Yesterday we heard that the Sony S1 tablet could be available for pre-order in the UK in early September, and now Engadget is reporting that the S1's brother, the Playstation-branded Sony S2, will be hitting the States on AT&T's HSPA+ network. Don't expect it to carry the same (lame) S2 name, however, as Sony made sure to note that's just a codename.


What Sony execs didn't note, though, is price, availability, or any other important information that consumers usually want to know. They've kept a fairly tight lid on details surrounding this tablet (and the S1) - we still haven't even seen the "heavily modified" Honeycomb interface, after all.

Any votes on what AT&T/Sony will call this thing?


Cameron Summerson
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  • Zach

    The PlaystationDS

  • Jim

    How about the DLDS (a Day Late and a Dollar Short)

  • JayMonster

    They should just call it the dud and be done with it. TimeScape for tablets? That should render the device pretty much unusable.

  • wpfn

    They should call it "The indian giver". They'll just take away features at a later date for fear of someone hacking it anyway. Or maybe they'll sue you when you decide to change the OS, because You don't really own the hardware according to them... Screw Sony.