Transform and NS4G

July 11th has come and gone, but owners of the Samsung Nexus S 4G still haven't received the bug-fixing, NFC-enhancing GRJ90 update that was supposed to begin its rollout yesterday. Well thanks to Android Central, we now have an idea of why this is so:


Also noteworthy is the bottom half of that screenshot - specifically, the two bullet points about the Samsung Transform and its EF09 update, which began rolling out about a week ago but has now been pulled.

Not great news, but hopefully Sprint and Samsung will be able to address the issues soon and reinstate the updates quickly.

Source: Android Central

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • ddp

    Hope its not long. But I bet this will be another mark on the list of things to hate about Samsung for some people. Let's remember - We weren't promised this update, it was leaked. I rather them fixed whatever the issue is, rather then release a problematic update that others will cry about.

  • aj

    This is a bummer. I'm really wanting a 4G widget for my NS4G. Does anyone know if any widgets on the market are compatible with the Nexus S 4G? So far, I haven't been able to find one.

    • Clipse

      I know CM7 has a 4G widget, however when I installed CM7 on my nexus S it wasn't working to well.

    • Paul

      You might try Mini Power Control. It can take you right to the 4g toggle I'm settings.

  • Brendon

    Lol, does samsung pull every update it releases? Glad I have cm7 on my i9000

  • wackadroid

    JESUS!!! This is seriuosly like dealing with the GOOF TROOP!!! I had to elevate the issues to dan@sprint.com and his crack "team" of morons didnt do SHIT. They wouldnt extend my 30 day trial by 12 DAYS to try an Evo 3D nor would they credit my account in any way. F.U. dan@sprint and your merry band of clowns!

    • Jaz

      Alot of this has nothing to do with sprint. Don't know why your blaming them. HTC phones get updated left and right. This a samsung problem that I hope gets fixed. One reason why I don't buy samsung is due to updates being delayed so long. There is no reason to blame sprint for this. If you don't like it then go with another company that offers unlimited data, unlimited text and unlimited mobile to mobile on any network.... oh yeah, there isn't. Just be patient if you really love samsung or just get an htc phone. Or you can just root and wait for a source code leak.