Last Updated: October 28th, 2012

Us Brits are pretty hard off when it comes to data plans. Tariffs may not be as expensive as they are in the States, but you can expect to have a pretty tight data allowance when you purchase a smartphone on this side of the pond.

Although most carriers don't allow more than a few GB per month, Three UK has recently launched the One plan, which offers truly unlimited data on all plans which are £35 a month. The plan has proved popular with the iPhone and Android phones, and it seems as though other networks may finally be thinking about following suit.

T-Mobile UK has begun to offer truly unlimited data to its customers who sign up before September 30, presumably to measure the amount of data that these customers will use while they ponder over whether they begin offering it to customers permanently.


Phones which are highlighted as having truly unlimited data are the Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Desire S, and Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, although any phone which comes with a 24 month plan at £25 per month or higher should come with the same data plan, including other Android phones as well as the iPhone 4.

Unfortunately, tethering isn't included in the bundle so the data offered is strictly for your mobile only. Still, there's no denying that it's a great offer, so if you're in the market for a new phone between now and the end of September, remember to drop by the T-Mobile store and see what they're offering.

Source: T-Mobile (thanks, Anthony!)

John Thompson
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  • Senior Franco

    I had my phone with £25 contract coming up too a year.T-mobile tried too quote me £35 over 2 years for unlimited data but when i refused that option and said i was customer for many years they relented and i got the 24 month £25 unlimited data/900 min/unlimited text(free addon) and have been happy with that.

    My contract don't run out until august next year so will be curious too see what new plans they got then.

    I remember when they first said about cutting allplans too 500mb i contacted them and was told that since im already in a contract they wouldn cut it down,but will see next year.

    • http://androidpolice.com John Thompson

      They'll have to roll out some new plans next year to keep up with the competition; 500mb simply isn't enough. I use 3GB on a cautious month with my phone, so I could never go to T-Mobile unless they bolstered their data offerings myself.

  • trevor edwards

    I read the small print on the T Mobile offer and surprise, surprise its not truly unlimited. You are not allowed to teather your phone, its obvious no one in the advertising deptartment has ever read a dictionary. If something is unlimited, let alone truly unlimited IT SHOULD HAVE NO CONDITIONS ON IT'S USE.