Last Updated: July 23rd, 2011

Sprint has been making great strides to bash its competitors and show us who has the real unlimited data plan as of late, but this new ad puts it all on the table: Verizon and AT&T charge overage fees for anything more than 2GB and T-Mobile throttles your speed after a certain amount of consumed bandwidth, but The Now Network gives you unlimited data, sans-catch for one price. Have a look:


The more Sprint ads I see, the more I want to jump ship from Verizon, so they must be doing something right.

With all the data plan drama lately, is anyone else is thinking about jumping to The Now Network?

[via Android and Me]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Mark

    Saw this commercial the other night, pretty sweet. Although I do like Sprint, Verizon -arguably- does have the best network thus far, so I'll be sticking with them for now.

  • http://rvmachine.com Dexter Melling

    I know of three of my friends that are switching from Verizon to Sprint.......I am hoping for a statement from Sprint about their switch to LTE.....I have a feeling they are very busy building something big!

    I have been on Sprint for 13 years and can honestly say they have only improved......

  • No Funeral

    There's no way I can go back to Sprint, it's just too soon. I was with Sprint since 2003, and then changed to Verizon at the exact time the Droid and Droid Eris launched. (I bought an Eris on day 1.) Sprint's customer service with my faulty phones they sold me was outrageously bad. The ONLY reason I stayed with Sprint 3 days past my contract, was because the Droids hadn't launched yet haha. Maybe someday, I agree their ads are quite enticing.

    • ZRod

      What did they do so bad? Sorry to hear that. They've improved a ton so hey, maybe the Nexus 3 will win your heart back. =) I. Can't. Wait.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Everything changes even people change. Your clearly only fooling yourself the best devices at affordable prices reside on Sprint. Unlimited dualcore goodness nothing is better enjoy Verizon

      • squiddy20

        CHOICE AND OPINION you stupid dumba**! People can choose what they want for themselves. You're clearly only fooling yourself into thinking that everyone should be as stupidly like-minded as you. That's just sad. Grow up.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Your nothing more than a typical jerk the normal blog trolling idiot...The rest I won't bother to say. Go back to your normal space you don't belong here so get lost.

        • squiddy20

          HAHAHA! You? Calling me a "typical jerk"? I'm pointing out the obvious: people are entitle to their own OPINIONS. And for you to say that they are wrong or stupid is just plain childish. Go back to commenting on Phandroid. Oh wait, you cant. You were BANNED multiple times.

        • richardyarrell


        • squiddy20

          Please tell me how I'm "misinformed". I'd really like to hear it. I know for a FACT at least 3 of the accounts you created on Disqus were banned from Phandroid. Your comments for those profiles were there one day, and gone the next. Almost like they never existed.
          Like I said, I have every right to be here. This is a public website open to anyone who has an interest in Android. I have an interest in Android, therefore, I have a right to be here. Who the hell are you to tell me that I "don't belong here"? An ignorant, pompous nobody that's who you are. Maybe you should go back to calling everyone "useless", "bums", and several racial slurs so old I had to look them up. At least you understood what you were saying then. Your latest statement is nothing more than lies and incredibly wrong misconceptions. Have a good day with your wishful thinking.

      • Noirelion

        I'm with you. That guy must work for VZW! I love hearing those white iPhone earplug minions spout thier foolishness. I have the old school Evo 4g with unlimited data. Them lames suck data through a cocktail straw and sell wolf tickets about the "best network" that they cant even frikken use! Why have a smart phone if you cant stream music(Pandora) and tv shows and movies(Netflix) and youtube when ever you please for the money they are paying? I pay less and couldn't care a fig about worrying about data. I once downloaded 700gigs worth of whatever just to see if Sprint was truly unlimited- I was floored when it was. No throttling no problems - they didnt even blink at me! I pay my Sprint Family "Everything Data" plan and life is alot more worry free (than worrying if my daughter is talking "off network" to her friends cells- Sprints free mobile to mobile is for ANY mobile phone! And it's still cheaper than Verizon or ATT. I really do not understand why you would pay MORE- get less! And pick up the worry of watching every single download or how much streaming music your doing. That is truly insane to say you are on the best network when you cant even use your phone worth a fart!. insane. But I would advise you to stay there at ATT and Verizon- dont want a batch of morons crowding the NOW NETWORK! now do we!? Besides i like laughing at the people stressed over data usage/paying for overages- when I just laugh gleefully at their idiocy. Stay where u are! Its too funny.

