  • Welcome to Android — learn what makes a great Android app, how to use the SDK, ways to work with mobile screens, and how the development process works

  • Make users happy — find out how to design an interface that mobile users will love

  • Learn the code — work with the activity lifecycle and Android framework classes, use the Eclipse debugger, and create a home screen widget for your app

  • Beyond the basics — take your skills up a notch with apps that involve SQLite databases and multiple screens

  • Price and publish — pick the right price for your app and get it into the Android Market

Open the book and find:

  • Cool ways to use the accelerometer in your app

  • How to turn mobile limitations into opportunities

  • Tips on installing and setting up the tools

  • Step-by-step coding directions

  • Ways to make your apps more marketable

  • How to create really useful menus

  • Advice on app pricing

  • Ten great sample apps and SDKs, including code

Learn to:

  • Create apps for hot smartphones like Droid X, Galaxy S, and MyTouch

  • Download the SDK and get Eclipse up and running

  • Code Android applications

  • Submit your apps to the Android Market

For even more info, visit the Amazon product page, where you can take a peek at the book's contents, reviews, and its stellar 4.3-star rating. Android Application Development For Dummies retails for $29.99 but is currently on sale for $17.61.

How to Win

This contest is now over. We have selected the winners - see if you are one of them here.

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below telling us why we should pick you to be one of the 3 winners. Be creative and original as this winners in this giveaway will be selected based on merit, rather than at random.

The winners will be selected by the joint Android Police/For Dummies panel after July 29th 11:59 p.m. PT. Be sure to use your real email in your comment, as that's what we'll be using to contact the winner.

Oh, and we try to fight for this every time we do a giveaway, so I'm happy to report that this contest is open to anyone in the world!

Good luck, and may the best aspiring developer win!

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
Most of the time, you will find Artem either hacking away at code or thinking of the next 15 blog posts.

  • Manadare

    I want it because I need to learn a lot more before trying to improve the Theme Chooser app so as to help half billion users of CM !

    • KaptainCanada

      Why I win:

      I m naming my 1st born : Android 1.0
      if twins: 1.0 & 2.0

  • igeekthere4iam

    because I'm a scientific developer and my life is boring and I have something new and exciting to develop !

  • andr0id23

    I'm a die hard Android fan teaching myself java and would love to get into Android development. Pick me, pick me!

  • http://samstechanswers.com Samuel ONeal

    I have an Android app idea that would help bring a good online money type website to the Android platform, but no experience in Android Development. So I need a book like this, and what better way to get it then for free :D! I'm a big Android fan and have followed mostly anything android so when I saw this post going through my fancy ol' twitter I just had to jump right on it!
    All I am doing is following the new famous words of Rebecca Black: "This is my moment!" :P

  • Matthew Kaufman

    This book would be amazing to have. Just started school again after a 4 year hiatus, going for my degree in computer programming and web design. A little book like this could do wonders for a little school boy such as myself.

    A free book for a college student is like christmas time for Tiny Tim.

  • Dave

    I need to win this book because when it comes to Android App Development there is no bigger Dummie then me.

  • Gary

    I'm a full time software developer on another platform but I'd be willing to quit my job and start making Android apps if I only had a book like that. : )

  • Deepak Gupta

    To create, develop and nurture one beautiful work of art requires hard work, dedication, love and resources.

  • http://www.rileyacarson.com Riley Carson

    I would love to read this book because...

    1. I don't usually like to read but this is something I am interested in.

    2. I am a young hopeful developer that is very into the android development world and would love to start developing my own stuff. (17 to be exact)

    3. This would help me do better on the ACT ;)

    Thanks guys please choose me!

  • Nilakhya Chatterjee

    The urge of learning made me jump the tweetcast and reach this page its the best thing 2 try luck for.

    If i win this it will be memorable for a long time and wish that can bring awesome piece of code / apps in android marketplace.

    For me it will make me better, trying learning a lot around android. I am a new enthusiast .. and qualify to be the "dummie" you been looking for

    Thanks ! ( @cool_n_curious)

  • tehsusenoh

    I'm a long time Android fan who's been drooling about Android since the OG Droid was released. I just finished my high school's Java class, and Android is in Java! This book will help me get through it, as my only guide is Android Javadocs. Not easy reading.

