The updated Netflix APK that officially landed in the Android Market today has successfully been extracted and made available for download on "unsupported" devices by XDA member quixin. As you may know, Netflix 1.3.0 is the first version to support Honeycomb devices of any kind thanks to the Lenovo IdeaPad K1. Of course, the K1 has that super-special hardware-based DRM that was assumedly put in place just for Netflix support. Because of this, we wondered if Netflix would require this type of hardware level support in all future devices... but it appears that's not the case. The updated APK should work flawlessly on all Honeycomb devices, and probably most phones, too. I successfully tested it out on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and can confirm: it works very well.

Update: Here are Honeycomb devices not listed as supported:

  • Samsung Tab 10.1 - works
  • Motorola XOOM - works
  • LG G-Slate - works
  • ASUS Eee Pad Transformer - works on some
  • Acer Iconia Tab A500 - works on some

Update 2: XDA user Mistar Muffin created a flashable .zip for rooted Transformer users that pushes a file from the Motorola XOOM (libvomx.so) and allows Netflix playback. You can grab that file from our download mirror.

netflix netflix3 netflix2

When you first fire it up, the video quality will be a bit rough around the edges, but don't fret - after a little while, the quality drastically improves (I think Netflix starts off streaming at a lower bitrate by default, then increases as the download picks up).

Download: Without further ado, I give you the Netflix 1.3.0 APK to download - grab it from our direct mirror right here or here (multiupload mirror).

Download 2: Flashable .zip for rooted Transformers

If you give this a go, drop us a line in the comments with your device type, root y/n, ROM (if applicable), and whether or not it works, so we can get a better idea of supported devices.


[XDA, 2]

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Confirmed on my Tab 10.1 too, and I've seen reports of it working on the XOOM.

    • Jake

      Instaled on my Sprint, Evo Shift, completelu stock. Just watched about 20 minutes of a movie in HD and no force close and great picture quality. THANKS!!!!

    • lvkp

      Works on mytouch 4g .. with gingerbread uprooted.

    • bridd

      Thank you so much this worked perfectly on my A500!!!

  • Rcm_rx7

    Not working on the transformer. :(

  • Patrick

    Issues with the Transformer as well--getting this message:

    "Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problems persists please visit the Netflix website (12001)."

    And no, there's no typos in that...'problems persists'.

  • jacob

    Yay! it works on my Xoom...thanks a lot for posting this

  • Josh

    Working just fine on my rooted and overclocked xoom 3g/4g with tiamat's kernel.

  • Kim

    Ok I cannot believe this but...I've been waiting and waiting and YES...it seems to work on my XOOM. YAY. However, the android market does not show it as compatible at this time....so thank you, thank you, thank you. It's working thus far. :D

  • http://about.me/davaughan David

    Confirmed on Moto Xoom with HC 3.2. The resolution is grainy in the beginning just as stated but clears up after a few seconds. Awesome release, Thanks.

  • Alex Garcia

    It's works smoothly on my Acer Iconia A500.

    • Phil G

      but not on my Iconia A500 sadly.

    • Adam

      Not on mine, either. I get that stupid 12001 error message.

    • Tony

      A500 w/latest firmware upgrade (no root) is a no go for me.

    • greg

      not working on my Acer, says can't connect to server, what do I do to get it to work

  • http://www.btechpcrepair.com B-TECH

    Anyone tried it on a G-Slate yet?

    • tmogeek

      Works on the GSlate, but volume is too low. Speakers on the GSlate aren't awesome, but compared to the audio level on Pandora, Netflix has to be listened to with headphones. I'll try using the HDMI out to my big screen to see if that's any better.

      • Jon

        For your audio issues just get volume+ apk from the market and you will see the difference!!!!!!

        And yes ...in my slate is rocking! anybody knows how to get video working on At bat 2011?

  • Kevin

    Unbelievable! Works on Streak 7, rooted, stock ROM. Woohoo! Now all of my devices are supported -- Nexus One, Galaxy S 4G, Streak 7, and the Xoom I should be receiving any day now :)

  • Jalissa Peterson

    I just tried it Netflix does work on the GSlateツ

  • Kyle

    working on my Tab 10.1 also...nice work!

  • carhauler1969

    Works on my wife's rooted Nook Color running Phiremod.

  • Chris

    Working on my gslate, thanks again android police!

  • jjbadd385

    Works on my unrooted MyTouch 4G.

    • edy6401

      It did not work on my MyTouch 4g (I just downloaded the new rom TMO is relasing)

    • Greg of canada

      It was working on my mytouch 4g (unrooted), but now I get an error message saying it can't connect to the netflix server with the error code 1001. WTF?