    • SiliconAddict

      I'll be honest. I've heard plenty of horror stories about Sprint. But I've been with them since November. I could NOT be happier.
      The folks I've had to deal with have bent over backwards to make me happy. I mean I can follow up calls and follow up e-mails....were you happy? Did they do a good job? Are you satisfied? Anything we could have done better?
      If anything its starting to get a little annoying the amount they are asking me how did we do.

  • jbonics

    I am jumping ship Verizon's 1.5MB/s cap in Tampa. Sprint here I come

  • Kyle

    I love me my sprint

  • derk

    i have been on sprint for more than 10 yrs. couldnt go anywhere else. they are the most consumer friendly, esp as far as modding handsets and such.

  • John

    If they can get 4G/LTE on Sprint in my area (Tempe/Phoenix), then I'll definitely jump ship from Big Red. Having downloads of over 6MB+ is pretty addicting. :)

  • Amish Crusader

    I wouldn't call it bashing. I'm pretty happy with Sprint overall, but if you live in a rural area and are placing too many roam calls they will threaten to cancel your service.

    U.S. Cellular has a ton of towers in hard to reach places, but their pricing tiers are pretty ridiculous.

    I'm annoyed about having to pay an extra $10 for smartphone fee when I don't have 4G in my area.

    • Jaz

      The $10 fee is old news. Even with the fee sprint is still cheaper than the competitors att and verizon, not to mention unlimited is unlimited.

    • ZRod

      It's the $10 fee versus data cap. Sprint is still cheaper too. So...
      Unlimited data for $10 and still cheaper > Capped or throttled data and sill more expensive.

  • nate

    i left verizon 3 weeks ago to go to sprint i was with verizon for the last 8 years and i couldnt be happier that i switched to sprint!! love my evo 3d

  • Chahk

    With all other major carriers switching to tiered data plans, how long do you think Sprint will be able to hold out? My bet - about a month after I switch to them.

    • ZRod

      They have that extra $10 for that reason. If they do go capped, they will lose their huge advantage plus they'll have no excuse for that $10 fee and it would go away once tiered data goes into play.

  • Scooterman1

    The truth is the truth.
    The only thing that I wish is..... for Sprint to get a 4G service that you can actually use without having to be directly underneath a Clearwire tower. I live 1000 ft. from a tower and 3G is 4 times faster inside my house. C'mon Sprint LTE.

  • shores

    I was going to switch to sprint from at&t till I found out about the extra 10 fee for "premium data" because of the phone I wanted could also receive 4G. But I am no where near 4G and won't be for years. said to bad I would still have to pay it. no I won't because I will stay with at&t and my Iphone.

    • Sleepin

      Lmao ipwned with ATT and ur happy? Enjoy your caps and overages....as well as your outdated cryphone. The new cryphone is already outdated and it hasn't even released yet! No 4g...sub par specs....iOS.....garbage.

    • ZRod

      As I said before:
      It's the $10 fee versus data cap. Sprint is still cheaper too. So...
      Unlimited data for $10 and still cheaper > Capped or throttled data and sill more expensive.

  • SleepinInCA

    When my grandfathered unlimited is gone....so too shall I go. Straight to Sprint! But for now......unlimited 4G Lte grandfathered plan works.

  • VZWnoMo

    Probably going to switch to Sprint from VZW...sick of their spotty service where I live in Wisconsin and the unconsistency in their 3G data. It will be fast in one town with two bars, then the next town with full bars 3G it's half as fast. All for $120 a month. Hello sprint and the EVO 3D! (in a few months yet tho)

  • logan

    I am but their coverage and slow "4g" concern me... my thunderbolt runs cm7 and its stupid fast on 4g and works almost everywhere ... and I'm grandfathered for now.

  • Tower

    No way. It took a complaint with the BBB about my termination fee for them to realize how unhappy I was with my sub 200kb download speeds,sometimes even hitting 10kbs.My phone seen 1mb download speed once,and that was inside the Sprint store. Sure they have TRUE unlimited, but when I couldnt even stream Pandora and YouTube video streaming was close to impossible, whats the point? Oh and I live right in the middle of a perfect coverage area. Phone selection was great, customer service is great (if you get one that you can understand), but the service sucks. I live in Wisconsin and am with Verizon now. My 4G speeds fly, and 3g is night and day better then Sprint.