  • Tom Rowly

    Now that I've finished college and I have 6 weeks to my own, I've been looking into developing apps myself. This book would be a great starter for me and would hopefully allow me to develop apps that you'll all be using (and paying for ;) ) in the near future!

  • Romanster

    I would use the book as God intended: to get the resulting application into the WTF apps of the week.

  • hesir

    I want to make useful apps and games that can be used on a daily basis, and and I also need a better job.

  • Tommy

    Currently a student @ Full Sail for Graphic Design and have always wanted to try to develop apps for Android, but I never knew where to start. This book would definitely help getting me started.

  • DarkMeister

    Would love this book because I do not have a job and have plenty of spare time to learn something new. Heck, this might even HELP me get a job, or able to develop an app to bring in a little cash! =)

  • Rick

    Would like to learn on how develop apps for android and if good enough make an app or two for android police.

  • Jamie Luckett

    I want to win because I have set my self the target of actually doing something clever on a computer this year. Learning how to make android apps would look great on a CV and make Computing GCSE a lot easier!

  • Matt Birk

    Because I posted this http://androidforums.com/computers/373262-good-book-ideas-anything-computer-related.html recently and got one ansswer...
    and it was about Steve Jobs.

    And that's all I got.

  • Nilakhya Chatterjee

    If i am not the one .. let it be Matthew Kaufman .. if he is genuinely showing his passion to education ..

    but dont drop me either !!

  • Roman Hošek

    I need this book, because my R2D2 is hungry for new aplications:)

  • Sam

    I'd love to use my unemployed time to learn

  • http://www.androidpolice.com Tony harper

    I would love to win this book because it would be something that my child and I can do together. Having a child, (um... 16 y/o isn't a "child"), that loves technology almost as much as I do has given the two us so many memories together. Whether it is gaming, going to "cons" or bashing applefanboys, we stick together!

  • Chris Nigro

    I think you should choose me because I want it more.

    Seriously, I've been a 'geek' all my life but never became 'fluent' in any programming language. This book would help me change that. Thanks guys...

  • SP

    I can't belive nobody has commented on this...
    perhaps I'm the only dummy here!
    I have read the preview on amazon and this book is really easy for begginers, and I really like the screenshots of the IDE, helps find things easily

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Heh, I think you may need to refresh the page :P

  • Praveen

    I have using an android phone for more than a year but don't have any prior programming experience.. So I'm a true 'dummy' in that sense! But looking at the brilliant apps available in the market I would love to put some of my ideas into app form.. And this book giveaway will be a fantastic start

  • Mike

    Im stuck in a dead end helpdesk job where my ideas are stolen or ignored.. I have ideas for several apps in my head and just need to kick start to creating them myself!

  • jason

    I think I should win one because of the passion i have for my android devices and to help build some badassery apps. Plus I dont have anything else to do in my life but play around with androids.

  • http://tylerlane.net/ Tyler Lane

    I'd love to use it to make apps using data provided by local goverment. like health inspections etc

  • http://www.facebook.com/unoshyo Unoss Shiyo

    I‘m Android super lover! By having this book "Android Application Development For Dummies", it surely could help me in developing android application which as special as + as unique as + as playful as + as useful as + as powerful as + as many as ~~

  • http://geek0logy.blogspot.com/ Raunak Chopra

    so i am trying to develop an app to lock and unlock using the proximity sensor so one can unlock the phone just as it is removed fro the cover or pocket.

  • Father Phoenix

    Me and a friend of mine have a bit of a challenge going. I want to learn to develop for Android. He wants to learn to develop for iOS. The challenge is to see who can get there first. He has a couple of advantages. He already knows how to write in Java and C++. I don't know any programming languages so I'm having to learn from scratch. He has money to spend on books about iOS development. I don't have money to spend on books on Android development. Having used a number of the "For Dummies" books in the past I know they are quality books that present the information in a easy to understand and use way. This just might let me get the jump on him and get an app out first. So please send me a copy. It would really suck for the Apple guy to win this challenge after all.

  • Jonny

    I would love to win this as I am a poor college student. Here's hoping.

  • Alex Lucky

    The apps are a bore
    I'll take it hardcore
    Make new apps for Android lovers at every door
    So what are you waiting for
    Pick me and I can make Android much more

  • http://about.me/seanprunka Sean Prunka

    I should win this book so I can teach my kids how to write games for themselves, so I don't have to piddle away my paycheck $0.99 at a time!