  • Carost01

    Works on Droid 3, not rooted, just plain out of the box Droid 3.

  • Antonio Cervantes

    Working on my Archos 101

  • Jon

    Works on Samsung Infuse 4G - not rooted

  • Wolfmage75

    Ugh, really? I get the "Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problems persists please visit the Netflix website (12001)." on mine.

    EDIT: On Acer Iconia Tab

  • Icefreez

    Works on my stock Xoom with Honeycomb 3.2

  • TA

    Xoom, 3.2, works as described - grainy for 10-20 seconds, then great quality.

  • Stuart

    Works perfectly on my HTC Inspire 4G. Stock, no root.

    • Stephen

      Working on HTC Inspire 4G, Coredroid 7 rom

  • Bama

    Transformer, stock, not working.

  • Jephri

    LG G2X- Not Working

    • Rodrigo

      No go on my stock G2x also... :(

      • Derek Donahou

        Not working on my G2X either.

  • bjfaber

    Unfortunately not working on my stock transformer.... serious bummer

  • http://technology-headlines.com George Heymann

    LG G2X, rooted, CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3.4 works great!

  • Bathyscaph

    Galaxy Tab 10.1, Not rooted: Working!!

  • TR

    Not working on Asus Transformer Stock 3.1

  • Chris C

    Cant get it to work on my galaxy tab 10.1, "Service Temporarily unavailable"

  • Ruben

    Works on Rooted G2 running CM7 latest.
    Thanks AP.

  • http://www.arkandroid.com Ed Caggiani

    Heh, looks like we all brought the service down. I get "Service temporarily not available" on both my phone and tablet, and it WAS working on my phone earlier today.
    Phone: Evo 3D
    Tablet: Xoom Wifi (stock 3.2)
    Going through a PC still works fine.

    UPDATE: Started working again and now it works great on my Xoom! FINALLY!

  • cenwesi

    works on htc sensation. tested at a tmobile store in md

  • http://rooly.g0dsoft.com Chris

    Works on a CM7 Mytouch 4G. Horay!

  • Tony

    No dice on Asus Transformer stock 3.2. Got the same error message as when i tried the early apk on my droid x phone before netflix stopped checking for the device type. "Sorry we could not reach the netflix service".

    Lets hope this plays out the same way where they eventually stop checking the device and it will start working on my Transformer.

  • alan27inla

    Anyone get it to work on a Toshiba Thrive?

  • Sparaciov

    Working on Galaxy Tab 7" not rooted

    • http://n/a ABN6176

      CONFIRMED for non-rooted 7" G-Tabs...!

  • Berto

    Works on rooted Xoom w/ 3.2 Tiamat 2.0 Kernel

  • http://coinoperatedbear.wordpress.com Steven James

    I just installed it on my non-rooted Acer Iconia A500 and it works beautifully.

    • Adam

      I wonder what the difference is between your Iconia and the ones that aren't working. Doesn't make a lot of sense why it would work on some and not others. Is it a geographical thing, or differences in the hardware?

      • Nate

        Not Working on my Acer either! Stock (non-rooted) running 3.1 after OTA on Monday

        • Adam

          Mine is the same. Stock, non-rooted, ont he 3.1 update.

  • Brian T

    Works on my sensation! Woo-hoo!

  • azlen

    Working fine on Nook Color running Android 2.3.3 CM 7 rooted on micro-sdcard

    • David

      So on a rooted Nook Color (SD card) I browse to this article, download the file and save it to Where on the SD card? It looks like a great job (from the comments) but I'm missing that one final step (for a newbie).

  • kermit

    G-Tablet rooted with Bottle of Smoke custom honeycomb ROM. Works great in Canada.

  • G Uest

    Why do you have the Asus Transformer as "works on some"? I've yet to see a single report from an Asus owner anywhere who doesn't get the "could not reach the Netflix service" message.

    Netflix does not work on the Transformer.

    • Alodo

      It works on my Transformer, but I have to keep hitting the play button about every minute.

  • Tray

    IT works on my rooted LG optimus m but the words are way off what should I do

  • inhumans99

    Very excited, works great on my Acer Iconia A500. Just picked it up this past Sunday, so being able to stream Netflix already is quite the treat.

    • inhumans99

      Update...my iconia asked me to install some sort of firmware update today, and now Netflix does not work...getting 12001 error.

  • Scott barton

    Works great on Xoom 3.2. No root.

  • http://bit.ly/oEDu1J Zeon45

    I'm thinking the recent Asus firmware update has something to do with it not working on the Transformer bummer

  • GergS

    Not sure if it's related to the update, but Netflix is now using hardware decoding on G2 with CM 7.1. Framerate is back up to where it should be!

