This is definitely a good deal for anyone who has been waiting for a rock bottom price on a new tablet: using this coupon, you can get $100 off any tablet at Staples. $300 ASUS Eee Pad Transformer or Acer Iconia Tab A500 anyone? How about a $400 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? Or maybe you're into the Dell Streak 7 for a mere $200?

2011-07-20 10h41_44

Either way you go, this deal is almost impossible to beat, so print the coupon and head to your local Staples now (it ends on 7/30)!

[Thanks, thiazzi!]

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • ryan

    boo-urns, US stores only...

    • james


      I WAS SAYING boo-urns

  • L boogie

    Thanks for this 411, Cameron

  • Steve

    All Nooks, including the Color and Touch are excluded, or just the Nook(tm) like the ad says?

    Because I'd head over right now to get the Color or the Touch if they are included!

    • Jordan

      Yeah, somebody on reddit mentioned the nook color and I almost shit. I think I'm going to have to go pick one up.

      • Jephri

        Unfortunately, the nook color is classified as an e-reader, not a tablet, so the coupon cannot be applied. I called and checked with my local staples store.

        • Steve

          Is that a YMMV thing, or has someone tried the SKU?

  • Blumer

    As far as I can tell, Staples only seems to sell the Transformer online. Can anyone confirm/deny?

  • Mike

    Would other stores match the coupon/price? If staples don't carry in stores.

  • Zack E

    I just drove almost an hour to the one store of all the stores in a 30mile radius that DOUBLE confirmed with me on the phone, "Yes sir we do have them in the store". Only to get to the store and have the idiot tell me, "Oh, I had someone come up and ask me if we have them earlier and I said yes, but I though they meant Acer, and just were't pronouncing it right....." And he seemed genuinely amused by the screw up.

    It doesn't appear that Staples carries the Asus in any store. Just a friendly heads-up for people who got way to excited like me :-(

  • Adam

    Do iPads count as tablets?

    • Cameron Summerson

      I'm sure it would - but Staples doesn't carry the iPad.

      • Adam

        Aw that's lame :)

  • Peter

    Just got that great $100off deal and got Acer. Wanted a Asus but no staple carrier them in store. Thx tipster

  • Mike

    Just spoke to best buy. They will match staples price.

    • Lorenzo in a Benzo

      No, they wont match a coupon. Tried the other day when Staples had the $50 off. Ended up returning it to Best Buy and bought a new one at HHGregg where they do real price matching. Just called them and told em Staples are now offering another $50 off and they said to just come in and they would credit me. HHGregg FTW! Best Buy can suck it!!

      • Mike

        I spoke to the manager of best buy and he said they would. Maybe he will say no in person. Guess I'll find out.

  • http://www.ellerbestyle.com Ellerbestyle

    Went to office depot and they said they would take it and they had then in stock. Manager said it's a store by store basis though.

  • jack

    just got a galaxy with this coupon LOL

  • Rock

    None of the minneapolis stores have the samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 in stock.

  • Greg

    Staples in Gilbert, AZ has the Samsung Galaxy tab in stock and honors the $100US coupon! Awesome deal!

  • jbonics

    Thinking about getting the viewsonic g tablet for $200. And hacking it till the sun comes up.

    • SiliconAddict

      No GPS....just saying.

  • ad;lfskj

    Does this work online?

  • Brett6781

    AWESOME!!!!!! time to go buy that Galaxy tab!!!

  • dtwhsieh

    Staples in Gilbert AZ does not have an Asus Transformer in store. I went to Best Buy in Gilbert AZ and they matched the coupon! I got an Asus Transformer 16GB for $300!

  • SiliconAddict

    Yahhhhh you guys are either full of **** or just getting lucky. I've called up a dozen Best Buy and Office Depot stores here in MN. No one will take Staples coupons.

  • SiliconAddict

    [Repost because you won't let me edit it]

    Yahhhhh you guys are either full of **** or just getting lucky. I've called up a dozen Best Buy and Office Depot stores here in MN. No one will take Staples coupons.