    I jumped to Sprint when that 3¢ charge hit Verizon earlier this month, so far the only difference I've seen in service it's the price :-D

  • Elvis

    How do sprints family plans work? 50 per phone? Or is that the line then x amount for each extra phone?


    The cost of two lines is included in the Family Plan base price. The cost of an additional line depends on the service. For unlimited everything it's $189.99 +$89.99 per line for lines 3-5. For unlimited data + messaging it's $129.99 for 1500 minutes and $169.99 for 3000, +$19.99 per line for lines 3-5. Assuming you want an Android :) it's an extra $10 per line for the required premium data. So if you don't have unlimited minutes it's still cheaper @ $29.99 than Verizon @ $39.99.

  • Jaymoon

    Nothing against my Evo 3D, but my only complaint is with Sprint's phone selection (or lack of). I guess that looks like it will be improving over time, along with other things, such as customer service. My last 3 calls to Sprint, the reps actually spoke clear English!

  • jevfr

    I'll be jumping to Sprint once my contract is up in Dec. I love Verizon's coverage but the price for my family plan is killing me. I can get 4 Android phones on Sprint cheaper than the 2 smart phones and 2 dumb phones that I'm paying for now.
    Sprint...here I come!

  • doo

    Am I the only one that does not care about the carrier, but will ETF my way to whoever gets Nexus Prime first?

  • kooscar

    boostmobile... all the way... besides the phone (prevail, decent enough, no 4g though, but it's not like 4g is available everywhere anyway), it uses Sprint's network and has unlimited everything for $50, and I needed international texting, plus phone insurance, $60 total, sweet deal, just 16 more months, it'll shrink down to $45 total :)

  • Richard Yarrell

    Bottomline SPRINT has been KICKING INDUSTRY BUTT ALL YEAR LONG and with the addition of the Photon 4G to go along with the flagship Evo 3D no other carrier is better from the standpoint of affordability. Being able to use these power house devices as intended from an UNLIMITED STANDPOINT is just simply nothing better. While Verizon rips off their customers with 2010 speced devices that are OVERPRICED and USELESS we get to enjoy all the INDUSTRY LEADING DEVICES. What more can anyone ask for as far as device profolio you have the Evo 3D, Photon 4G, Nexus S4G, Evo 4G, Evo shift 4G, Epic 4G, and i won't even mention the INDUSTY LEADING TABLETS THAT EXIST. If you decide not to be on Sprint that's your choice but one thing is true the best devices at an affordable price reside on Sprint and your only fooling yourself if your on anyother carrier. The next Nexus 3 device will be made by HTC and what network you think that will be on first?? It definitely won't be on Verizon or At&t that's for sure.

    • squiddy20

      What makes Verizon phones "useless"? What can you do on a Sprint phone that you can't do on a Verizon phone? Both can search the internet. Both can download apps from the Market. Both can make calls/texts. Depending on the phones, both can make video calls. Both can play roughly the same games. I could keep going but I think I've sufficiently proved you wrong. Again.
      The Evo View tablet is "industry leading"? Soooo I guess you think Android 2.3 on a tablet is as "top notch" as it gets. I guess you also think the Wifi Xoom (which Sprint sells) is "industry leading" too. What a fool.

      • richardyarrell

        You simply NEED TO GET A REAL LIFE...Stop responding to all my comments when their are many others to respond to. As far as you having the right to post comments WHO CARES WHAT YOUR RIGHTS ARE YOU ONLY RESPOND TO MY COMMENTS NOBODY ELSE'S so in my world your an asshole plain and simple. People just don't know how much of an ass you really are...Again go back to your phandroid site and stay their your are CLUELESS at best take the time to focus on squiddy20 cause believe me you have some much left to be desired. Honestly android would be better off without you and your useless SAMSUNG MOMENT. A crappy device for a loser. If you want to keep going on and on we can cause I have been tired of your bullshit trolling for a long time. We won't discuss your BAN FROM PHANDROID guess you was USELESS THEIR TOO..I post new comments on phandroid every day my friend that will never STOP I'm much SMARTER THAN YOU EVER WILL BE TRUST ME ON THAT...

