The Facebook application for Android received a nice little update today, making the earlier 1.6 update feel a bit more complete. In addition to streamlining the new, prettier newsfeed UI (screenshot #1), v1.6.1 brings these to the table:

  • Comment likes, as promised by the 1.6 beta but never delivered until now (screenshot #2).
  • Proper page support, with 2 listings - pages you've created and pages you like (screenshot #3).
    I'll give you a minute to find how to get there. Alright, 5 minutes. Still can't find it? In the most confusing move imaginable, the new Pages section can be found under Friends > Pages tab. Seriously?
  • Commenting as page admin on pages you actually admin (screenshot #4). To do that, go to a page you've created and comment using the "What's on your mind?" box.
  • You can now tag pages in addition to friends by using the @ symbol in a status update (screenshot #5)
  • various bug fixes

snap20110713_204918 snap20110713_204901 snap20110714_012119 snap20110714_012057 snap20110714_013611

As usual, grab the latest version of the Facebook app in the Market or use the widget below:

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  • http://twitter.com/modah modah

    Too bad they haven't found the time to get rid of the SMS permissions. I won't upgrade until I can block them with CyanogenMod 7.1.

    • http://www.pretentiousname.com Leo Davidson

      Same here. I won't install any non-SMS app that requires SMS permissions without a good reason and for a feature I actually use. I don't care who wrote it.

      Android could really do with a way to allow apps to request optional permissions and fallback gracefully (disabling certain 'features') if they are denied.

      • http://twitter.com/modah modah

        That's a good idea. However something tells me Facebook wouldn't make the SMS request optional. ;)

        I'm afraid there are too many users who just don't care and Facebook is powerful enough to ignore the rest.

      • http://twitter.com/androidbruger Androidbruger

        If you use the Facebook app to Sync with your Contacts, you can from the SMS app jump to the Facebook profile of synced contacts.
        Could that be why they need the SMS/MMS permission??

        • Jason

          I'm pretty sure it's to allow Facebook to send the user a text whenever he or she gets a new message. It's an option the user can turn on.

        • http://twitter.com/androidbruger Androidbruger

          @Jason that makes sense:) I did not know about that feature.

        • Tyler

          that feature has been around since forever..on your FB account select it instead of email notifications. The only problem would be if your on a Tablet and select text instead of email.. you wont receive it on a Tablet because of it (no text messaging)

        • http://twitter.com/modah modah

          Maybe there is a good reason for the requested permissions. But the least Facebook could do is go forward and explain it. Or did I miss something?

  • Bruno

    I also won't update it until they get rid of the SMS/MMS permissions!

  • Miku

    Is it still as slow as it was?

  • http://GamoTaGames.cz.cc Yoshinatsu Ryou

    It's a good thing that they implemented most of Reddit's suggestions.

    • Mesmorino

      Well, that was the general idea when they asked Reddit for input. What would be the point of asking for and then ignoring good advice?

      • http://GamoTaGames.cz.cc Yoshinatsu Ryou

        Ughhh... I don't know, I automatically wouldn't count on them. They're Facebook after all.

  • Jason

    All these features are nice, but until they utilize push notifications, the app is still lagging behind.

  • Betto

    Still no photo tagging? Too bad facebook, I'll stick with Friendcaster

    • Tyler

      stock sense UI allows for Tagging when your uploading.

      • xandr00

        stock iphone app lets you do it too.. /troll

        • Oro

          He is correct.

          when you upload from an HTC phone it allows you to tag. By passing the official facebook app. Select Picture,Menu button , share icon than tag people. It will upload and tag. Which is a Sense UI feature. Its named Facebook for (insert HTC phone name). .

  • http://www.goldfishcake.com alienman

    O my god. If you had not told me how to find the Pages I admin, I would never have found it. This was driving me INSANE. I thought the Facebook Apps guys were lying to me!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii


  • http://tutorialfor-android.blogspot.com/ tutorial for android

    where i can download this apss?
    anybody can tell me?