In an "lolwut" moment, LG announced via their forums today that Gingerbread for the G2x would come "by summer".... and then the update landed approximately an hour later.

g2x_gbread_update g2x_gbread

The current software is V21e and can be downloaded via LG's proprietary Mobile Software Updater, as shown above. Reports are just starting to trickle in, but we do know the update is 178MB and brings GRI40, or Android 2.3.3. Before downloading and installing the update, you should know that it will break root. Other than that... well, we don't know a whole lot yet, but we'll update if we hear any more major details.

[Source: XDA-Developers, thanks for the tips Chris and @JustYourshadow]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

    Allow me to be the first to say...


  • http://www.neffstarr,com neffstarr

    can someone post the link to the software updater plz

  • Aaron636r

    Update is working well for me. Phone is fast. Did loose LG's nice stock camera app. Lost root of course. Quadrant score of over 5600.

    • http://Androidpolice David

      Quadrant of 5600? I don't buy it. Typo maybe?

  • Darkseider

    I think I just creamed myself... Granted I am running the leak since it was released but this means a TON to the dev community! WOOHOOO!!!

  • steveoh

    Is this an official update or causes phone to b rooted?

    • corwin1681

      I think they are saying that it causes the phone to be un-rooted

      • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

        Correct; you will *lose* root (if you already have it) with this update.

  • LexNekst

    Just updated to 2.3.3 yaay! Seems quicker and smoother, and I have to be honest, I like the new camera app better than th eold one- For me there were too many options on the old camera I never explored. Sometimes simpler is better,

  • http://Androidpolice David

    Not working for me. Says phone running current version and no update needed. Any help?

    • Eug

      The update is not an OTA update. You can't get it from your phone. You have to download the update software. There are some known problems with it however. Read up before you attempt.

    • TG

      You probably already have a CUSTOM firmware installed.

      To EVERYONE having problems, you need to go back to the ORIGINAL FIRMWARE before doing this upgrade to ensure a flawless update.

  • Scott

    update was fast and smooth!! Seems to work alot better on the lil things. not alot of major changes but ive noticed the battery has been lasting longer so thats the biggest plus for me. Time will tell and hopefully 2.3.4 or icecream sandwhich in the future. Thanks lg for stickin to youre word and now i can really start to enjoy this phone as it screammmmms

  • http://TCsGotIT.com TC Dumas

    There are some of us getting a message that we have the latest software update from the LG Loader......anyone figure out why that is? Or better yet how to get around it!

    • http://Androidpolice David

      Some people are saying the refurbished models are a slightly different model number and they won't update. All I know is mine is a referb and it won't update. Anyone else making this same correlation?

  • andrew

    same here.... have latest software... but running 2.2???

  • http://Tcsgotit.com Tc Dumas

    Hmmmm interesting analysis I do have a replacement but I don't think its an actual refurb.

    • http://Androidpolice David

      I believe unless you got a new in box phone as a replacement that common practice is for phone companies to send out referbs. Yeah crappy policy

  • andrew

    mines a replacement too.

  • Marcus

    will this mess up my warranty if i get the download and will it help my battery because my g2x has had bad battery problems and i just recieved my 3rd one and its still messed up

  • rich young

    please need help after i did the update i can't make calls and the battery icon have a & on it please help

  • MikeAlan

    I need to know if LGs updater that was on mediafire link earlier with .exe extension is for me to d/l use on WINDOWS FOR the transfer LG to usb gingerbread update.Please assist me if so and have a mac? Suggestions welcome for mac users suffering with 3rd f'd up G2X THANKS

  • Marcus

    yeah so my download didnt get fully downloaded now my phone will not start up this crap sucks can somebody please tell me what to do because this making me mad

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

      If you want help, you're going to need to be a bit more specific. "My phone will not start up" is about as useful as "my computer will not turn on" (actually, come to think of it, it's the same thing). Try pulling the battery, wait a few seconds, reinsert the battery, power on.

      • Marcus

        i tried and got no luck even holding the power and down button wouldnt work, how can i do a flash recovery

        • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

          Did you modify your phone at all before attempting the update? Does your screen come on at all? Also, when doing volDown+power, make sure you hold them *both* the *entire* time. Do not let either of them go, even when the screen comes on. Hold them both until you see the recovery screen. It confused me at first too, because other phones I've had you could release the buttons once you saw the screen turn on, but not with this bootloader.

  • gjb29

    Great, hopefully the O2X will be getting this update soon also. :)

    About the 5600 quadrant, issen't it possible that quadrant counts the dualcore as one and that the score is 2800 instead?

  • rich young

    dis fucking bullshit update fuck my phone up i should have never dammmmmmmm

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

      You should have never... what, exactly? Posted a useless post littered with profanity and street speak without adding anything useful?

  • Marcus

    yeah this crap is pissing me off they have alot of people whos phones got messed up with this update like mines saying s/w and staying on the screen for a long time and no body seems to help ive tried the power and volume down button it doesnt work, now i have to send it to LG so they can repair it and update it but i want to use my phone now.

  • MartinJ

    Seem like I did the right thing by rooting mine installing the G2x leak 2.3.3 update. My phone works great. That would be my advice to you all

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

    Okay, as a courtesy to those of you who have been having problems updating, stuck at the boot screen, I'd like to point something out that I *thought* would have been obvious:


    Alternatively, a pre-rooted (and otherwise unmodified) version flashable within ClockworkMod Recovery is available here:

  • One1Two2

    Anyone able to re root after updating to ginger? I have tried superoneclick and Gingerbreak.apk to no avail. Kinda wish I had just gone custom. I dislike Bloatware. Especially the kind that starts and run all the darn time.

  • recbike

    If I update using the LG version will it be able to update to the official tmobile OTA when it is released?

  • http://n/a Brockdroid

    just downloaded the update. first off i had the updater already installed because I had to for my usb to auto recognize it as a removable hard drive.

    update done. everything stayed the same as far as apps, backgrounds, etc. the update rocks, phone is much more responsive (better than after master reset) and color scheme is awesome (black/green). the only complaint so far is the responisive still declines a bit when running a bada$$ live wallpaper.

    camera is actually better I think, it has 95% of the options and they are all individual popup menus instead of one big popup menu.

    i think i will actually keep this for now instead of rooting.

  • edd

    Hi guy need some help about this update my phone won't get update trough the pc cause my phone won't sync with the software don't wanna go more the a 50 percen when is analyze and now I got stuck on boot menu I tried to hard reset the phone but won't work there's any way to get this update or update by saving the update on a sd card

  • PissedOff_Tmobile_subscriber

    You will not be able to update any replacement LG G2X. For some reason this has a different model number "LG P999DWP" , rather than LG P999DW.

    • http://Tcsgotit.com Tc Dumas

      Is that the official word?? So we are stuck with phones we had to warranty replace because they needed an update and those who stuck with the issues on the original device get the fix and we get the proverbial shaft?! Its that what you are saying.....

  • Stacey259

    Is it just me, but after I did the gingerbread update on my G2x, my phone does not show my battery usage until it's about to die. Also, under settings, everything is unknown (phone number, IMEI, network, etc) also, my battery status says 999%....T-mobile tech support hasn't helped me at all! ! Please help me someone! Lol