  • http://www.usabecker.com Cbeck

    Working on unrooted motorola atrix and available from market today!

  • Jag

    Same error on the Thrive 12001

    • Judith Pepin

      I getting a Thrive this week so I can watch movies from Netflix and you said that it doesn't work on that tablet. Have they fixed it yet

  • charles white

    Works on a Viewsonic gTabletrooted with the clockwork and running the Vegan-Tab mod. COOL!

  • LandoSystem

    Works on a non-rooted HTC Inspire 4G, fantastic! Thanks so much!

  • Smooth3d

    Works great on my Mytouch 4g rooted running Virtuous Unity 3.0 Sense rom.

  • Noah Bimrose

    Now it works on the LG Optimus one(unrooted) without distortion of colors and is a bit faster to load videos.

  • jdtommy

    Not on my transformer

  • Andres Fuentes

    Working on my transformer stock 3.1

  • Chris

    Moto Xoom stock Bread works like a champ!

  • Michael

    Not working on my iconia A500 stock 3.1.

  • PezLee

    Working on my Samsung Vibrant (t959) running Team Whiskey's Bionix NextGen v1 build (Froyo) and the OverStock kernel.

  • Andy

    Working great on the Motorola Triumph, even on 3g.

  • aaron

    no joy on my Toshiba Thrive

  • Robert

    Not working on my non-rooted Transformer, either. Same errors as everyone else. With any luck, this will be fixed when we eventually get the coming 3.2 update. I'm confident we'll see that within the next week or so.

    I had installed Netflix from the Market on Saturday after the Asus update that made it visible, but noticed yesterday that it was no longer in the Market. The app itself detected that a new version was available, but upon attempting to upgrade, it was unable to download it ("file does not exist" or something similar). I uninstalled that version of Netflix before installing the .apk posted here.

    In any case, THANK YOU to the poster and webhost for making the .apk available! I tried downloads from several sites yesterday, who were hosting the file on Megaupload, etc. The .apk files could not be installed on my TF; I believe it was a "could not be parsed" error or something to that effect. While streaming does not work on my TF, at least I was able to reinstall thanks to your file. At least I was able to see for myself whether it would work. :)

  • Darkseider

    Asus Transformer stock 3.1 and I get the 12001 error. Pissing me off. I just want to watch a freakin' movie!

  • moj0

    ASUS Transformer works perfectly. Might need root I'm not sure. Look here http://bit.ly/q1qGxa

  • WesWooHoo

    Just loaded it on the Moto Xoom; stock install, no root, no roms, Build HTJ5B. Works like a champ, finally I don't need the iPd any more.

  • Tamika

    Working like a charm on my Evo Shift! Sucks that I'll be cancelling netflix at the end of August. :(

  • Wile E Coyote

    Just downloaded and installed on my Acer Iconia A500, logged in fine but I lost the hotels wireless signal before completely tested. I'll add more results asap.

  • Wile E Coyote

    Got signal and sorry to say will not work on my Acer a500 stock honeycomb 3.1

  • Ximplicity

    Yes! Definitely works on a mytouch 4g. Not rooted. Very happy, since Netflix has not been working on this until now.

    • edy6401

      Really, I have a mytouch 4g that has just been updated to 2.3.4 and it did not work for me. I wonder why?

      • edy6401

        Well, I take it back. I tried it 3 times and it would not work, I just tried it again and it play 3 tv shows and one movie each for the few seconds I was testing it. It seems to be working ok for now.

  • joe

    Does not work on my Acer Iconia A500. It is rooted. I will try downloading directly from here tonight.

  • Scott

    worked on my Acer Iconica A500 under 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 but this morning I undated to 3.1 and it broke now getting 12001 error.

  • ishinder

    Working on my Asus transform stock 3.1 unrooted thanks for the upload

  • Marty Canada

    Works great on my Viewsonic G-Tablet rooted and running Cyanogen mod 7.

  • zbomb33

    You guys really need to reboot your devices after the apk install, then see if an update pops up for Netflix. That's how I got it to work for myself on the Transformer. In case you haven't, reboot and try to update!

  • Nikk

    Its not working on my galaxy 10.1. It tries to open up, then times out on the netflix mobile site. Anyone else have this issue?

  • geforce912

    works flawlessly on the htc sensation, with very good video quality.

  • Genisis

    Meh....Netflix can kiss my a$$$. They dont want to support rooted phones, or keep the app up to date, and do a "roll out" of their app.....THEN.....raise their prices!! I dropped them like a bad habit almost a week ago already.