        • squiddy20

          I may be an ass, but only to you. I'm not the one running around telling people their opinions are wrong. I'm not running around saying how Verizon sucks with their "useless" network, "overpriced" plans, and "underspeced" phones when it doesn't even concern you one tiny bit. You're not a Verizon customer. Why does it matter to you what prices they have or the specs of the phones they offer? None.
          Hahaha! I'M the clueless one? You're the "clueless" idiot who said the "entire droid line is stuck on froyo 2.2". You're the one who said the E3D would be out June 4th, when it didn't come till 20 days later. You're the one who said "rooting is for 2 plus year old devices" and then not even a week ago stated you were "looking into" rooting. Shut up already. You're just making yourself into more of a dumb fool.
          HAHAHA! MY ban from Phandroid? When was I ever banned from Phandroid? I can still comment there using the exact same username I've always had. Just posted a comment just to prove stupid little you wrong. Here's the link if you don't believe me: http://phandroid.com/2011/07/14/sprint-to-re-introduce-mail-in-rebates-on-july-24th/ If indeed you are posting on Phandroid, at least you're keeping it low key. I don't have any problems with that. Yeah, keep telling yourself you're "smarter than" me while you work as a lowly janitor and believe you are soooo important. What a joke.

        • squiddy20

          You stated you were still posting at Phandroid. You must be under the new username "RockingmyEvo3d". I had my suspicions early on. Even commented it once. But then I didn't hear a peep from you. Hmmmm I wonder why that is? What's REALLY sad is that after being banned from the site more than 3 times, you still don't have a clue why and you keep coming back like a little child who doesn't know better.

  • Goatyeah

    I am quite content with Verizon... I will agree it is rather costly, but I believe in "you get what you pay for.." . Im grandfathered in so a tiered plan doesnt affect me one bit. I love the speeds I get with my X, my sister loves her Charge, and when the Bionic comes out ill enjoy that dual core 4g monster. Sprint is nowhere good as Verizon the 4g speeds cant compare. And even if they possibly have better phones, what good is it with a horrible network..?

    • Richard Yarrell

      Honestly I can't help but laugh I say the same thing. Why pay twice as much for last years tech when Sprint has better prices and new dualcore devices plus the Nexus S4g. On June 4th 2010 I brought my evo 4G and still as of this date written spec wise Verizon has not done better than my past evo 4G and the sad part is even with thier purposed Bionic spec wise that won't be better than the EVO 3D. Your still behind the curve we won't even discuss your battery draining LTE NETWORK ask Thunderbolt owners

      • squiddy20

        Wow. You seemed to have not read Goatyeah's comment one bit. I'll summarize it for you in words you might be able to understand: HE LIKES VERIZON. Not Sprint. He said he is happy with his Droid X. His sister is happy with her Droid Charge. He will be getting the Bionic. He is "content" with Verizon. No amount of trash talking Verizon is going to change his mind. You're apparently still behind the curve in maturity and mentality. More like a 6 year old girl rather than the 40+ year old you actually are. Grow up. The world is bigger than Sprint/HTC and your opinions which you incorrectly perceive as "facts".

        • Richard Yarrell

          You hit it right on the head in the opinion based tech site arena. If you can't stand the heat then I suggest you leave the kitchen. I know your life is pretty boring because everytime I turn around regardless of the site I leave comments on all you do is respond to them and the funny thing is none of the comments concern you or anything you have posted so who is the immature idiot looks like its you. You and Verizon are fools at best go back to your normal site you leave stupid comments at and spear US here all your childish drama. You do not belong on this site with your OUTDATED USELESS SAMSUNG MOMENT this site is for real tech people who really understand technology and what devices to purchase.

        • squiddy20

          He left because he was dissatisfied with Sprint you moron. The same Sprint you think is infallible and perfect. The saddest part is, after being banned multiple times from Phandroid and being shown how wrong all of your statements have been, you still haven't learned anything.
          When you say "none" of the comments I make concern me, you yet again show your stupidity. This is a Sprint article. I am a Sprint customer. Therefore, I have a relevant interest in this article. And considering this is a nation basically built on freedom of speech, I can say almost whatever I want, wherever I want to. Does that mean I say others OPINIONS are wrong? Not one bit. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and no amount of bickering (especially from a dope like you) will change it.
          So you claim to "really understand technology"? Then please answer for me how you once told me that Sprint had simultaneous voice and data over the same network and that you could use data while in a call? Sprint has never had that capability. Never. And please also answer for me why/how you seriously thought rooting was for "2 plus year old phones"? Seems that you REALLY don't "understand technology". Please don't tell me that I don't. What a joke.

