Owners of Samsung's Android devices are being treated to Cyanogen left, right and center lately. Just a few days ago, the Fascinate joined the ranks of Samsung CM7 devices alongside the Captivate, Nexus S 4G, Vibrant, and the Galaxy S, and now you can add the Galaxy S II to that list.

Atin M, a developer of Cyanogen, posted the news on Google+ earlier, saying:

Ok, Samsung Galaxy S2 should be getting CyanogenMod7 nightlies soon (as soon as builtbot is ready to do builds, they're all broken at the moment).

Remember, bug reports on CM7 nightlies are a leading cause of male erectile dysfunction and of weight gain for everyone else . . . (and we know most of the bugs we have to fix anyway). So we don't want any bug reports for SGS2 nightlies to show up in the tracker.

Although this is great news for Galaxy S II owners, you should tread with caution for the time being. These early nightly builds of CM7 are bound to contain a number of bugs, so you may want to hold off until a release candidate (RC) of the software is released if you want to use it full time on your phone. On the other hand, if you're dying to get your hands on the build as soon as you can, you should be able to do so fairly soon!

Source: Atin M (Google +) (Thanks, @DrMacinyasha), CM GitHub, codeworkx YouTube

John Thompson
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  • Elias

    Is this the guy Samsung smartly "gifted" a galaxy s2 to? Wow. It's been what, a month since then?

    • Elias

      (btw, I'm not criticizing. This was a smart move; terribly cheap for Samsung, very effective for the end user interested in CM, sure to generate some positive publicity for the brand, and showed some gratitude to the devs - the very least all manufacturers should do)

  • http://www.podoco.net zach

    I've never been able to get CM to run smoothly on my OG. It either kills my 3G or randomly reboots once an hour. But other than that I like it. I'm currently running Ultimate Droid 3.0.1 and its the smoothest ROM i've ever used. MIUI also doesn't work on my phone for some reason.

    • http://goo-inside.me DrMacinyasha

      Ultimate Droid? Uh, you realize that's just CyanogenMod with a UI overlay, right? Maybe do s'more research before posting next time.