The Motorola Defy is no joke: it's built to withstand being dropped, submerged in water, and is dust/scratch proof. According to This is my next, the next version of the Defy - subtly called the Defy+ - could be right around the corner and coming to an AT&T store near you.

The word on the street is that the second iteration of this durable handset is sporting 850 / 1900 / 2100 HSPA radios (hence the AT&T assumption) and is said to rock a 1GHz OMAP 3620 processor in place of the OMAP 3610 in the current version, as well as Android 2.3.3 right out of the box.

Since it's also carrying the Defy name, it's probably safe to assume that it will also have the same durability and protective features as its little brother - but only time will tell.

[This is my next]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Leo Benveniste

    does this mean the Defy will be getting Gingerbread? it's only a small iteration to the original device and it would be unfair for the original defy not to get it

  • Bob

    If the original Defy gets a 2.3.3 then who'll buy the new + variant. The commercial calculations may compel Motorola to keep the Defy on 2.2 since a newer Defy variant is launched with 2.3.3. If the co. agrees for a gingerbread upgrade on Defy, I'd be pleasantly suprised cuz I own this device myself.

    • Leo Benveniste

      if it's just a small iteration, maybe they'll keep the same price tag, so for a better phone with the same price, you'll buy the new one, but for the already owners who are not buying a new phone......let's just say it'll be very much appreciated

  • Al

    Even though the official spec for the Defy is an OMAP 3610, it's actually a 3630@800Mhz. So it's pretty likely the Defy+ will also just be a 3630@1Ghz.
    What makes me say this is that there are leaked Gingerbread builds for an MB526 (Defy is MB525) on XDA as long as you have a red lens camera module on your Defy you can install these ROMs, they work and your Defy runs at 1Ghz. The change between the 2 devices seems to be virtually nothing so it'd be quite a kick in the teeth if the original Defy didn't get a Gingerbread release as there appears to be no reason to move to the Defy+

  • Leo Benveniste

    awsome! thx for the info, how do I know which camera module do I have? green or red?

  • Bob

    @Al: You may be right. OMAP 3610 with discrete GPU PowerVR SGX530 = by default 3630 but since TI hasn't included discrete GPU for 3610, its most probably 3630. This should be cleared &/or corrected by Motorola or TI. I also see no technical reason to avoid GB on Defy but the co. knows that GB is the real thing and wants to cash in on it with a suitable variant of a successful model .. so it seems Defy+ is the chosen one.

  • GraveUypo

    well the naming says it all: it's not a sucessor to the original defy, just a new "revision".

    i think it's safe to assume a "defy 2" would (WILL, hopefully) have much better specs.

    i'm happy with mine for now. i could use more RAM, but otherwise it's a pretty solid phone (when properly "exploited").