  • http://Www.mashed-up-droids.com Michael beam

    I would love this book because lets face it I could make an android app but it wouldn't work and it would force close all the time. We wouldn't want that would we? My program skills suck!

  • MpO

    I have both an Android phone and tablet, and want to create interesting, useful and fun apps for both types of Android devices. This book can help me get started.

  • KevSlider

    I want it so I can develop apps for the college I work for. Make life easier for students!

  • http://documentintelligence.net Josh Carlson

    While I am a die-hard Apple fanatic, I have recently been energized by the Android platform due to getting an HTC Sensation. I would like to take my "Apple/iOS vision" and translate it to Android. I can't think of a better way to offer friendly competition between the mobile platforms than to offer an "Apple point of view" to Android users via apps. Making a few bucks while I do this isn't too bad either

  • http://herrindesign.com Shawn

    I have done three apps that have sold several hundred copies in the app store, problem is, they suck.

    They are made with app inventor.

    If I win the book, I pledge to write better apps and not fill the market with garbage!

  • Joe

    I would like to win this Book Giveaway because I want to be able to create apps (Great Ideas I have) and be able to show my support for Android Community. I have taken a few classes for programing and find it interesting and frustrating at times also. All in all I think this book could help me to further my skills. Thanks and gl to evr1. :)

  • http://syclonemedia.com AJ Patell

    I need to win because I am going to be building the fu
    nnest Android-only app ever...specifically a game, called Angry iphoners... ;)

  • http://gplus.to/v3ritas06 Sean

    I want to win the guide so that i can jump into Android programming & give back to the amazing community ( especially XDA & CM ) that has made it worth switching to Android over any other mobile OS'. It would also give me a head start for my Android programming class i plan on taking next semester!

  • Michal

    This book wouldn't be helpful for me, it is freakin necessary! In fact, I'm going to start working at company which works on Android programming. I was accepted and I start in September. If I don't learn this programming, they will simply kill me.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ahmed_aly Ahmed Ali

    Because I'm A Computer Engineering Student and wanna be an android developer

  • http://twitter.com/#!/brandonjnunn bjn714

    I personally do not feel I am worthy of this, but I talked to a psychic and she channeled her energy through my DroidX with CM7 and tells me that I will soon have a Droid Bionic and the Bionic told her that I deserve to write applications for it. Since I do not subscribe to organized religion, I feel that a psychic prediction about the private philosophy of a future phone is about as close to a religious experience as I will get. I guess I have to believe it is true. She also informed me that the Bionic wants me to know that I am the chosen one. For what, it would not disclose, but it says I need to become an Android programmer to fulfill my destiny. Again, who am I to argue?

    I guess it all comes down to whether or not you believe in the power of the Droid Bionic. If you grant me this book, I can fulfill the destiny as laid out by the mysterious and almighty Droid Bionic.

    -sent from my iPhone4-

    -I don't have an iPhone, really-

  • Danny

    Because Apple SUCKS and I want to make better apps than their people!

  • Amanda

    I have a lot of pretty swell ideas... And I'm smart, but not that smart :)

  • Link M

    My wife keeps the A/C at about 58 degrees during the night since she's going through menopause and she tosses and turns and takes all the covers from me at least 27 times a night. I can't sleep and I can't stay warm. I could try to write an app and for either the thermostat or I could embed it in her brain so she will be programmed to sleep through the night at a more comfortable (and cost efficient) 72 degrees. If the programming effort fails I'll systematically rip out the pages and use them in the fireplace to stay warm!

  • Travis

    Just got a Honeycomb tablet, want to start on ADK development!

  • Comintern

    I definitely need this book, because developing Java and ignoring the greatest Java-based platform ever is a travesty. I want to be able to ask iPhone users "do you have an app for this?" and watch jaws drop and jealousy rise. This book will let me do that.

  • meee

    So that I can develop some apps!

  • craig reed

    I am currently unemployed and looking for other ways to make a living. I have been a machine programmer for almost 20 years but the trade in Michigan is hit and miss at best. I've been thinking that I would love to be able to develop apps either as a hobby or even possibly a career. I've had what I believe to be good ideas a few times now and would love to share with my fellow Droids. Thank you!! :)

  • Dbagjones

    I want to be able to port old games to my phone!

