Google Shopper - an app that uses your phone's camera to locate products and prices on the web - received an update today that brings about some new features, as well as an interface overhaul. In an effort to streamline the experience, tabs have been added to the bottom of the app that highlight some of the newest features of Shopper, and the 'starred' and 'history' buttons are now located at the top.

Shopper NYC Uptown Shopperpurchasedoffers ShopperNearbyOffersMap

Among the new tabs along the bottom is "Today's Offer" - part of Google Offers - which shows a single offer for specific products or services in certain areas: Portland, OR;  the San Francisco Bay Area, the recently added New York City. Just like the previous version, the "Nearby Offers" and "My Offers" tabs are also along the bottom, giving quick access to the apps most-used features.

At the time of writing this, the Web Market hasn't been updated, but you should be able to pull the update directly from the Market on your device.

[Google Mobile Blog via Phandroid]

Cameron Summerson
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  • wackadroid

    Weak offers, they look "offers" that these places always have. One is a 10% discount to college students. WTF kind of offer is that!!!!???

  • Tony

    I find it interesting the "tabs" at the very bottom look similar to iPhone tabs, android apps have done this before sure, but usually it was 3rd party developers, not Google themselves(except for the tabs at the top that looked different). Don't get me wrong I hate apple and don't believe in patents and one of the things I do like about the iPhone is the tabs so it's a great thing just wanted to point that out that maybe it's a direction they're going into with Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • http://techotrack.com Venu

    When will this app be available for Indians?