According to This is my next, rumor has it that one of Sony's upcoming tablets - the S1 - will available for preorder in the UK beginning on September 1st. That's still a couple of months down the road, so pricing, availability, final release date, and other details (including possible US release date) are lacking at the moment.

The S1 is one of a pair of tablets that Sony announced back in April, alongside the clamshell style S2. It houses modest specs, along with an unusual design:

s1 sony-s1-qriocity-tablet-mockup

Right:  Promo shot; Left: Mockup of the "off-center gravity design"

  • 9.4 inch display
  • 1Ghz dual-core Tegra 2 processor
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Honeycomb

It also sports a custom overlay on top of Honeycomb, but Sony has yet to let us catch a glimpse of what that is expected to look like.

[This is my next]

Cameron Summerson
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  • David Ruddock

    So, Sony's going to be what, 6 months behind the curve at this point? I know they had a natural disaster affect their product release schedule, but really, their Android lineup is consistently released with dated hardware.

    Tegra 2 will be old news by September for anyone but crap budget-tablet manufacturers.

    No one is going to buy this thing, not in the US, at least.

  • Gogol

    That's too late ... ICS will be released end of this year. FAIL!

  • Zoe

    Of course the bleeding edge of Android has proven to be a sometimes frustrating place to be. How much speed does the average user need to read blogs and the odd paperback? If Sony gets a stable version of 3.x on there, with PlayStation games, that could be a compelling experience. I am ready to believe it will be more comfortable to hold than the familiar knife-edge tablet, too.