  • Outlawzero2099

    I would like to win the book, I am very interested in app development and have had some experience writing code for different environments. The reason I would like to win so that I can help develop new apps or be part of an app development team to make an existing app better.

  • Outlaw

    I want to develop apps for underserved markets, most anime, conventions, and cosplay. This was Android can dominate those markets and we can have a giant Android Gundam.

  • Chris

    I want to use this for my troops before i leave for Afghanistan.

  • bgk

    None of the Android calendar apps is up to the mark. Neither the pure nor the stock ones. So, I have decided to get my hands dirty and write one, and give it away for free.

    The book will surely make my task to write a fully functional calendar much easier and faster!

  • john

    Pick me because i wanna get rich making apps

  • Jesse

    I'm currently learning android development by reading PDFs, but this makes it difficult when I'm not at the computer.

  • Ary D.

    Pick me! Because I said so.

  • Josh Phillips

    I want to win so I can realize my dreams of turning my access cocktail file into an app to help people learn to drink better and move past cosmos. I'm on crusade to get the masses drinking Mezcal.

  • http://facebook.com/chanrandy Randy Chan

    As an Android advocate, an iOS critic, and a developer, I would love to have an Android development book to add to my arsenal of sources. I have a few idea's bottled up in my head and they're dying to get created.

  • Andrew

    I'm about to start college and plan on majoring in Computer Science. This would help me. Start development on my Favorite platform :)

  • Joe

    Hey. HEY. HEY!!!! I need this book. I have developed two apps so far and you can check them out at https://market.android.com/developer?pub=apps+by+that+dude. My problem is that I have had to use google search to help code since I have never taken a class in android. So, my first app took about 2 months to develop but it should have only taken a week or two. Please, I need this book. I keep getting error reports sent to my dev console but I dont know how to fix the problems. Im a college student who is trying to make money without getting a job at taco bell(but i do love to eat taco bell). Please. PLEASE. PLEASE!!!!! Im begging you.

    On second though, you can keep the book. I dont think I want it.

  • http://jamslug.com Jose Martinez

    I must receive this, because my love for Android is pure, no matter how cool iPad apps could look like I'll remain loyal to my original Galaxy Tab, no matter how many times it reboots without any reason, I'll keep using it, no matter what I'll cotinue saying all my friends: I love Android over iOS, because you know... it's Linux and its Google, how couldn't I?

  • MartinG

    Id like to start coding some module apps for android. This sounds like the peerfect start.

  • Tim

    So that I can patent troll just like Lodsys.

  • Mike C

    Because i have badass ideas for apps that would blow your minds!

  • palmer nyako

    argh, you should let me win so i can aspire to develop an app that works kind of like a home base? haha i don't even have the right word for it but it would work like a giant windows phone 7 live tile with different panels within the giant tile, also it would incorporate the "ticker" effect from the samsung continuum(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NFQy1ehWHQ). The Giant tile would sync from notes,alarm, calendar, gmail, local- national weather,android market, cnn, bbc, even...fox, also tech news sources such as androidpolice, engadget,cnet etc. i would also implement choice where you could set up the panels in the giant tile.. i don't even think this app will be possible... but hey, i might as well try! make this happen androidpolice, even though i would still try to create this app if i win or not, but still... getting something you want free is pretty sweet, tl;dr? read it anyway -_-

  • Joao Oliveira


    So, I need help ... Any book available?

  • Kurt Liget

    I need this book. I just started to learn how to develop Android apps. However, the best I can do right now is to get it to write my name on the screen. While this is ego boosting it is hardly useful. Now, don't make me beg... well, maybe a little. Please, please, please. Ok, you can send the book to me now. Thank You.

  • http://bunkaido.blogspot.com Kris Linville

    My degree is in Programming and while in school I primarily studied Java. As a profession, I'm a Linux Systems Administrator. As a technology user, I have a strong fondness of Google and all of their products and services.

    I purchased my Android phone the day it was released over a year ago and have been rooting and flashing it ever since.

    What better next step in my career as a geek than to combine my knowledge of Linux and Java with my love of Google into a useful, Free and Open Source application that the entire Android community can take advantage of?

    For me, learning Android Development is a logical next step and this book seems like the perfect starting block for it.

  • Adam

    Because I am beginning to create apps to help standardize data collection methods in the medical field and send them to a central location for review and verification. This could increase patient safety and efficiency.