    Hell I literally went into an Office Depot and apparently corp has e-mailed every store what devices they will match. Only the Blackberry tablets and the older some other older tablet. Forget the name. In short word has gotten out and they are clamping down. Guess no tablet for me.

  • Ant Cee

    A friend of mine here in NYC used it yesterday to get the Galaxy Tab 10.1. It works. The tablet screen is a lot smaller than I thought because of the widescreen ratio, but it seems like a really nice sleek tablet. Go get one!

  • jdm4u

    So looking to buy an Asus Transformer, I went to a Best Buy store and they wouldn't match the coupon price. Wen't to HHGregg, same thing. Went to Staples and they don't carry it in store. So i'm going to try a different Best Buy location tomorrow and possibly a different HHGregg location if the Best Buy doesn't work.

  • Colorado_Al

    I just was at BB in CO. Tried to get the Asus for $299, but they would not do it because Staples does not carry it in the store. They did do the Acer Iconia for me though at $299. Would have rather had the Asus, but for $100 more?

  • Tyler

    I've been told you can order the Asus Transformer from the kiosk at Staples so it's delivered to the store. That way, you can pay for it at the store and use the coupon. I'm not sure if Best Buy would accept that scenario, though.

  • Tom

    Ok, I have called and gone to over a dozen different stores within 150 miles if where I live... Not a single one would take this coupon. I worked with managers to see what my options were, I even tried loop holes like ordering a transformer from the .com site, returning it to the store, then re-buying it back for the discounted price. Nothing, and I mean nothing worked. No one would accept this coupon and staples does not have the transformer in stock in-store or online. So even if you went to a staples and asked them to order it to the store, they couldn't. If you're after a transformer like me, I'm afraid this coupon does you no good. I'm starting to think this was all just a big promotion for the iconia and galaxy.

  • Tyler

    Yeah, I agree with Tom. I just got back from my local Best Buy and Staples stores. Best Buy would accept the coupon for everything that's actually in the store, but that doesn't include the Transformer.

    When I went to Staples to ask about getting the Transformer shipped to the store to pay for it, the manager tried to sell me on the Galaxy and Iconia. Seems like it's just a plea to get people to buy those tablets. The manager also told me they would absolutely not ship the Transformer to the store so I could use the coupon. This guy was also a douche.

  • James

    Nice deal, but has anyone heard about a recall of Samsung Galaxy Tabs? Staples told me today that they couldn't sell me a Tab because of a recall.

  • Chris

    This is epic. I'll be in the US this week... this is VERY tempting

  • Dan

    So...I just scored what I thought was an awesome deal and thought I would share. I was torn between a transformer vs galaxy tab 10. I was leaning towards to the galaxy tab 10 until I actually went to a staples and tried the demo unit....of course every stables in a 100 mile radius was out of every tablet due to this deal so I figured I was going home empty handed. Then...just for kicks I stopped in an Office Depot and guess what...they had a transformer...which Staples doesn't carry. I calmly asked if they matched other stores coupons and after having the manager stare at the coupon for about 5 minutes he agreed to honor it...so I just scored a 16gb transformer for 299 + tax....not a bad deal

  • Peter

    Try everywhere for a Asus Transformer and no one will honor the staple $100 off. BestBuy, HHGregg, Office Depot, Target mention if you can't buy the Tablet in the store, the $100 off don't apply. Office Depot honor only for last week. HHGregg offer $50 buck off. If anyone got the deal, you are so lucky.

    • Bob

      Sadly, I had the exact same trouble. Even called Staples and they were aware they offered the Asus Transformer but had ZERO in stock for the entire promotion. NOBODY in my area would honor the coupon, since it wasn't a "purchased in store" price. Very disappointed in Staples (and the other 6 competitors I visited).

  • patrick

    Just to share my luck to everyone. I got my Acer today at Walmart. They price match Staples. Go head to Walmart people!

  • sawa

    called first, printed it, brought it to store-absolute FAIL. none there, and, they claim the coupon is NOT VALID. grrrrrr