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ASUS has just announced via Twitter that they are currently testing Android 3.2 on the Eee Pad Transformer, and that the keyboard super-dock tablet will be receiving the update soon. What does Android 3.2 bring? A slew of bug fixes, mostly - along with compatibility for apps that don't scale properly (called "Zoom Mode") on Honeycomb tablets. Check out our article on Android 3.2 to learn more.



David Ruddock
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  • http://scienceprousa.com chambo622

    Props to Asus for getting these updates out super fast. Imagine if every device ran stock Anrdoid, no phone/tablet would have late updates.

    • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

      I don't think customizing the device slows down the updates much. It took Google 3 months to release Gingerbread for the stock Nexus One.

  • wackadroid

    Go Asus! Show these companies how its done! Thats you SAMSUNG and HTC!

  • Marc

    Asus got the 3.1 update out of the door pretty quick, if they can keep it up they will have definitely earned some major props. Seems like the phone makers like samsung, motorola and htc should take notice.

  • G. St. Clair

    Congrats for getting the Google update pushed out so fast but what about fixing the real problems with flash hardware acceleration from the browser, and the rediculous keyboard lag when typing?! Also I'm still seeing "battery usage data is not available" fix it!!

  • J.Huijon

    great job Asus keep it up and you'll earn more customers

  • Richard

    I really like my Transformer and will be even happier if ASUS stays on top of the updates.

  • http://none John Graham

    Asus need a more detailed manual for the transformer tf101 ie: what do the symbol keys at the top of the keyboard mean? How to do things step by step. ie: step by step deletion of icons on the desktop (if necessary)???
    Press Skype and Google to get the video working for these tablets. This was why I purchased it and was extremely upset to find out there is no video.