  • sgtguthrie


    I have been working on learning, but have 2 young children that always interrupt... Lol! A book might really help.


  • MF

    Choose me because I refuse to purchase a fruity computer or a use the MS Flash equivalent (silverlight) in order to develop for a cutting edge mobile device in an open environment. Oh, and I'm partial to books that berate my intelligence via their titles.

  • don moore

    I'm a dying of rejection. In my old age of 51.
    I'd like to say I was able to give something of value to this world.so if you chose to grant me my dying wish..I'd make a APP that would leave my mark on this world for generation to enjoy...thank-you ..
    from a old dying broken man O:-)

  • SkepticFirst

    I would love to have this because I have a great idea for an app but no idea how to begin developing it. Searching the internet for app development is like information overload and I have yet to find a concise, *truly* beginner-friendly resource. This would help a ton.

  • Kyle

    I should win because i have an amazing idea for an app that might just change the way we use our phones. The only problem is I am not very good with java and most of the stuff having to do with android app devopment. This book will help me get it all set up and ready to change the mobile world!

  • Randy

    I teach HS technology classes and think that this book would be easy enough for my students to understand. This would help me give them activities that they would learn, have fun, be creative, and maybe get them started in a future career.

  • Michael R

    As a up and coming elecrical engineer, I find myself wishing the android market had more utilities for the engineering studies. While I have no programing experiance, I hope to make the lives of engineering students easier by creating those utilities. (555 timer calculator anyone? Breadboard simulator?) I'm going into my third year of college at Mankato State, into their Iron Range Engineering program.

  • Joel

    So, I entered into Book Give Away #4 and didn't win. What do I do then? I went out and bought the book at B&N of course! I want to develop an app that'll make my local library system more 'accessible'. Streaming features from the library's audio and video collection (system wide). Information on polling sites come election time. Reminders of when books are due. Maybe something for wait time on internet at sites. So, in short please save me the money of having to buy a new book (I work as a busser)! The experience of developing an app for Android would be great. And the chance to give back to the Android community that has given to me would be even better!

  • Arthur A Mendes

    I need to read this book because I want so badly to make my Apps to help me on my daily basis and I am a dummy head.

  • Cisca

    You should pick me because I'm a girl who can code... you know that's pretty much an endangered species ;)

  • Nivk

    I spend so much time reading android news and device rumors. I might well learn to develop and be constructive in the android community.

  • Chetan Gowda

    I should be chosen to gift this book because I believe americans are crazy people and I'm a crazy Indian. If I make apps for android I'm sure americans will find it interesting.

  • Christopher

    My brother wants me to win so I can finally return his copy of this book (I borrowed it 2+ months ago)

  • Jack

    You should pick me because I vow not to use my new found programming powers for evil. I will strive for an ethical and well balanced program that won't leave an after taste or cause bloating. I guarantee that small animals will not be harmed or too heavily petted whilst coding in a delirious flurry of if-then-else statements and Null based variables. It won't smell like bad cheese or cause skin rashes. WAIT! Strike that last part about skin rashes. My PR Department said I can not mention that.

  • Greg Cox

    I am a dinosaur who would like to make it through the next ice age. Seriously, I have been a mainframe programmer for the last 24 years and would like to learn how to downsize my aptitude for my newest favorite gadget. My Android!

  • Federico

    I think I should get the book, because I'm sure it is gonna be the first time an Argentinian wins a prize from androidpolice :). I love Android and want to develop android apps (I'm very good with Java), so the book would be the best way to start

  • http://www.ehartwell.com Eric Hartwell

    You have to pick me because according to my boss I'm supposed to be an experienced Android developer, and we don't want to disappoint anybody. Besides, this will be a great twin to my "BlackBerry Application Development For Dummies" book.

  • robertocd

    pleaser give out to me so I can do an app of "the wire"and the government of iceland can finally use it in their parliament!

  • m33toh

    Last night i dreamed of a godzilla-sized android robot that came to me and told me that my destiny was to write the most amazing android app that ever existed, and it was winning this book what triggered the whole chain of events

  • Joshua Wise

    I would love to win this book, I have been a diehard android fan since I preordered the G1. I will be starting College in about 4 weeks. Majoring in computer engineering with some computer science in there, and I would absolutely love to have some talent with programming before I get there, plus it will give me a way to help give back to all of the community that has given me so much! I love Android, and I love the community.

