A large amount of that comics market has been claimed to the app ComiXology; it's usually been the gold standard for a lot of comic-dom's digital offerings. However, as with other things, it's almost impossible to enforce a standard.


DC Comics has partnered with ComiXology in order to produce their own digital offerings, and distribute them to their audiences. This app uses a lot of the same technologies as ComiXology's, like the Guided View, which allows for easy touch-based scrolling. Readers will be able to buy and read individual issues of comics, as well as large collections of back issues at once.

As a huge comics fan, I'm happy that the large companies are at least acknowledging that digital is a direction their industry is taking. However, a lot of things will need to be up to snuff before they become accepted. They'll need to be released on time for a cheaper price point than the print offerings, and will have to be transferrable in the event that the company stops supporting the app.

The app is pretty much exactly the same as ComiXology's, except for different logos and icons: it's obviously that this is DC's desire for more control over their own branding and marketplace. However, it just serves to fragment the market; if people have to jump to different apps to buy and read their comics, will the medium be able to survive the shift to the online environment?

Readers just want an experience similar to the one they've been used to, but more convenient. Maybe with a little work, apps like this one can make that dream a reality.

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Matt Demers
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  • http://twitter.com/mikeGsays Mike Garcia

    WHY is there just so much talk about "the medium being able to survive" any type of change? Comics have been around for nearly a hundred years, people, I don't see anyone saying "will cars be able to survive the change to adding more doors, electric motors, SEATBELTS?!?!"

    Anyways....... after all that..... I'm pretty discouraged in using a DC branded app because I read more Marvel than DC anyways. I don't like the idea of switching from one app to another for doing the exact same thing. What Comixology SHOULD be concerned with when it comes to Android is being able to implement all the same features the iPhone app has (namely the pull list!!!!!!!!) into the Android app! Seriously, I can't pull up the comics I want to buy at the store through the app that I go on the computer to update 2-3 times a week, but iPhone owners can???