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Just a week after shedding its beta status, the ever-popular keyboard SwiftKey X is being featured in the Amazon Appstore as the free app of the day, down from its usual $3.99 price. If you've never used the beta, SwiftKey X has a few great features that distinguish it from many other alternative keyboards:

  • Improved word prediction using TouchType's Fluency Prediction Engine
  • Personalization Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and SMS
  • "Precise" and "Rapid" typing styles
  • Supports multiple languages simultaneously

This is actually the second time one of TouchType's apps have been featured on the Appstore, the first being the original SwiftKey a few months back, so there's hope for tablet owners that SwiftKey Tablet X may be featured soon as well.

As always, apologies to those outside the U.S. - we hope Amazon will roll out the Appstore worldwide soon.

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[Source: Amazon Appstore]

  • http://www.prosoftstudio.com/ Brandon

    Dang, too bad I already bought it in the Market for $1.99 the day it launched. Oh well, wouldn't mind supporting the developers on this amazing piece of software.

  • DJ suMo

    Testing out this SwiftKey X keyboard – neon color to match the Cyanbread theme—well, it kinda sorta matches. LOL!

    • https://plus.google.com/113447234658420269519/posts Robert

      Do you know of any other ADW free themes that would match the neon keyboard. I would love to find one but not come across anything yet.

      • DJ suMo

        No. I was referring to the Cyanbread theme in Cyanogen Mod. Check in the Market via ADW..

        • https://plus.google.com/113447234658420269519/posts Robert

          Cheers man, I shall have a look :-)

  • Sundog

    Question: How does SwiftKey X compare to FlexT9 Text Input overall, but especially with regard to voice recognition? Thanks.

    • Artem Russakovskii

      The prediction is a lot better but there is no swiping. Voice recognition is great in both.

  • Joe

    "...so there's hope for tablet owners that SwiftKey Tablet X may be featured soon as well."

    Has Amazon ever even featured a tablet-specific app as their free app of the day? I don't ever recall seeing one.

  • GC

    Good one, thanks. Using my new keyboard on evo 3D and I love it.

  • John J

    I was hoping it would be on the FAOTD. Getting tired of the beta spamming me to purchase.

  • Simon Belmont

    Too bad Amazon deprecated my Sprint HTC Hero for SwiftKey X. It ran just peachy on it when I tried the beta.

    I noticed that Amazon has deprecated a bunch of apps for my handset that all worked just fine. Fail.

  • Bruce

    There is one thing I don't see mentioned about Amazon. If you have to do a factory reset on your device tomorrow Amazon will charge you for this app and for all previous free apps of the day.

    • John

      I am surprised to here that. My Droid 1 got wet and became useless so I got another one. I was able to link my Amazon account to the new one and all of the apps that were downloaded through that account were available to be installed on the new phone at no charge.

      • Ted Lovejoy

        Yeah, I did a factory reset and when I logged in to the Amazon app store app, there were all my freebies just waiting to be installed again. D1.

    • Simon Belmont

      I never heard of that. That would sort of make the Amazon Appstore keeping track of what apps you have downloaded pointless would it not?

      What exactly do you mean by "tomorrow" anyway? Are they starting this new policy tomorrow?

    • Sxeptomaniac

      Are you sure you signed in with the same Amazon account both times? The apps I've purchased through Amazon have stayed available through factory resets and changing ROMS.

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