    Thank you for this give a way, I appreciate it.

  • Liran Bar-El

    All my life I've been very cool, a really cool dude... and then I lost that magic touch! I'm being told that nerdy is the new cool... so I just HAVE to learn how to be cool again. Please, pretty please, help me learn how to code in android and gain the 'cool' factor again!

  • http://wearethefranchise.com Lorenzo Hampton


    OKAY I LIED....


  • http://www.oweinidesign.com Rami Al-Oweini

    [simply] I have a great idea for an app!
    (and if I make it happen after learning the basics from this book!)
    [the verdict]: I will give Android Police/For Dummies 10% of all my revenues!

  • http://mgamerzproductions.blogspot.com Mgamerz

    I need this book because to create the applications that users need, people must first start somewhere.
    "The perfect person was once the worst". Or something like that :)

  • Eric

    I've had a few app ideas but I've never acted on them. With the knowledge of how to develop those apps, I'd be on the road to success!

  • Naomi

    I would love to give the book to my fiancee He is wanting to develop apps but doesn't fully know how yet.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/pplui Jose Luis de la Fuente

    I would like to win one of these books, because I use to integrate apps to android build system, but don't know how to develop a single one!!
    And, who knows, maybe in the future I could earn money from my own apps!!

  • Alasdair Collinson

    There once was an android, so sweet,
    who sadly felt quite incomplete.
    To fill up those gaps
    he needed more apps
    which to write I'd consider a treat.

  • Emilio Flores

    You should pick me because i plan to apply my knowledge and create some amazing applications.

  • RodneyLee

    I'd love to learn how to Program, and android for dummys seems a good way to do it

  • http://www.mdknight.net Ish

    Oh, I'd so start with a PROPERLY formatted messaging widget to include text, email, and social network alerts with multiple accounts. There are some nice ones out, but they're not well-rounded enough to get it done right.

  • Chris

    I've always wanted to try developing an app but haven't been lucky enough to win the past few contests...fingers crossed for this one!

  • Nathan

    To get more feature-full apps out open source for everyone to enjoy

  • http://www.goartnu.nl loek

    Give this book to others,but let me buy it send me some info, thanks loek

  • ArjenGoed

    For me the open source community feels like how the world should operate; we get things and we give things.

    I would like to give back something after having received so many beautiful things from the open source community.

    Getting this book will allow me to create, innovate and share, all without cost. I would like to contribute to the Android community.

    Kind regards from the Netherlands.

  • Gigabyte

    I'm a huge Android fan. I'm currently a computer science student, and I'm learning programming right now. I have numerous ideas for some great apps, I just need the knowledge and skills to build them. I've already done my research on these concept apps and they do not exist in any form in the market.

  • Brandon Boykin

    I'm currently learning C+ + with ambitions of developing apps for Android, I was told that C+ + would be a good starting point. I have a ton of useful app ideas that would help a lot of people.

  • http://spamload lamdroid

    Ill play the pity card.

    Im a father of 3, my most recent child this yr having a genetic disorder that would require medical monitoring for the rest of her life.

    Cant afford to make a middleclass income because there is no way I would ever afford the medical bills to even get her the minimum treatment she needs.

    so aside from grinding out a lower class 35K salary, it would be great to make some xtr on the side via app development. Being a mild tech enthusiast, compulsively reading most things android nowadays w FB newsfeeds populating w 80% android, and G+ feeds @ 95%, customizing my OG w apps and tweaks to my specific personal preference, it would be great to develop my own app that i feel is missing from the market. Comfortable w electronics to easily understand almost anything but hardly ever enough time to dive into learning aside from providing for a family of 5, a DUMMIES book would be a great jumpstart to guide my learning.

    I have two app i ideas i feel are pretty great that are missing right now, and Im sure once I get comfortable and more familiar w the structure of creating an app, more ideas will come. Im just compulsive that way to always thinking of a better alternative to be more effective.

    Book please for this app developing dummy. ;'D

  • Chris

    I'd like to win so I can start helping out people over at XDA and the rest of the Android community.

  • Tom

    I would love this book to get me started developing android apps

  • Tim

    I would really enjoy this book so I can learn to code for my favorite phone system. I'm planning on getting my degree in computer programming but this book along with that schooling would help me immensely in becoming a useful and contributing member of the Android community.