  • Strong Bear

    Works on LG Optimus S rooted with ThunderROM

  • pagoy

    Yesssss, it works now on my galaxy 10.1 ( honeycomb 3.1 ) thank you very much Cameron Summerson

  • http://n/a ABN6176

    Works just fine on my un-modified G-Tab 7 w/Gingerbread. Many THX for the help!!

    • http://n/a ABN6176

      I'm referring to watching Netflix on the Samsung 7" Galaxy Tab using Wi-Fi or Sprint's 3G network, although it eat's up your 3G data plan (2 or 5 GB) quickly...

  • Mike

    According to inhumans99's and Scott's comments, netflix on iconia A500 stops working after they update the firmware. It appears netflix works on iconia A500 running on 3.0.0 or 3.0.1. For all of us who have 3.1, we will need "libnvomx.so" from the 3.0.0 or 3.0.1. Can some one who has icon A500 with 3.0.0 or 3.0.1 please give us the libnvomx.so? Thanks.

  • Eric

    Stock Samsung Tab 10.1 (Wifi) - Works great!

  • Tommy

    How do you install the download linked above to the tablet once it is downloaded? I am having trouble with this type of thing on a tablet vs a true PC type device. I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 wi-fi


    • http://n/a ABN6176

      i'm not sure how different the g-tab 10.1 is from my g-tab 7, but all i did was click on the "Netflix 1.3.0 APK" multiupload direct cownload link, saved it to my "download" file on my g-tab, installed it, logged in, and now i'm streaming netflix w/o any issues or problems. i would think that the process would be similar...

      • Jo

        What do you mean installed it. I have in downloads but dont know what to do now. Thanks

  • brad

    Yep works on the Sensation 4G from tmobile. But not on the stock ASUS Transformer

  • dethduck

    Works on myTouch 4G unrooted stock 2.2.1.

    If it's not working on the new update rolling out now I might have to pass the update by.

    • Erica

      It works on the new 2.3.4!
      Updated software yesterday and downloaded this netflix version today! Streaming works!

  • Michael

    Try the patch as suggested on iconia a500 stock 3.1. The Netflix works, but the camcorder gets fc. Undo the patch, the camcorder works fine.

  • Ken

    OK I must be the idiot how do I install this on my evo shift

  • Ken

    nevermind got it working

  • Dennis

    Works on my ZiiO 7"

  • http://www.ferrettography.com Danny

    Working on my rooted acer iconia on stock 3.1 - but I live in australia so it won't let us play anything .. yet?

  • Huawei Ideos S7 – Works!

    Huawei Ideos S7 Tablet - USA Best Buy Version running Indonesian Froyo ROM - No Root.

    This is the first version to work correctly on this tablet. It works with no issues and no need for root.

  • Erica

    Working fine!!! Thank you!!
    Mytouch 4g non rooted android 2.3.4

  • Ken

    Working on my stock Viewsonic G Tablet with OS2.2 and Version 4349

  • Isaac

    Netflix works on my Droid X2 (Rooted/Supercharged). Seems smoother than the previous version as well.

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    Rooted my Transformer with NVRam and Prime 1.6. Followed the instructions on the XDA forum. Installed the APK and copied libnvomx.so from the zip to /system/lib/ using Total Commander. Works great!

  • claudia

    it works on my acer iconia

  • Nikesh Patel

    Works on mytouch 4g. Android version 2.2. Sometimes there is a frame-rate lag but a restart will fix it.

  • someone

    Works great on nextbook premium 7!

    • larry

      where did you get the dwnld?

    • http://www.facebook.com/denita.mccluskey Denita Mccluskey

      I have Nextbook Premium 7s please tell me how you did this!!!!I can get into the app but it just scrolls up and down cant go into any movie title.Thanks

  • NeilPeart

    This version (1.3.0) works well on rooted Nook Color running CM7 7.1.0 RC1 (Gingerbread 2.3.4).

  • GeddyLee

    Worked great on my updated Acer 500A

  • kucing75

    It works on my htc desire 4G, but i don't have subtitles. Does anyone knows how to put them?

  • Bob

    Yippie Hiyo :)

    Works on both Dell Streak 5 Android 2.2.2 (upgraded with QDL tool) and Dell Streak 5 Stock 2.2.


  • Shmee

    Works on sidekick 4g . Use dolphin browser HD and downlaod the links ... picture quality is great . No lag or errors. Landscape mode also

  • Zach

    Works perfectly on my Droid Pro, but no luck on my Toshiba Thrive. On the Thrive, I can browse the catalog, but I get a "cannot connect to Netflix service" error.

