Sprint has been doing everything in its power to earn customers lately, but this may be the thing that reels in the biggest fish: according to CNET, The Now Network will be announcing a 4-5 billion dollar LTE deal with LightSquared during its upcoming earnings call on July 28th. Sprint launched its WiMax network early-on with Clearwire, which proved to be a hole-in-one for the duo, but Clearwire has since slowed the growth of WiMax due to financial reasons.

Considering VZW's new LTE network has set the standard for 4G across the country, this is the obvious evolution for Sprint to take - and it's reported that it will drop the aforementioned $4-5 billion over the next three to five years on upgrading the network to LTE. The changeover is projected to save The Now Network an estimated $10-11 billion over a seven year period due to more efficient equipment.

LightSquared is an independent 4G LTE provider that's had a bit of trouble getting off the ground due to conflictions with GPS systems. This deal will take care of those issues, as it will allow LightSquared to work on the backbone of Sprint's network. The work is set to begin in the second half of the year (read: immediately), with testing beginning as early as next year.


Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.podoco.net zach

    If sprint's 4G gets as fast as Verizon's 4G then I am going to sprint to Sprint.

    Evo 4D anyone?

    • timmyC

      sprint sucks they were the 1st to come out with 4g and been playing catch up ever since
      They have almost no citys working and mid america is told they are pretty much shit out of luck what a joke

  • jgp1

    I will definitely stays with Sprint if they get LTE :)

  • dave

    What wonderful news, although we all knew this was coming. Will be great to hear this directly from Sprint. Nexus 4 LTE anyone? I'll preorder now.

    When they start testing can I be a tester? My 3vo has 4g so I can test with it right?!?!!? lol jk

    Way to go Sprint. Just don't start throttling us like you are doing to Virgin and we will all be happy.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

    >> If sprint's 4G gets as fast as Verizon's 4G then I am going to sprint to Sprint.

    In NY, it may not be as fast as Verizon, but it certainly beats AT&T here. If it could keep its promise of providing unlimited data, it's a great news to us New Yorkers because Sprint has a Nexus phone!

  • http://graesen.com Eh, just some guy

    What will happen to WiMax? Not saying it's any better, but WiMax service sucks where I am and I want better. I don't want to wait for another new network and another new phone to enjoy it.

    • Jaz

      Some analysts say that wimax will still be run along side lte. Don't know if it will run forever but it will still be available for the shortrun. I'm sure they will offer some deal for those who have wimax when lte rolls out. If your past your 2 years then you have nothing to worry about.

  • dick kessler

    you clearly have NO idea what you are speaking about including speculation.
    the deal you speak of will certainly not settle the issue with gps signals and their interference in the lightsquare l band. expect the fcc to withdraw lightsquared's use of the portion of the band, whether that is a killer to lightsquared's use of the balance of the band I don't know. there is a serious interference issue that cannot be solved with lightsquared's non existent filters.
    finally where in heaven's green earth do you expect sprint to come up with the money to buy lte gear for their installations? why do you imagine that there is 10-12 billion in efficiency savings in using lte over wimax-
    in setting standards wimax is an international ieee standard where as lte is a cellular company association standard. the two are almost identical with wimax being a bit more efficient in bit per frequency efficiency.

    frankly I really don't know why I have responded to this, but this sort of mis information you have conjured is foolish.

    • Chris O

      dick kessler,

      You almost sound like you know what you're talking about but unfortunately you don't provide any independant sources for your information for people to veryify what you're saying. So at this point you just look like an internet troll trying to still the pot. If you're going to mach such statements, (and assuming you actually KNOW about this topic) then dropping a couple of links to PROVE what you're saying should be easy. I can make wild claims to without backing them up! Did you know that the sky is actually a shade of pink, and not blue? yeah - the government installed the 'blue' color to keep people happy.

  • Mike

    Wimax 2 is what Sprint needs to upgrade current wimax markets Lightsquard is a joke it will never get FCC approval! With Wimax 2 Sprint could compete with Verizon and keeps 4g phone owners happy!!Sprint will announce new wimax markets!!Clear and Sprint been secretly lighting up new markets.Check clearewireless.com

  • Richard Yarrell

    I do believe that over time all will work out just fine with wimax and lte. The fact that sprint will be making the change will further cement their network as the best from an affordability standpoint and from a device standpoint.