  • Al

    I would like to learn how to develop Apps. I have so many idea but don't know where to start. This book would be my stepping stone to something big in my life. Maybe I'll be that next big app.
    Make something so I can quit my job and be a full time developer.
    Thank you. I

  • James

    scientia potentia.

  • Justin

    I should win one of these books so I can work more on developing Android apps. I can do a little with Android, but not enough, and one of these books would really, really help me out!!

    Thanks so much!!

  • mskks64

    Because I'm so low on the list I definitely should get this, and I already know how to use eclipse somewhat and know java, i just don't know how to actually make an app.

  • MrHanMan

    So I can show my iPhone-app-developing brother-in-law the true power of the Android platform!

    • http://spamload lamdroid

      wow. I need an iP app developing BiL, this is an absolute awesome reason to get this Dummies book

  • Sleepin

    Because I be a pirate! Aaarrraaggggh! Surrender the book or ill steal ur booty! Ha!

  • Elvis

    I NEED one because I have a burning urge within to strike FEAR into the hearts of those iOS lovers the world over.

    I aim to be one of those apps that when an iOS kid is bragging "oh, look what MY special iPhone can do!" Thr android user can respond the usual "oh cool... yeah, we've been able to do that for months now.... good for you! *rolls eyes*"

    I have a number of ideas I want to implement into reality and cause android phones to be more practical and functional, and some just for our nerdy pleasure ;)

    Either way I plan on getting some android books, but I would love and appreciate a good starting point :)

  • http://facebook.com/ronniegmunoz Ronnie Munoz

    A dummy like me needs a dummy book like this to get my Android app developing going.

  • delarus

    Because today's my Birthday! :) (Seriously!)

  • Jon

    Well, I'm a Dummy and I have an Android. Seems like destiny to me.

  • eric

    You should pick me so I can finally make an app that makes the Evo 4g print money and transform into an airplane. ;)

  • Casey

    I will soon be getting a Brand New HTC Flyer in the mail and I would love to learn how to develop my own apps on it, unfortunately, I don't know how and I'm not willing to pay to learn, so I'd rather just get a free Development book to go with my soon to be free tablet! After all, who doesn't love free things?!?!

  • James Monteverdi

    After four years of looking at the human body in health undergraduate degree I'm looking to get as far from the body as I can. Programming is that solution and I have a lot of time to do it :D

  • John J

    I'm trying to score a date with SassiBoB, but she has a thing for Android nerds. I need this book to help increase my Android geek status.

  • Chris langdon

    I would love to have this book because i am being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. I have always been a hard labor guy. Unfortunately i will be wheel chair bound abd stuck at home so this book would help me make money for my wife and kids. I love programming this would be a great chance for me to be successful despite my physical limitations.

  • Kilian Tyler

    I've bought, borrowed, and lost more android development books than I can count. I know a little programming and thought I could jump into the middle of this "Android" stuff and it turns out I cannot. After giving up and uninstalling Eclipse multiple times I feel like I need an absolute beginners book to the development world of Android. I feel like this book could help me on my way to actually creating that Game Finder app that has alluded me for so long! (Think IMDB but for games)

  • Antonio

    I only recently got my first Android powered device, switching from Symbian, and right from the first moment i used my new phone, I was mesmerized by how fun and user friendly Android is, thanks mainly to the presence of all those cheap but wonderful apps in the Android market, an advantage other mobile operating system's app stores can't boast of. I'd really, really love to win a copy of this book so that I can be able to create an app that might be loved by Android users worldwide, spoken about all over the place and maybe even feature among Android Police's and other Android-centric websites' recommendations. I really love the open source spirit of Android and I'm sure I'll enjoy developing Android apps since I know I stand a better chance of having my amateur level apps appearing in the Android market than other app stores. That's another thing to be loved about Android - it's a wonderful field for developing talent.

  • Carlos

    I'd really like a copy of this book because an app that I use almost every day, Ankidroid, needs some developers. I regularly test their beta software and helping to squash a few bugs would be a way that I could give back to the community.

  • Rock

    I want this book to be a better developer for the Android and help the community with great applications.

  • https://plus.google.com/113185796173082967324/posts Phillip the Singer

    We are at the very edge of the near-literal Grand Canyon of technology shifts. The offerings that we have seen with the rise of the smart phone will pale in comparison to our dev team in 10 years.

