Last Updated: June 5th, 2012

While the official Gingerbread OTA for the Incredible 2 started rolling out a couple of days ago, there are some users running a previously leaked version of 2.3 that are left out in the cold with no way of updating - until now, that is. Thanks to an anonymous tipster calling himself Pig Benis, we've gotten a hold of the official RUU from Verizon with the build number 2.18.605.4 (the same as the OTA) for your flashing pleasure.

This will get you up to date with the latest as of July 13th stock build from HTC, so if you're tinkering with your device and something goes horribly awry, you can use this to save the day.

Flashing this will wipe all data from your device.

  • Download the 285.96 MB RUU from our mirror
    • the full name is PG32IMG_RUU_Vivo_W_VERIZON WWE_2.18.605.4 Radio_1.09.01.0622 NV_VZW1.92 release_200325_signed.zip
    • MD5: 9bdd8f997d3e465f4d9c20a4256920b6
  • Rename the file to "PG32IMG.zip" (without quotes)
  • Place it on the root of the SD Card, unplug the USB cable
  • Boot into the bootloader: turn off the device, hold power and volume down (make sure the phone is not connected to the computer)
  • Follow the on-screen directions


Cameron Summerson
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  • http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/HTC_Incredible_2:_Full_Update_Guide Htimez2

    If I flash this with rom manager will it unroot my device or what will happen, and if I flahs it do I need to clear cache and system or should i leave them in my old 2.3?

    • MedleHed

      You cannot flash this with Rom Manager. Follow the instructions...

  • http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/HTC_Incredible_2:_Full_Update_Guide Htimez2

    Please will someone let me know if I install this through rom manager will it unroot my phone or will it just start a factory reset for that ROM? I want to flash this but I dnt want to unroot or lose clockworkmod. Please let me know what will happen I know I will lose contacts and apps thats a given.

  • Charles

    Worked Great,I am on Pageplus so didnt get the ota,only thing I noticed when loading it tried couple times then bypassed [7]TP,hopefully is nothing to worry about.Thanks.

    • buzzath

      i hold the power and volume down, nothing happend. why?

    • buzzath

      After boot from bootloader there is 4 option :
      1. Fastboot
      2. Recovery
      3. Etc
      4. Etc
      What should I choose? Pls somebody help me.
      Many thanks.

  • buzzath

    Should I root my device first to install this ROM?

    • Charles

      I have never rooted mine,this has been doing great for over two months on my inc.2

  • buzzath

    How can we do this "Place it on the root of the SD Card, unplug the USB cable" if the device is not rooted?

    • Charles

      Just dont put it in a folder on your sd card,then it will be on the root of your sd card.

      • buzzath

        Please give me the tutorial to do that. Thanks.

        • Charles

          when you hook up phone with your usb,mount phone as disk drive,rt click on program you downloaded send to the drive your connected to,then it will be on root of sd card.

  • buzzath

    Ok. Thanks. For the tips.

  • buzzath

    Sorry one more question, is it on internal SD card or external one?

    • Charles

      The removable sd card

      • buzzath

        My gsm is unlock, if I upgrade will it remove the unlock? And the cdma will it remove the inject?

  • Paul


    Real important question here. I rooted my friends Inc 2 for him but did so last week maybe a day or 2 after he got it and had not done the OTA update yet. Then it was rooted and began getting the update message and need to get it to stop. At first I tried to find a way to unroot it but the publisher of the youtube video will not respond. My next step is to try this but do not want to brick his phone if I flash this and for some reason is not compatible. Below is the link to the youtube video I rooted from. Any suggestions would be fantastic. If it's as easy as me just putting the renamed zip in the root folder and starting into recovery than that's great. Please let me know. Thanks

  • jim p

    does the droid incredible 2 need to be rooted or nonroot????
    thanks in advance!!!

  • Buzzath

    I try, try and try but still nothing happen after boot via bootloader. The phone cannot read the RUU that i downloaded from the mirror link given. What should i do?

  • JIM P

    i di it!!!!! nice i can not believe it!!! after 5 minutes trying
    just download astro file manager and rename the zip to PG32IMG.zip

    i rename several times the zip using the pc
    solution is rename the zip in the phone using astro file manager

    here is a pic ENJOY


  • Nick

    MultiUpload link is dead - Keeps timing out.
    Is there another D/L Location for this file?

  • Jeff

    same here, another download location please?

  • Flesymz

    Download link please

  • jetfox47

    download link please