  • http://n/a ABN6176

    anyone tried it on HP's TouchPad?

  • http://n/a ABN6176

    anyone tried it on HPs TouchPad?

    • Cameron Summerson

      Seriously? The TouchPad runs WebOS, not Android.

  • David

    So on a rooted Nook Color (SD card) I browse to this article, download the file and save it to Where on the SD card? It looks like a great job (from the comments) but I'm missing that one final step (for a newbie).

    • hah424

      I have it in my downloads folder, but when I attempt to open it, I don't know what program to use. Market? Did you ever get an answer?

  • Enrico

    Works on my Transformer! Never rooted stock 3.2 Honeycomb and all the newer OTA updates applied within the last 2 days. Nice "heads up" Android Police! Thank you for the timely info!

  • hah424

    Ok, It's in my download folder on nook/Android root from SD card. When I try to open it, it asks what program to open it with. I'm lost. Help!

  • tstimes

    Worked great on my
    ASUS transformer

    root = no
    Build (build released 8/23/2011)

  • Jo

    OK... I have the apk file DLed to downloads. Now what do I do? Have Samsung 10.1 tablet that I bought specally for streaming movie/tv and have been very dissappointed that I have been unable. Any help greatly appreciated.

    • Jo

      I finally figured out how to install. Works great on my Samsung 10.1 tablet.

  • Ben

    Working good on transformer 3.2 unrooted. Thanks

    • http://djace1200.com Ace

      How did u get it to work on Asus TF with HC 3.2.1 upgrade and mediaclient.1.3.apk installed???It goes to NF home pg asking for email & PW and requests update..doesn't work:-(

  • wengel

    Works great on stock EVO 3D

  • PaHunterGuy

    Works great on my Toshiba Thrive!! Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for.

  • smokey el fuego

    Works like,a charm on xperia x10 running stock 2.3

  • http://xyrer.wordpress.com Xyrer

    Still doesn't work on my Motorola Defy with cyanogenmod 7 RC1 :(

  • hooksett tech dude

    its works great on my transformer. honeycomb 3.2 and latest f/w upgrade.
    minor issue it keeps trying to update itself to version 1.4 but it does not work, just hit cancel. THANKS!!!!

    • http://djace1200.com Ace

      How did u get it to work?Did u install mediaclient.1.3.apk first?

  • Lootmob

    If you have acer a500 3.0 ( DO NOT UPGRADE IF YOU WANT YOUR NETFLIX TO WORK)

  • Barry

    Works fine on my XOOM, but it keeps asking me to install a new version. I think I'll stick with what works.

  • http://djace1200.com Ace

    Not working on Asus TF..mediaclient.1.3.apk installed..Any solutions?

  • Marina

    Installed Netflix on my EEE Transformer (didn't update) - WORKS!! :) Thanks!

  • isnottyb

    I have android HTC Merge and it fixed the update error that would pop up during movies. I used the mirror update link. It works yay! Oct 23

  • http://www.apkmarket.de/ stanleyCC

    thx for news ;) netflix for the win.. found it on apkmarket.de too thx

  • Medius

    Thx for the netflix hookup... works great on my creative ziio 7in

  • Medius

    Thx for the netflix works great on my creative ziio 7in

  • jalore

    Does not work on a Viewsonic viewbook vb 730

  • Mike
  • deanna and sweetiepie

    hey ya'll..
    i can get it to do everything except play a movie..it keeps saying it is not available to play instantly, when the movie is in my instant q..
    Please help
    thank you,,this is the closest i have come to making netflix work on my ellse tablet phone..
    God bless
    Deanna and Sweetiepie the wonder dog

  • deanna and sweetiepie

    hey ya'll
    deanna and sweetiepie again.
    when i try to click on the link Flashable .zip for rooted Transformers my screen tells me the connection has timed out..maybe i am not rooted or something..is there anyone out there who will take pity on a grannie and post kindergarten, village idiot, first grader instructions on how to do this..if you do when you come to Mobile Alabama, I will buy you lunch..thank you and God bless..us

  • Elizabeth
  • Johnny

    Thank you, it works.

  • http://www.droidapps.info/netflix-apk-1-8-0 Katie

    Netflix Apk 1.8.0 Supports Android 2.2-4.x in the USA, Canada, Latin America, UK and Ireland.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/denita.mccluskey Denita Mccluskey

    Hi,I have bought a Nextbook 7s resistive touch tablet.I would like to know if I can get Netflix?I can get the Amazon store and downloaded Netflix but all I can do is scroll up and down It wont let me click and play a movie.HELP?Will it work if I put the 32g memorycard?