    As we see technology change the world and make life better for the impoverished people of the world we need a dedicated community of ethical, spirited individuals who are willing to think globally.

    Our responsibilities are not to ourselves, but to our people and our planet. We can achieve so much with the offerings made available by the insight of a few talented individuals who are already laying the groundwork of this monumental feat.

    I want make people's lives better. I want to improve what people are capable of and help raise the standard for what we can accomplish.

  • http://www.demoskratia.org Armando

    I would like this book in order to developed 3 apps that I am working on. It would help me grasp the Java implementation used by android since I come from a c++ background. My 3 apps are very good ideas and would bring good use to android users. I'm past the design and specification part and started the actual coding however my limited experince has slowed me down and this book would be the pick me up i need to pass the 50% completion mark and finish my projects. Any question feel free to email me.

  • Jeffrey T.

    Because I was able to figure out Tasker. How much harder could programming an android application be? =P

  • Taylor

    Look, I'll make you a deal. Give me this book and I will design an Android App that will stream the highly addictive but extremely moronic "Jersey Shore" 24/7. Studies have shown that exposure to The Situation for more than 7.3 seconds can cause mild retardation in spider monkeys, so I'm sure this will work for humans. It's just a matter of scale.

    Within seconds of starting the first episode, the user's brain cells will begin to die while simultaneously the user becomes addicted to the show. Within a month, the user's IQ will have dropped so low that even Snookie would point and laugh at them. Before you know it, the user will find even the most simple tasks like going to the gym, tanning, or doing laundry to be mind bogglingly complex. Fortunately for them, a well-timed "Gym, Tan, Laundry (GTL) for Dummies" pop-up ad is displayed after the first 7 days of use. The user will have no choice but to buy the guide book.

    We'll both be rich in no time. This is fool proof. Let's do this.

    PS: Don't try to do this yourselves. You need me. I have the Applewood Amulet of Emiliano Zapata that I stole from the set of Legends of the Hidden Temple. It's the only known defense for Jersey Shore brain drain.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MrCreePer03 Mr. Creeper

    You guys should give me a copy of this book so I can start doing something with my life. Help me out here!

  • FutureDev

    Currently enrolled in school working towards my Bachelor's in Mobile Computing. I'm just starting to learn Android Application Development and I know this book would help me gain a much better understanding with Android Development. Please choose me as a winner so that I can continue to learn more about developing Android Apps and help better the current selection of Android Apps that are in the Android Market and online. Thank you!

  • Matt E

    I am a computer engineering major at Texas A&M, and as of right now I am in debt up to my eyeballs. It would be absolutely amazing to receive this book which would help at school as well as creating a beefy resume.

  • Paul

    Because I'm kind of dummie, but not as much as you think. In my thesis I've developed new barcode locating algorithm. I'd like to implement it in android phone. I've already bought phone, but I have to learn to create Android apps. I hope I'll be the one of the lucky winner because I don't belive in luck I count on it!

  • http://workingbinary.com Alam

    I'm looking for home replacement app designed for senior citizen (my parents). Anyone know if such app exist?
    And if such app didn't exists I wish to build one. This book hopefully would help me a lot.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • http://new.acperience.net Lawliet Chua

    I envision Android to be THE platform for smartphone development in the near future. What a better way to start development on the platform than an introductory book?

    Programming is always fun but when you see the satisfied faces of the users of your applications, that sense of satisfaction cannot be described easily with words ;) That's one of the reasons why I like to program.

  • MackRN

    I need this to better understand and build apps for health care and medical response. I am a nurse.

  • Jane E Blackford

    No-one makes decent apps for housewives, I am sure I could come up with some nice shopping list apps combined with childrens diaries. In truth, what I really want to do is site down and play and I don't know where to start - a bit different from my Vic 20!

  • Yuri

    I deserve it because I'm from Uruguay so I'm always out of other giveaways :(
    And if course because I want to learn Android development :)

  • Justin

    I would love the book so that I can give it to my brother who is an Iphone developer and show him how much better Android is.

    And also learn Android app development myself :)!

  • http://d01microapps.elementfx.com Aleksandar Despotovski

    I want to get this book because I want to learn how to develop android apps. :)

  • Jason

    I want the book so that I can start giving back to the community code wise.