    • Noirelion

      Grandfathered in til your contract is up- then into the fire you go.

  • Persnlmgr

    After having been with either Verizon or AT&T (in all their incarnations), with the same mobile number, for 22 years, I always thought of Sprint/Nextel as that "walkie-talkie" company.

    Then they got the EVO 4G last July and I switched, being really sick of the iBone and ATT's uber-congested networks. Hell, I wasn't even using the iBone as a phone anymore, since calls never held.

    In the year I've been with Sprint I have fallen in love with a corporate structure that, from president Dan Hesse all the way down, could not be better. Even the "lowliest" customer service rep is awesome!!

    And they now have not only the best PLANS but the best PHONES. Why be with anyone else?

    • richardyarrell

      I totally agree, Mr. Hesse is doing a great job with sprint what use to exist is today totally different and I applaud him and all of his efforts. Sprint will always have my support in so many ways.

  • D.J.

    I was with Sprint for a few weeks before leaving for Verizon and the DROID (coverage, service, etc was fine I just really wanted the DROID and Sprint had nothing comparable coming down the pipe) and I've regretted a few times ever since.

    If Sprint gets the next Nexus phone I'm there no questions asked, goodbye Verizon. Even if they don't, I'll probably still switch for the Evo 3D. Verizon has proven over the last year or so they are the same old locked down carrier they were back when the only smartphones they had were Blackberries. Their network coverage and reliability is undeniable but IMO Sprint is a close second there and honestly, it doesn't matter that much to me. As long as I can get data where I need it, I'm pretty happy.

  • ph0dacbeit

    Oh god you guys yap like a bunch of sallys. Give each other your cell numbers and talk it over. LOL!

  • Marcus

    Been with Sprint for almost a year. I came from Tmobile because at the time, Tmobile didn't have any phones I wanted and I liked the Evo 4G. Sprint's been pretty awesome since I've had them. They've given me a early upgrade(now I have the 3D), a bunch of credits, 300 bonus minutes per month, and a free Air Rave. Service has been good too. I get almost no reception at home with ATT or Tmobile(had to use UMA wifi to get reception on my old blackberry), but with Sprint I've never really had any issues. Data speeds are good too. No problems surfing the net or downloading apps.

  • Noirelion

    I don't know what Sprint used to be. But I got an HTC Evo 4g in October of 2010 and I have been loving every minute of it! I dropped one call in 10 months! (Going into a regional rail tunnel deep underground!) and thats it!. I live in a 4g city and it was faster than my hard line cable internet into my house(which had a 250gig a month data cap!!!!). So now I have NO DATA CAP- it's faster than cable. Crystal clear calls. A badacc phone! This is what I dreamed of. And I can afford it! I don't worry about my family or me screwing up and going over the "cap" and paying a ridiculous fortune in overage fees. I can appreciate that sometime in the past others had problems with Sprint. But I haven't had one! My service has been sterling! And I would advise anyone thinking of which company to go to- to ignore what happened in the past on Sprint. Just take my word for it as a customer in civilization- Sprint is worth every dime! Imagine it? You bought a smartphone- doesn't matter which one. GPS/WiFi/Wifi router/2g/3/g/4g radios to run your apps and social network stuff, email, stay in touch with your family/friends 24/7. But your network caps data- makes you pay more for ridiculously low usage? Cmon if you listen to Pandora just during your commute for the month your over 2gigs data usage. You bought a smartphone to be told how much you can use it? ATT and Verizon think so. Sprint means unlimited data- when they say it. I'm living proof.
    My experiment to download 700gigs that one month proved to me they dont throttle or cap. Anyone want to add up how much 700gigs data is on ATT and Verizon for one month phone bill? Sprint its not even a concern ATT/Verizon your bills in the thousands of dollars in overages-I dont recommend it. I chuckle under my breath when I see iPhone users and such. See I figured out who the really chumps are. people falling for a marketing campaign that makes them pay through the nse and still trumpet their brand as great- need to be laughed at.