Better late than never, right? Motorola's first dual-core handset, the ATRIX 4G, has finally received the green light for Gingerbread - and the OTA is a go. If you head into your Settings menu, and hit About Phone, then System Updates - the update should be waiting for you. If not, just wait a while - OTA's often take several days or even weeks to complete the "rollout" process.

What does the update bring? Well, Android 2.3.4 is the big star of the OTA. ATRIX 4G users will experience better app performance, UI refinements, and (hopefully) a slew of bugfixes. You'll also get a shiny new version of MOTOBLUR - hopefully one that's similar to what the DROID 3 is running, which we think is the best (well, least bad, maybe) version of the skin to date, and by a country mile.

Faster webtop browsing, improved Gallery and Music apps, and various other performance enhancements have also been included. You'll also be pleased to know the ATRIX's Tegra 2 chipset will finally do full 1080p playback - though we haven't see exactly how well it performs.

Otherwise, you get one final crowd-pleaser of a change: app sideloading. You can now gleefully check the "Unknown Sources" button in your Application menu under Settings, allowing you to install any old APK you want on your device. Huzzah, ATRIX users, the Amazon Appstore is now your oyster. You can check out Motorola's changelog here, which includes download and installation instructions.

Motorola via Thisismynext

David Ruddock
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  • Nelson Mata

    And the bootloader? still blocked?

    • RYAN

      You can still unlock the boatloader using fastboot.

  • Roberto Abreu

    So this is AT&T, how about the rest of the world?

  • http://L33.me Lee Graham

    About time! I just upgraded last night. MOTOBLUR still sucks, so I'll continue to use LauncherPro. Other than that, the updates like the keyboard and speed is awesome!

  • http://mgamerzproductions.blogspot.com Mgamerz

    Bootloader is locked, but you can upgrade with SBF's/Recover/Fastboot to keep an unlocked bootloader with pudding.
    Die AT&T.

  • maglito

    Is gtalk video chat working?

    • http://mgamerzproductions.blogspot.com Mgamerz

      Yep, tested it and it works fine!

  • jovoni

    i am stuck in my start up it keeps repeating. any ideas

    • David Ruddock

      If you attempted to flash the update on a rooted device or with a custom bootloader or kernel installed, this can happen.

      If you have a custom bootloader, go into bootloader mode and wipe your cache. If that fails, do a full factory reset.

      If you have a backup, I'd suggest restoring that.

      If your handset is stock and you don't know anything about using recovery, you'll need to go to the AT&T store most likely and have them reset your phone.

  • kevin

    Motoblur just sucks ballz

  • Jeff

    Well I took root and gingerblur off my phone and factory reset it. Then I tried to install via sd card and ota. Both failed. One guy at the ATT store near me can't do the update either.

    When I get to the unpacking screen it works for a little and then I get the dreaded exclamation point in the triangle.

    I have followed gingerbread updates to Atrix for months and I really was excited for this. Any ideas would be a great help.

    • Juan

      Jeff, I was reading in a lot of forums that the only way with the ones with Gingerblur installed was to go back to the stock AT&T .sbf (I think it was de 1.26) and then update all via OTA.
      Try to check it, but I think that's the way.

      Good luck with your phone.

    • RYAN

      Flash back to 1.2.6 with RSD Lite, then OTA update.

  • naby k

    Is this only for at&t?

  • mike


    you need to restore to stock version to get the gingerbread update.

    Here is link to root gingerbread on the atrix


  • mike

    to install apps that att will prevent you from installing just remove your sim card, use wifi to connect to internet then browse android store and you will see ALL apps included apps ATT filters when phone is running on sim card

  • naby k

    What about for uk atrix? Can we use at&t's?