What day is it? Technically, you'd be correct if you answered "Thursday" or "July 14th," but in the smartphone realm? Why, today is the DROID 3's official release date, of course!

Now, the phone has been available from VZW's website for just about a week now, but if you have an eye for deals, you'll have steered clear of that venue and instead held out hope that some third-party retailer would be able to offer the device for less than $199.99. And today that wish has become reality - Wirefly has put up a product page for the DROID 3, and assuming that you'll be picking it up with a new two-year contract, the handset can be yours for just $149.99.

DROID 3 deal

Actually, it gets better than that: the same price ($149.99) applies to those adding a line to their family plans or upgrading their existing Verizon phones. Off-contract, the DROID 3 costs $549.99 at Wirefly, which is rather disappointing considering that even VZW's online store lists $459.99 as the full retail price.

As a reminder, the DROID 3's specs are:

  • 4" QHD display (960x540)
  • Dual-core 1GHz TI OMAP 4430 processor (it's faster than a Tegra 2)
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1080p video capture, front and rear cameras
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • 5-row slide-out QWERTY keyboard

Interested? Head on over to the source link if you want to pick up a DROID 3 for yourself.

Source: Wirefly

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Paul

    My boss has had one for a week now and it's nice. I like the keyboard on it a lot. It's a great representation of a real keyboard. It's not too thick and feels solid and Motoblur has definitely been dialed back a lot so it's a lot less annoying/intrusive. The biggest complaint is lack of LTE and the 2nd complaint will be it's oversimplification of certain functions, like it's battery saver feature. You load the program and you can choose 3 or 4 different modes to save battery (night time mode, performance mode, etc.) but it doesn't go into details, or allow customization, about what changes those modes actually do. With its killer keyboard I think it'd be a great ssh device for those of you dealing with Linux and Cisco, etc. products.

  • Elvis

    512 ram? Boo :P any word on how locked down the bootloader is yet? I've had DROID 1 and 2 :P